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SAP AI Business Services Tutorial Navigator Overview

If you are familiar with SAP AI Business Services, you probably already know that they are re-usable services on the SAP Business Technology Platform providing strategic services that automate and optimize corporate processes and enrich the experience of customers across the intelligent suite.

However, did you also know that there is a range of tutorials and other useful tools that provide great guidance when getting started with AI Business Services?  Let me give you a short overview of all that’s available for you!

First things first: in the Tutorial Navigator, you will find more than just tutorials. There are also Groups and Missions available.

1. Tutorials

A tutorial will provide you with a basic logically complete activity. It will take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete. Each tutorial clearly sets out the respective learning objectives and it will have a step-by-step guide with pictures. This makes it very easy to follow the whole process and it will get you started on your own project in no time! The range of available tutorials also gets extended on a regular basis, so it really is worth checking the Tutorial Navigator for updates regularly!

Here’s the list of tutorials that are available:

Data Attribute Recommendation

Document Information Extraction

Service Ticket Intelligence

Document Classification

Business Entity Recognition

Invoice Object Recommendation

2. Groups

In Groups, a set of tutorials is combined into a tutorial group outlining how to build a simple application or feature. Generally, 3 to 5 tutorials on a certain service are grouped together. Tutorials are also ordered in such a way as to guide you through the whole process from start to finish. Thus, completing a tutorial group generally takes around an hour. So, Groups are great to do if you’ve got a little more time on your hands.

Here’s the list of groups that are available:

Data Attribute Recommendation

Business Entity Recognition

Document Classification

Invoice Object Recommandation

Business Entity Recognition

3. Missions

Missions are gamified activities and they combine sets of tutorials or tutorial groups to provide the basics for learning a skill. For example, the mission ‘ Use Machine Learning to Process Service Requests’ goes through the process of how to classify customer service requests and get solution recommendations – either with Postman or Jupyter Notebooks – using machine learning and Service Ticket Intelligence. As you progress through the mission you can earn badges awarded for your progress, so this makes missions fun and educational at the same time!

Here’s the list of missions that are available:

Data Attribute Recommendation

Document Information Extraction

Service Ticket Intelligence


So, there you have it: a quick overview of all that the Tutorial Navigator offers. And no matter if you are just getting started with AI Business Services, or if you just want to refresh your knowledge, the Tutorial Navigator is a great place to look for input!

People sometimes wonder what the exact difference between the Tutorial Navigator and The SAP Discovery Center is, as the latter also offers Missions. I have been one of those people and if you are too, stay tuned for my next blogpost, where I explain all there is to know about the SAP Discovery Center!

PS: if you want to make sure not to miss the next blogpost, make sure you follow #Artificial Intelligence and #SAP AI Business Services and you can also follow my account on the SAP Community page!


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