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Best Practices for patching BI servers

Hi Guys,

Many of you probably might have been involved in patching BI servers or BI server components like BI Explorer, Lumira etc. Many may regard patching an easy piece of work. However, the truth is different. BI servers are quite complicated as they contain many processes, services, registry settings, server settings etc. So, you have to be careful during the whole process. You have to plan patching process according to the BI server architecture and take the required precautions not to encounter unexpected results such as incorrectly-installed files.

Here they are:

  1. Server Backup

    Before performing update, backup CMS database, all directories, input/output folders etc. Take a snapshot of servers if possible.

  2. Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

    Select option  “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only” on Advanced System Settings under performance category.
  3. User Account Control : Disable UAC
  4. Windows Updates : Install all available updates
  5. Antivirus/Firewall : Temporarily DISABLE the Antivirus from running

  6. Monitoring and Instrumentation

    Stop monitoring applications’ services and processes prior to installation

  7. Network Configuration

    On the windows server where BI4 will be installed, ensure that IPV4 is preferred over IPV6.

  8. Enable 8-dot-3 filename support

    The installation requires  8-dot-3 to be enabled. Verify it is enabled. Check microsoft KBs for detail.

  9. Backing up config files

    If using tomcat application server, keep a copy of custom java options prior to installation. Keep a copy application configuration files such as,, etc.

  10. From BI 4.2 SP06 & above : One installer is enough to update to any SP or patch from any prior version

    Prior to 4.2 SP06 : To apply any SP or patch, you would first apply SP update and then apply the patch update.

To conclude, these best practices will enable to run a reliable, secure and stable patching process. They are important for installing files correctly and startup servers successfully. In the subsequent post, I will try to describe different techniques for various BI server architectures.


References : SAP notes 1952120  and 1757132


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      Author's profile photo Dell Stinnett-Christy
      Dell Stinnett-Christy

      Lots of good information here, but I have a couple of comments:

      DEP - this should be the standard setting when running the BI Platform.  I always set this for my clients prior to the initial install.

      UAC - some of my clients don't allow us to change this setting.  If it's not possible to change it, the install will still work, there will just be extra clicks involved.

      8-dot-3 Filename Support - I've been doing BOBJ installs as a consultant for years.  I've never had to set this for a 4.x install.


      Author's profile photo S Abinath
      S Abinath

      Nice Info, Thanks for sharing...