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Complete Guide to Reporting No-Show for New Hires – including Replication to SAP HCM ERP

In today’s time No-Show is a very common scenario. In SuccessFactors, earlier in case of No-Show, the only option was to delete the Employee Record. After 1911, a new feature – No-Show for New-Hire was introduced. Lets learn How to configure it in EC and replicate it back to SAP HCM/ECP


Prerequisite – SAP note-2943915 must be implemented in SAP HCM

Configuration in EC


  1. Create a new picklist value in Picklist Center for the Event picklist with “NS” as external code and “No Show” as the label.




  1. Also create another picklist value for the Employee-Status picklist with “RNS” as external code and “Reported No Show” as the label


Employee Status


  1. Create a new Event Reason in Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures and assign it Event – “No Show” and Employee Status- “Reported No Show”


Event Reason



  1. In Manage Permission Roles select relevant role and go to Permission Settings -> Employee Data and give permissions to –
  • HR Actions -> Reported No Shows


  • Event Reason – > No Show




Configuration in SAP HR

Here we will create Action and Reason for Action and will integrate them with Event and Event Reason from EC

  1. We will go to path – SPRO -> Personnel Adminstration -> Customizing Procedure -> Actions -> Set up personnel actions

Here create a new ActionNo Show” with Function Code as “1” and Employment Status as “0” so that an Action with First Hire and Withdrawn status will be created



Personnel Action


  1. Now create a Reason for Action under path SPRO -> Personnel Adminstration -> Customizing Procedure -> Actions -> Create reasons for personnel actions



Reason for Action



  1. Create Integration under path SPRO -> Personnel Adminstration -> Integration with SuccessFactors Employee Central -> Business Integration Builder -> Basic Settings -> Define Value Mapping -> Define Value Mapping Details
  • Events and Action integration



Action and Event Integration


  • Event Reason and Action Reason integration



Reason for Action and Event Reason Integration



Process Overview

Once new employee is hired, we can see that a New Option Report No-Shows is available in Actions. This is visible as per permission given in RBP





After replication to SAP HCM we can see that in Infotype 0000 have Action Type as No Show and Employment is Withdrawn



When Rehire is a No-Show

In case if Rehire is a No-Show, one of the following can be done –


  • Rehire event in Employee Central can be deleted
  • The Rehire event can be deleted and another event can be reported, which is used for documentation purposes in Employee Central.
  • They can report the rehire as no-show in Employee Central only


Position Management

Position can be Deactivated at time of Reporting No-Show (In Report No-Shows screen)


Deactivate Position in No-Show screen



Reporting No-Show is a very useful feature. This feature can be use to track candidates who didn’t show up on Hire Day or refused the offer on the last minute. Also if any Organisation have a Policy not to hire any No-Show candidates, we now can stop those candidates from Rehire in Employee Central using Ok to Rehire set as No in No-Show screen


Ok to Rehire


By using the configuration steps mentioned above, the No-Show record can also be replicated back to SAP HR successfully. This implies that Hire record will be replaced by No-Show record in Infotype 0000. The issue which we faced earlier that employees were remain Active for one day in SAP HR in case of No-Show will not be there any more.


Thanks for your time for reading, Happy Exploring !!!!

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      Author's profile photo Anindita Dasgupta
      Anindita Dasgupta

      Very well described and informative blog. Thanks for sharing

      Author's profile photo Pratik Saha
      Pratik Saha
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Anindita

      Author's profile photo Tung Hoang Pham
      Tung Hoang Pham

      Thanks for sharing. The only problem that we are facing is the interface to other downstream systems and to deal with GDPR.

      Author's profile photo Pratik Saha
      Pratik Saha
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Tung Hoang. You can modify your interface to read No-Show as Termination for downstream systems.

      Author's profile photo Tung Hoang Pham
      Tung Hoang Pham

      Thanks for your reply.

      Reading data is not a problem with Odata API and Integration Center, however we have to deal with GDPR => We are not allowed to store the personal data in any where, especially there are not actually employed with us.

      Once marked as "noshow" actually that is another state of "termination" and personal data which had been interfaced to other systems are still remain.

      Therefore we need to manually purge data in SuccessFactors, then in SAP ERP and then in any other systems => we dont see much benefit to setup noshows actually.

      Author's profile photo Jorge Alberto Diaz Casique
      Jorge Alberto Diaz Casique

      Excellent!!! thanks!!!

      Author's profile photo Pratik Saha
      Pratik Saha
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Jorge

      Author's profile photo Sanghamitra Karthik
      Sanghamitra Karthik

      Pratik, Great blog! I have been planning to write one on the No-Show for a while but didn't get a chance. However, you did an amazing job, and I am glad I didn't write it :).

      Author's profile photo Pratik Saha
      Pratik Saha
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Rinky for the compliment. When I was planning to write this blog, there were 2 more blogs present on this subject. So I added points which were missing in those blogs. I will encourage you to write and add points which I missed 🙂

      Author's profile photo NARENDER SINGH

      Hi Pratik,

      Thank you for the blog.

      Is there a standard process to handle rehire of a no-show? Or, we need to do a complete new hire?

      1: Employee accepted the offer, but did not show up. So, we performed NO SHOW

      2: The same employee returned after few months. How to utilize the NO SHOW from (1) to perform a rehire?


      Narender Singh

      Author's profile photo Abhishek Desai
      Abhishek Desai

      Hi Pratik,

      Great Blog. I have a question regarding, Employee did not show and No-Show triggered but the employee is still visible on the position. Appreciate if you could help to understand how to make employee not shown on the position once No-Show is triggered.


      Abhishek Desai

      Author's profile photo Alan Waters
      Alan Waters

      Hi Abhishek,

      We had the same problem. In the case of a No Show, you need to set Deactivate Position to 'Yes' during the termination process to remove the No Show employee from the position.

      See here for more info:

      Hope this helps.