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Closing a gap: SP 07 Released for Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

The new year 2021 brings a new support package (SP) for Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager 7.2. This time it is already SP07 and we have a long journey behind us to build a mature requirement to deploy process, end to end. But this does not mean stagnation. It is quite the contrary. We get more and more valuable feedback from experienced customers which already use Focused Build. This is very welcome and helps us to further evolve Focused Build.

So, what is new in SP07? I just want to point out some highlight features, otherwise it would beyond the scope of this blog.


Business Process Readiness View

Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager comes with a lot of reporting capabilities which helps you to keep your implementation project on track with the Solution Readiness Dashboard, making sure that everything is tested with the Test Suite Dashboard and giving the release manager all information needed to assure a smooth go live with the Release Dashboard. But there was always a reporting gap when the senior management at the customer was asking for a status about the business process readiness. With SP07 we introduce the Documentation Readiness Dashboard which comes in particular with a Business Process Readiness view.


By the selection of solution, branch and documentation scope you can drill down into the related Requirements, Work Packages and Work Items to see the status of the current implementation.


Synchronized project maintenance

The next feature is a good example for the evolution of Focused Build. With SP06 we introduced the Easy Project Setup Wizard which provides an efficient way to prepare new Focused Build projects, simplifying the work of the project management office (PMO). Unfortunately, timelines in projects are not always stable and there will be changes over time. In bigger projects with one master and several build projects these changes lead to quite some maintenance effort to keep these projects in sync.
With SP07 we provide the capability to create synchronized master/build projects.

By this you can update status, dates and sort numbers in the master projects and the changes get automatically synchronized in the related build projects. Again, helping the PMO to be more efficient.


Usability improvements and error prevention

In addition to that SP07 provides many tiny features for usability improvements like e.g. showing all details of the Transport of Copies in the My Work Items application to the developers, adding a requirements team field to the requirement or adding the possibility in requirements management to directly create a work package from within the requirements detail view.

But not all is only about usability improvements. We also have an eye on error prevention. E.g. in the My Work Package application we support the end-user in the project selection by considering the documentation scope, to avoid selecting a project which does not have the right scope assigned.
Or in Solution Documentation we added a check which avoids the deletion of executables in case they are used in Test Steps.


These are just some highlights but there is much more to discover. If you want to get the complete what’s new feature overview, then please visit What’s new in Focused Build 2.0 SP7 on SAP Help Portal or check out the full SP7 slide deck.

And in case the What’s New slide is not enough, and you want to see in addition some demos of the new features then please check our meet the expert “What’s New with Focused Build SP07 for SAP Solution Manager 7.2” webinar which is scheduled for Feb 10th 2021  2:30 PM -3:30 PM CET.

Please note: Registration and meet-the-expert session are free of charge. Before you can access the registration links, a one-time registration in SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support, is required. A detailed step-by step guide to registration can be found here.

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      Author's profile photo Adi Mogilevsky
      Adi Mogilevsky

      How Signavio Diagrams will be integrated with Process and Collaboration Diagrams, that already been in Solman Focused Build?

      entire SuccessFactors except ABAP part has used Signavio diagrams.

      what is the future of the Solman Part?

      Will you continuing to invest in Integration Diagrams or this is the dead end of the product similar to Enterprise Designer destiny?

      Author's profile photo Michael Skiba
      Michael Skiba

      SAP Solution Manager offers an official API for modelling tools to synchronise BPMN based diagrams. Signavio connected already in the passt, so it is possible to synchronise data between the two tools.

      The diagrams will be mostly synchronised into the import or design brach, depending on the chosen ALM Method.

      While modelling tools like Signavio are used for modelling business processes, SAP Solution Manager takes over and document their implementation (requirement to deploy process).