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Author's profile photo Felipe Hernandez Plazas

Introducing our new TM Podcast format for detailed topics of SAP Transportation Management

Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce our new Podcast format for detailed topics of our Transportation Management solution

What is it?

As you may already know, our TM Podcast has already delivered almost 50 episodes, where each episode covers a particular topic of interest. It is an excellent resource to get an overview. But we have not yet used the podcast format to really get into the details of such a topic. This is why we decided to offer a new podcast format where we can do just that: discuss the ins and outs of interesting features, often from a technical point of view. Examples for this might include:

  • Enhancement possibilities for a feature including details on BAdI usage and purpose
  • Detailed insight on the required setup for a feature (including customizing and master data)
  • Explanation of particular feature algorithms on the coding level

Such a level of detail cannot be covered in a single episode, which is why we intend to release a series of episodes on a selected topic.This way we can comfortably cover the whole topic area on the intended level of detail.

Who is it for?

So, who is the intended audience for this new podcast? We want to target this to all SAP TM customers, partners and consultants who are interested in this level of detail about a feature or topic. We think it is best if you are actually looking at the system while you listen to an episode. We will record with this in mind and try to make it easy to follow along. It is also intended to be a good reference resource, which is why we will include chapter marks which reference the detailed topic that we are talking about.

What is next?

For our first series I am happy to introduce the topic of Package Building. I will be hosting this first series, and as our expert guest we will have the creator of the Package Builder, Marcus Zahn, explaining the ins and outs of the Package Builder. If you know about his “Monday Knowledge Snippet” blog series you already will have an idea of his very high level of expertise. We have recorded 10 episodes to cover the topic, and we intend to release one of them every week, so stay tuned!

But we will not stop there with this format, as we will cover other topics in this level of details. The hosts and experts will differ, but we want to have a consistent approach for presenting them. So, please give us feedback, and if you are interested in particular topics, let us know!

Take care


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      Author's profile photo Petra hunger
      Petra hunger

      hi Felipe,

      thank you for all these podcasts. I found them extremely useful. for the epidsode "package builder Enhancements", I have made a video that sums up your discussion with Marcus Zahn. I hope you like it.


      Petra Hunger

      Author's profile photo Felipe Hernandez Plazas
      Felipe Hernandez Plazas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Petra,

      thank you for the feedback, much appreciated!

      Thank you also for the video, it really does a good job to complement the podcast with the visual information and valuable explanations.

      Our next podcast series will very probably be about the enhancement concept in TM, so I hope you will also find that interesting.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Rajendher Lakma
      Rajendher Lakma

      Hello Felipe,

      It's a great thing. It will certainly help every stakeholder of TM. Keep it up.


      Rajendher Lakma