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quiz questions for “ABAP quiz and paint game”

Dear community: and now for something completely different. Some of you may know: I think of fun very seriously 😉 Seriously! After Enno Wulff wrote about games in ABAP some time ago, I thought about making a contribution to bring some happiness to the community. You all know, smiling isn’t always easy in these times … all over the world 🙁

But what type of game? Typical challenge for programmers would be a conversion of Doom for their favorite machines or programming languages (check this list). But that is out of the question here 😉

So we need something really community/family friendly. Ok, here is my contribution: “The ABAP quiz and paint game“.

The game runs over several rounds. You have to choose from three answers to a question per round. One answer is correct. If you give the right answer, then you are allowed to paint something in 8-bit retro style on ALV cells (grid is 5×5). At the end the painting will be saved as a screenshot to your desktop. So you can show your colleagues your skills and highscores!

Here’s a screenshot of my current developement. We are still a long way from having gold status. If you want, you can take a look at the source code on GitHub.

And now the community comes into play. I need funny and really hard to solve questions with three answers per each question. At the moment, I just added five examples. Something like this:

What are pragmas?
  1. Secret methods to get a deeper understanding of meditation.
  2. A collection of well known methods of a pragmatic development approach.
  3. They are program directives and can be used to hide warnings of various checking tools.

Please feel free to write a comment with your proposals. That would be great … and fun 😉 And don’t forget to pay attention to our “Rules of Engagement“.


Best regards, thanks for reading/supporting and stay healthy



P. S.: Not tired of reading? Check this nice development by Bernhard Haberstetter.

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  • Lovely!

    What's the equivalent of using CHECK 1 = 2. inside of a DO / ENDDO-block?

    1. CONTINUE.
    2. EXIT.
    3. RETURN.

    If there were room for four options, I would add "Total confusion" as number four... 😉


    • I've seen this in the wild - also known as SAP code.  I always wondered what the stupid thing does.  I just haven't really taken any time with it.   It gives me a headache each time I run into it.

      4.  Understanding that it causes a developer significant headaches.  So the answer would be do.  pound head into the wall endo - this is while you are being dragged out of your house in a white coat.

  • Nice!

    What is SAT?

    1. A transaction for performance analysis with often overlooked other utilities
    2. A specific type of standardized unit test
    3. An interface to contact satellite systems



  • Jacques Nomssi Nzali made some proposals via GitHub, you should definitley check them, so here we go (without correct answer):

    What is the value of 0/0 in ABAP?

    1. It is not defined
    2. It is 0
    3. It is 1

    How NOT to check if a table has no lines?

    1. IF lines( tables ) = 0. ... ENDIF.
    2. READ TABLE table INDEX 1. IF sy-subrc EQ 0. ... ENDIF.
    3. IF table[] IS INITIAL. ... ENDIF.

    How many entries are in this LT_COUNT internal table initially?

    1. 10
    2. 0
    3. the definition is not valid.

    String magic: How to assign a single space character to a string variable?

    1. str_var = space.
    2. str_var = ' '.
    3. str_var = ` `.

    Coercion magic - What happens when x is 'A' in CASE x. WHEN 1. x = x + 1. WHEN OTHERS. RETURN. ENDCASE. ?

    1. The OTHERS branch is executed
    2. The WHEN 1 branch is executed
    3. A short dump occurs

    What is the shortest lie in programming?

    1. it works!
    2. It has no bugs!
    3. it will be ready tomorrow!

    How often will a PERFORM ON COMMIT routine be executed

    1. as often as registered
    2. only once
    3. it depends on the LEVEL idx parameter

    What is the difference between numofchar and strlen?

    1. strlen only works on string, numofchar works on all CLIKE data
    2. strlen does count trailing spaces in some cases
    3. there is no function numofchar, only a function charlen

    In a class definition, in which section must the constructor of a class declared as CREATE PRIVATE be located?

    1. Anywhere, even in the public section
    2. In the protected section only
    3. In the private section only

    Thanks to him, I'm still thinking about the correct answers ... could take a while ...

  • My entry...

    When do you get a 'post-mortem' debugger?

    1. After spending > 2h debugging spaghetti code
    2. After the copy-pasta code dumps
    3. It's a CSI thing, we don't do that in ABAP