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Author's profile photo Martin Pavlinsky

Unlock Manually Documents and End Sessions

The objective of this blog post is to explain the possibility to manually unlock documents which are currently locked and end the session for particular user in SAP Business ByDesign.

Business case behind is very simple. User who is editing document left the computer for various reasons and keep the document locked under his or her user session. However in the same time other user would like to approach document directly, unfortunately this was not possible.

With a new functionality available in SAP Business ByDesign, release 2102 the key user is able now to view logged-on users with one or multiple sessions, and end such a session, if required.
Ending of particular session will release any locked documents.

Where to find it?

Find easily via following menu via ‘Key user settings’ and ‘User Session Settings’.

This will open up new screen with the list of connected user names and respective user session number.

Select or highlight user for whom you would like to unlock the document. There are two options how to end session – either via ‘End Session’ button in a header of a form in case you would like to unlock more session at once or second option, simply click the icon of thrash bin per user.

Please also have a look at the following VIDEO.

We hope the short summary of new functionality Unlock Manually Documents and End Sessions will help you to start using the new 2102 capability in SAP Business ByDesign.

In case you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know via Comments section below the Blog.

You can find video here.


Thank you,

Your SAP Business ByDesign Product Management.

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      Author's profile photo Carol Casey
      Carol Casey

      Great!   Easy to understand and perform - very useful and something customers have been requesting for a long time.

      Author's profile photo Martin Pavlinsky
      Martin Pavlinsky
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Carol


      thanks so much for your feedback. Indeed, long time in our pipeline and finally available.

      Enjoy and let us know any comments on functionality itself!




      Author's profile photo Carol Casey
      Carol Casey

      Thanks Martin.   A further enhancement would be to have the ability to see and unlock a particular document---so you could just unlock that document, and not the whole session.   That is the use case I see most often in this area.

      Author's profile photo Martin Pavlinsky
      Martin Pavlinsky
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Carol


      precisely this is the scenario we have in our mind 🙂

      Hopefully I can get back to you very soon with positive news.

      Will keep you updated.





      Author's profile photo Ausra Jasiuniene
      Ausra Jasiuniene

      Thank you, this is very useful.

      Author's profile photo Martin Pavlinsky
      Martin Pavlinsky
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Ausra


      thank you for your comment.

      We are considering further candidates in our backlog in order to make this functionality even more stronger and useful.

      Should you have further ideas or comments, please let us kindly know!

      Enjoy weekend.



      Martin Pavlinsky

      Author's profile photo Christian Warken
      Christian Warken

      Thank you very much for the information.


      Could you provide some more information to the following questions:

      • I understood the session number first as "count" of sessions by this user. But it isn't like that, right?
      • How/Why can users then have the same session number (as seen in your video)? I expect users to have different session numbers
      • There are also sessions from users (developers) shown who are active in Cloud Application Studio. Is it then also possible to quit sessions of DEV users while developing or testing, etc.? I think this may cause critical issues
      • Is it then also possible to unlock a blocked session (e.g. caused by crash of the application) in Cloud Application Studio by a BYD key user? Until now you had to do this in Cloud Studio.  

      Kind regards

      Author's profile photo RUSSIER Clement
      RUSSIER Clement

      Dear Martin, Dear SAP Team,


      Thank you very much for this helpfull information.

      Do you have some updates to share about unlocking a particular business document ? If there is a possibility it would be great to know as well.

      If there is also a way to unlock document from a webservice perspective it would be great also : it happens on some CMR / ERP interfaces that we have to do more than one call on a Sales Order to update it, and then we sometimes get stuck because the Sales Order is locked by our technical user (due to first call) when trying to do the second call. (despite we wqit for SAP response before lauching the second call)

      Best Regards,

      Clément RUSSIER