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Remote client copy and activity after copying. Step-by-step guide for S/4HANA and EWM


For testing purposes and for a lot of other reasons you must periodically refresh SAP systems in QAS landscape with data from SAP systems in PROD landscape. This is typically a business case almost in all companies. In this scenario we have ERP (SAP S/4HANA), SCM systems (standalone SAP EWM) and SAP ATTP integrated via CIF-interface. In the first part of this blog post, we consider a remote client copy process with tips and restrictions in the second part we consider activity after copying.


Step 1.  RFC settings
In SOURCE client.
Transaction – SM59 – RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
Create RFC connection from a Source system to a Target system
Step 2.  Preparation in a Target system
In TARGET client.
Strongly recommended copy client only for system without any users and background jobs activity (see Note #489690).
Transaction – SE38 – ABAP Editor
Report – BTCTRNS1 (Move Jobs with Status “Rescheduled due to Upgrade”)
Transaction – SE37 – ABAP Function Modules
FM –  SCCR_LOCK_CLIENT (to lock the client)
Step 3.  Remote Copy
In SOURCE client.
Transaction – SCC9 – Remote Client Copy
Selected Profile –  SAP_APPX *
* If you want only refresh data in QAS from PROD
Source destination. – RFC destination from Step 1
Attn! Always Schedule Client Copy as Background Job
Set checkbox to “Immediately”
Step 4. Display Log
In SOURCE system (000 Client)
After you start copying the procedure SOURCE client is locked for all users
But you can check the copying process from another client (usually from client – 000)
Transaction – SCC3 –  Client Copy Log


Tip #1
If you have more than one system in integration you must start a copy of all systems together.
Simple example. You copy only S/4HANA. MM-Consultants create a test inbound delivery in S/4HANA and we have possible errors in EWM (Material, Batch, BP… and so on – not exists)
Tip #2
There are many situations when it is necessary to exclude a particular table from copying.
Transaction – SE38 – ABAP Editor
Few possible examples:
PP/DS tables (exist in liveCache and cannot be copied):
Giant HR static table (all-Russian address database):
and so on…
70290 – CC-INFO: Exclude tables with RSCCEXPT

Examples and restrictions from real life.

Q: What is the estimated time for the client copy?
S/4HANA (Db size: 140 GB) – 12h
SAP EWM (Db size 44 GB) – 4h 30m
Q: Are there any performance issues for the TARGET system when copying S/4HANA during business hours?
A:  No, any performance issues detected but it is strongly recommended to copy the client only for the system without any users and background jobs activity (see Note #489690).
Q: Are there any performance issues for the TARGET system when copying SAP EWM during business hours?
A: Yes, performance issues detected, target system can’t work during system copy procedure.
Q: Any restriction dependent on DB-size?
A: Yes, you can’t copy large clients via RFC. In this case very important the number of records in the tables. For tables with millions of records, copying cannot be performed at the optimal time. So you must use alternative ways at this case. For example Homogenous System Copy. See this blog-post –
489690 – CC-INFO: Copying large production clients

Steps after copying.

Step 1. Name conversion
Transaction – BDLS – Logical system name conversion
BDLS  looks for all references to fields of data type “LOGSYS” and “EDI_PARNUM” and changes these values to the new logical system name (from the old one).
In our example run BDLS in QAS Landscape for S/4HANA, EWM, and ATTP systems.
For each system after client copy in BDLS:
It is only Warning (W). Press Enter to Continue.
Sometimes BDLS can’t convert several tables. This issue is not new.
For example – Table BUT01D and Note #1391535 “BDLS does not convert table BUT0ID”
This is an old Note and it is not relevant for a new system.
So I am writing a simple ABAP code for this situation:
REPORT zupdate.
UPDATE but0id SET institute = ‘XXX’ WHERE institute EQ ‘YYY’.
XXX – New Logical System Name
YYY – Old Logical System Name
Another potentially problematic tables:
REPORT zupdate.
Step 2. Re-generate Screen Containers
Transaction – BUSP – Generate Screen Containers
Often a side effect of client copy – dump in BP transaction.
  1. Go to Transaction BUSP
  2. Activate the radio button ‘All screens’
  3. Execute the report
1621119 – Dump DYNPRO_NOT_FOUND in SAPLBUSS in module PBO_START_SUBSCREEN when using transaction BP
Step 3. Adjust Number Range Buffer
Transaction – SM56 – Administration of the Number Range Buffer
For each system after client copy:
SM56 – Goto – Number Range Buffer – Reset
and reset  buffer area in SAP command line via /$SYNC
Step 4. Adjust Distribution model
Transaction – BD64 – Maintenance of Distribution Model
Add BAPI and Message Type for QAS system instead PROD system
Step 5. Adjust RFC destination
Transaction – BD97 – Assign RFC dest. to Logical Systems
Remove assignments for PROD systems.
Check assignment QAS systems with RFC address to QAS systems
Step 6. Registering a Queue Name
Transaction – SMQR – Registering a Queue Name
Register queues in ERP/EWM:
  • CF*
  • DLV*
  • DLW*
  • Q*
  • WMDP*
  • WMMB*
  • WMQF*
  • WMT*
  • EWM*
Step 7. Registering a Queue Name
Transaction – SMQS – Registering a Destination
Register Destinations to ERP/EWM QAS systems:
Step 8. Revise Integration Model
Transaction – SE38 – ABAP Editor
Report – RIMODGEN – Variants
Adjust Logical System from PROD to QAS for each Variant:
Integrate It! SAP EWM and SAP ERP integration via CIF. Step-by-step guide
Step 9. Email
Transaction – SOST – ABAP Editor
Often a side effect of client copy – password resetting in SOST
Step 10. Adjust multiple SPRO settings
SPRO – SCM Extended Warehouse Management – Interfaces – ERP Integration – General Settings
  • Define Own Bussiness System
  • Define Bussiness System
  • Assign RFC Destinations to Logical Systems


Step 10. ATTP Settings
For landscape with SAP ATTP system
ERP with STTPEC Add-on
Transaction – /STTPEC/CUSTGEN – SAP ATTP General Customizing
Adjust Parameter Value for QAS system
EWM with STTPEW Add-on:
Transaction – /STTPEW/CUSTGEN – SAP ATTP General Customizing
Adjust “Parameter Value” for QAS system


SAP BASIS Routine task with examples from real life was provided
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