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Delivery date proposal in purchase orders

Purchasers want a reasonable proposal for the delivery date in the purchase order.

If you do not define anything, the delivery date in the purchase order is proposed 7 days in the future which might not always fit and therefore need a manual change. That’s why you can define now the number of days in the future that is used for the proposal of delivery dates.

This will result in a less error-prone purchase order creation, especially if your typical delivery duration is less or more and users tend to forget to change it.

You can now flexibly define the number of days which the delivery date proposal considers.

The setting of the number of days can be made in the new Common Task: “Define Purchase Order Delivery Date” in the Purchase Requests and Orders Work Center.



Example: Number of days is 2 for Supplier Miller&Son

In the purchase order item, the delivery date is calculated considering these settings.

The proposal is made for the first purchase order item. For the following items, the date is copied from the previous item (as is). Keeping this behavior is beneficial in case the user changes the date of the first item, then, the additional items will have the same date proposed.


Purchase Order considers number of days (= 2) in proposal for the delivery date 23.01.2021 assuming today’s date is 21.01.2021

You can also have a look at the short video.

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  • This sounds like a configuration item - should this really be available to all users with access to Purchase Requests and Orders? I think there should be a way to limit the access of this functionality for specific users only.

    • Hello Adeline,

      it is designed to directly ease the user handling without a big effort. So, we put it under common task same as the 'Automatic Creation of Purchase Orders' functionality.

      With the determination based on company, purchasing unit and supplier, users have the option to differentiate on the needed number of days without disturbing each other.

      If you think it is very important to allow this functionality for specific users only, please could you create an influencing request via our influencing portal.

      Best regards,


  • Hello Iris,

    Sounds Good.

    Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. I have tried for the specific supplier, this is working fine.

    Would like to know when defining the number of days we have other parameters like nested table. What does this signifies and how does it work.

    Thanks in advance.




  • Iris Zimmermann Hi

    Thanks for Sharing the blog. It is really helpful.

    I have a question on the Upload functionality. Currently when I click on download, Please find the attached screenshot for the files.

    The Files are not relevant for Uploading, Can you please share some insights on the Bulk upload functionality


    Downloaded Files

    • Hello Hemanth,

      not sure if you intended to add this comment here. I do not see how it is related to the proposed number of days in the purchase orders since there is no bulk upload functionality provided.

      Please clarify.

      Best regards,


  • /
  • Hello Hemanth,

    Thanks for your hint. I see your point. It seems this is an issue for all the decision tables at the moment. I have informed development. If you create an incident, you will get informed once it is fixed.

    Best regards,