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SAP TechEd Session and Expert Q&A for SAP Community: What is the right ALM Solution for you?

At SAP TechEd 2020, we have provided numerous sessions around SAP’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) portfolio. You can find an overview of all ALM-related sessions here.

As there was high interest in the session IIS107 ”What is the right ALM solution for you” (recording on YouTube) and the related Q&A session IIS912, we will offer a combination of both session again as part of the SAP TechEd for SAP Community.

You are happily invited to join us on March 4, 2 – 2:45pm CET, for this session. Register here!

If you already have questions around the topic of “What is the right ALM solution for you”, please feel free to share them beforehand by adding a comment to this blog post. We are then able to cover these questions as part of our session.

Please join us on March 4, I am looking forward to our session!

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  • Hello,

    Great presentation. We are about to install Focused Run in our Landscape as we need a Centralized tool to monitor our different Integration technologies. But I did not see a clear path for Focused Run versus Cloud ALM or Solution Manager.


    • Thanks for your feedback, I will take your question to the session on March 4.

      In short: SAP Focused Run is an offering "parallel" to SAP Solution Manager and SAP Cloud ALM. It is a standalone on-premise tool for customers with advanced needs in application operations for hybrid landscapes, which go beyond what SAP Solution Manager can offer.

      SAP Focused Run can also be used for monitoring hybrid on-premise-centric landscapes. For cloud-centric landscapes, SAP Cloud ALM operations is recommended (which now also supports operations of hybrid landscapes from a cloud-centric perspective).

      Best regards,


  • Hello Ben,

    We have been running our Solution Manager 7.2 system now for many years. Using it for ALM and monitoring activities for all our on premise SAP systems. But now we are starting to use also some SAP Cloud products like Ariba and Fieldglass. Will there be any benefits for us to start using Cloud ALM for these cloud products? Or shall we stay with Solution Manager as our only ALM tool?

    Looking forward to the presentation on 4th March!

    Thanks and best regards,

    Christer Lidholm

    • Hello Christer,


      thanks for your input! I'll try to provide some recommendations in the session on March 4 regarding ALM strategy and SAP's cloud products.

      Best regards,


  • Hello Ben,

    after seeing your video I can classify us as Customer Case 3. At the moment we are not planning to switch from on-prem to cloud.

    Focused Run is not a option for us.

    How long can we use the Solution Manager on-prem. What will happen after 2022?

    I understand SAP Cloud ALM is a complementary offering to SolMan. What else does SAP ALM offer me more than SolMan?

    When we decide as a Case 4 Customer move to cloud, is their a possibility to have all the solution manager functions in the cloud?

    Our main interest is aimed at the further development in the area of security monitoring. What happen with EWAs, ConfVal, SysRec. Will there be more intuitive and standardized dashboards in Solman on-prem or ALM Cloud?




    • Hello Nicole,

      thanks for your feedback, I'll take this question also to the session on March 3.

      In short: SAP's roadmaps always only look 3 years ahead, but SAP Solution Manager is in mainstream maintenance until 2027. And even if mainstream maintenance ends by then, the product itself will continue to work.

      For details on the planned product features, please check the Roadmap Explorer:

      Some of the benefits of SAP Cloud ALM are the constant availability in the cloud (no need for another server) and continuous feature and content updates, very easy consumption (setup in less than an hour), a great user interface, and a very well-received content-driven approach for implementation and operations.

      SAP Cloud ALM is developed with its own roadmap and a clear focus on cloud-centric ALM. Some of the concepts of SAP Solution Manager will surely also be realized in SAP Cloud ALM (and for others would it not make sense to realize them in SAP Cloud ALM), but always with a "cloud mindset" behind.

      You can try out SAP Cloud ALM here:

      Best regards,