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Mass processing of Business Partners using MDC in FIORI(Part-1)

Hi All,

During all SAP Implementation and roll-out projects we will have a requirement of updating different kinds of master data in the system.

The most common way is to use the ‘MASS’ transaction or develop custom programs using BAPI, BDC or LSMW to update master data.

For customers on S/4 Hana with MDG component , we can use Mass processing and consolidation option to upload different kind of master data’s (Business Partner, Business partner Relationship, Product master ).

In this blog i will share how to configure MDC for Business partner Mass change and use standard SAP FIORI app to perform in the front end.



Master data consolidation and mass processing (MDC) is a module which helps in data cleansing.

A standard MDC process has many process steps , and in this blog i am going to share only about

creating the process templates , defining the scope and Activation .

It requires some basic knowledge of MDG , Odata services , BGRFC and authorization objects.



  1. The first step is to configure the process templates.

    •     Go to MDCIMG ->Configure process Models-> Import predefined process templates      for business partnersConfigure%20Process%20templatesBC%20sets 
    •    Once the BC set is activated the process template will be available for use.

     2   Configure process model

    • 147 BO for Business partner , 1405 for Business partner relationship , 194 for product and MDC_147 for consolidation of Business partner
    • We have configured for 147.BO%20type%20147

3   Configure Scope 

    • In this step we can define the fields which are going to be changed during a mass processing process.Scope%20ConfigurationScope_id
    • We have defined a (LFB1-BUSAB) as a field just for testing purpose but we are going to use custom scope and define our fields during mass processing.scope_fields

 4.  Configure Activation

    • The activation step can be configured with a change request or can be direct this article we have done direct activationActivation
    • There are 3 types of records -> New , Update and match groups.
    • Activation

 5. Configure BGRFC destination

    • BGRFC is required to trigger the workflow process for the MDC consolidation
    • Go to SBGRFCCONF -> Define Inbound DestinationsBGRFC%20destination
    • Go to SBGRFCCONF -> Scheduler destinationsBGRFC1

 6.  Configure Fiori app

    • There are 3 Fiori apps configured
      • Start mass processing for Business partners ->‘F1686A’)/S18OP
      • Export Master data for business partners->‘F3251’)/S18OP
      • Manage mass processes for business partners -> Copy this app from Business catalog SAP_CMD_BC_BP_MONPROCS.Fiori%20apps


P:S: In the next blog i show how the Fiori apps are used to update, extend and delete the Master data.



This article will help consultants in setting up MDC in their system and use it for master data updates.

Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions




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  • Hi Anirban,

    thanks for the excellent blog. I followed configuration as per the guidelines. Exported 2 Business partners from the system and tried performing "Mass processing" But I get the following error "Changing Worklist Content failed". When I try to check log in MDCLOG transaction, I see the following error No Source System Maintained for Source record of process 45. Why is the source

    system asked when I am trying to perform mass processing in the same system. can you please throw some light.




    • Hi Anirban,

      Thanks for your quick response.  I followed the config what you have suggested and made the config suitable for payment terms update. Made a data extract of BP through export master data from the same system and updated the payment terms for the  2 BP. now initiated Start Mass processing - Business partners select the exported and modified file and inserted in import file field.  next step I get an error "malfunction URI literal syntax".


      I am unable to attached the loaded file. kindly suggest on how to fix this issue and proceed in mass processing.





      • Hi Geetha,

        Can you let me know what is your S4CORE and MDG version?

        I have used 1909 FPS01 for this function.

        Also, SLG1 screenshot is just a warning and as per me it should not impact the import process.

        As far as the error message is concerned there is a note with similar symptoms

        3006346 - Malformed URI literal syntax error in attachment facet from application.

        Please check if it helps you.




        • Hi Anirban,

          Thanks for responding. Even if in SLG1 it is a warning, I am unable to proceed and see the next dialog "Scope" which should display. I am stuck with the first screen "Start mass processing".

          I have let the Basis team to apply the OSS note which you have suggested.

          Third item software release in S4 HANA 1909. Here are the details. Do you see since we are in MDG 80 release as below is it causing issues.

          s4core is release 104 and SP level = 0002
          S4 Hana on Premise 1909 SP stack 02(05/2020)
          MDG_FND release 804 SP-Level 0002
          MDG_APPL release 804 SP-Level 0002
          MDG_UX release 804 SP-Level 0002
          UIMDG001 release 200 SP-Level 0008

          Please guide. Once again thanks for your help.



          • Hi Geetha,

            Once your BASIS applies the note let me know if it resolves the issue.

            For MDG version you should check in SFW5 if MDG 9.0 business functions are activated or not.

            APPL and FND versions are fine.




          • Hi Anirbhan,
            Applied the oss note 3006346 - Malformed URI literal syntax error in attachment facet from application and it did not solve the issue.

            You have mentioned if oss notes does not solve then check in SFW5 if MDG 9.0 business functions are activated or not. APPL and FND versions are fine.
            To my understanding MDG need not be activated and mass processing and consolidation can still be used as part of S/4 HANA core.

            Also in our system as MDG relevant components are not activated if I go to tcode /nMDGIMG dont see the spro node(I get error) but If I type in tcode /nMDCIMG I can see all the spro nodes for master data governance,Consolidation and Mass processing.

            Please correct if my understanding is incorrect.
            Attached the snapshot from SFW5 where mass processing and consolidation is part of S4 Core component.

            Please guide can the mass processing functionality works with MDG activation.

            best regards

          • Hi Geetha,

            Your business functions are fine.

            Can you try to clear the cache for the gateway using /IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP

            Put model identifier as *MDC* and clear cache for the IMPORT service.

            Remove all models and all proxy models checkbox.

            Please try and let me know.




          • Hi Anirban,
            I tried clearing the cache for the gateway using /1WFND/CACHE_CLEANUP as you suggested and tried still the same error "Changing worklist Content failed" and in the backend SLG1 transaction I get this error message

            No Source System maintained for source record of process 56

            Message no. MDC_PROCESS_MSG027

            What I understand It is not able to interpret the source file. I tried creating the source file by using the
            "Export Master data: Business Partners" App and created the file by providing a BP and selecting the option "Select all Fields from all Tables" did not check Include long text fields and save it as *.xlsx field.

            Open the file in desktop and changed the field KNB1-ZTERM value from 0001 to 0002 and tried to load. Note in SPRO I have configured in scope - scope field as KNB1-ZTERM.

            is there a way you can show how the sample file. I am unable to load a sample file.

            I want to rule out the file is an issue or any other guidance. Thanks for all the help.

            best regards

          • Hi Geetha,

            I guess it is better you raise a OSS message , since i cannot access your system i am analyzing only with limited steps.

            As far as the file structure is concerned you can refer to the below blog.





  • Hi Anirban Roy


    Thanks for the valuable information.

    Mass processing is working fine and data is replicating in SAP MDG system but not replicating to target S4 HANA system.

    Could you please let me know where i was missing.

    Thanks in advance.




    • Hi Mallika,

      If its co-deployment then if data is there in MDG , it should be available in S4 ERP tables also assuming you are using re-use model as standard MDG BP data model.

      Please help to share some details about your setup so that i can suggest further.



  • Hi Anirban Roy


    Thanks for the reply.

    No luck. call DRF after activation field, is read only not able to edit.

    do we need to maintain Target system  RFC destination in SBGRFCCONF transaction code?