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Running some ABAP on a Raspberry Pi Zero

Back in 2018 I procured a Raspberry PI Zero W it is a single core 1GHz ARMv6 CPU with a whopping 512MB RAM, it is the slowest PC that I own, where I have peripherals that can connect to it.


Raspberry Pi Zero W

Running a traditional ABAP system on it will probably not work? But we have workarounds like and some code which will run on it.

The transpiler requires at least NodeJS 12 to run, and support for ARMv6 was deprecated from NodeJS 12. Luckily unofficial builds exist, I followed the guide at to get it running.

Then run the following commands,

git clone

cd abap-advent-2020

npm install

npm test

And some ABAP code is running, very slow, very restricted functionality, but running 🙂




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