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Realize the Next-Generation User Experience with SAP S/4HANA #SAP User Group Webcast


Figure 1 Source SAP

Why focus on user experience?


Figure 2 Source SAP

Feelings on user experience

Issues with delays, errors, escalation costs


Figure 3 Source SAP

Want consumer grade experience

Fast, easy way

Any device

New and continuous challenges for IT



Figure 4 Source SAP

Innovations to take user experience to the next level

Multiexperience – touch, point, gesture

Interfaceless – machines control from mobile apps

Use AI to predict what user will do


Figure 5 Source SAP

Importance of UX

Fiori not replace Gui transactions


Figure 6 Source SAP


Adopt standard Fiori features


Figure 7 Source SAP

Personalize solution

Figure 8 Source SAP

Use IRPA, machine learning and conversational AI



Figure 9 Source SAP


Seller needs to ensure buyer pays


Figure 10 Source SAP


Standard Fiori apps, with Fiori Launchpad as entry point


Embedded analytics – real time graphical visualization; can drill down to graph



Figure 11 Source SAP

Implementing standard, get 50% productivity improvement


Figure 12 Source SAP


Use Screen Personas to simplify transactions

In app extensibility, without a single line of code

Use mobile cards for important visual indicators

Can build custom Fiori app with BTP (formerly SCP) – side by side extensibility


Figure 13 Source SAP


Next generation UX includes RPA, machine learning, conversational AI

IRPA – read emails, download invoices, upload using Fiori





Figure 14 Source SAP

Adopt standard S/4HANA Fiori, with Fiori Launchpad with enterprise search, notifications, embedded analytics, role based firoi apps


Innovate further with in app and side by side extensibility

Use Screen Personas

Use SAP Mobile Cards


3rd level – use Sap Intelligent tools – IRPA, ML, Chat Bots



Fiori is not as fast as SAP GUI due to architecture obvious reasons but this, in general, shouldn’t be a problem. If you notice a performance problem this is not normal and it should be analyzed following predefined steps. Regarding large reports you need to consider what type of analysis you are looking for, SAP GUI might be faster to download the data but later you could have to invest to process the information in Excel. Fiori could give the exact report you are looking for on line. So the answer in general would that it depends and this should be analyzed case by case



Figure 15 Source SAP

Despite moving to S/4HANA, little benefits


Figure 16 Source SAP

Why UX Architect?


Figure 17 Source SAP

Follow 3 levels



Figure 18 Source SAP

Look at SAP Fiori apps library

Generate SAP Fiori apps recommendation report, based on how you use SAP ERP or S/4HANA system


Engage SAP UX Architect for levels 2 and 3 achievement



Q: is the adapt UI option available in fiori apps that are available in ECC or is it just S4/HANA?



Q: Please share notifications conf for fiori doc



Q: Fiori is slower than SAP Gui.  What is SAP’s answer to that pitfall?

A: This is why a SAP UX architect is required; situation needs to be analyzed case by case

It depends on the user needs

SAP Gui in general is faster than Fiori, but should not be a problem, difference should be millisecond

The materials of the session (recording and presentation as pdf) are available here.

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