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Author's profile photo Anirban Roy

Mass processing of Business partners using MDC in Fiori (Part-2)

Hi All,

This blog is the continuation from blog Mass processing of Business partners using MDC in Fiori (Part-1)


In this blog I am going to discuss how to use the Fiori apps to create a process for update operation of master data.


  1.  Download BP master data using Export Master data Fiori app 
    • Select the fields which you want to download in the scope
    • Give BP number in the include option and download .xml excel fileExport%20Master%20data
    • The SOURCE_ID signifies BP number , Action_code signifies the type of operation you want to perform
      • For Update operation we can leave action code blank
      • For Extend  operation we can use action_code ‘I’.
      • For Delete  operation  we can use action_code ‘D’.
    • By default action_code column is hidden and below is screenshot of hidden columns
    • Excel%20data

           2.  Use Start mass processing for business partners to import the file downloaded                          from export  master data app

    •   After importing the file , click on save button to create the process.Create%20mass%20process
    •   Initialization step will show the scope of the process i.e. which fields are getting          changed.          Initialization%20phase
    • Edit phase will show which records are updated inserted deleted. in this case we have changed the data in the excel, however with edit records button on top of the bar we can change the values of fields defined in the scope Edit_step
    • Validation phase will check the master data against the configuration data in the system Validation_inprocessValidation_success
    • Activation step which is direct activation in our case will activate the data in the SAP databaseActivation%20completed
    • Completion of activation step will complete the process.


This blog covers the end to end process of downloading active master data , editing it and importing the changed to perform mass change .

I hope this will be helpful for the readers.

Please feel free to share your comments and suggestions.




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      Author's profile photo Ranjeet Kumar
      Ranjeet Kumar

      Hi Anirban,


      Thanks for this valuable blogs on mass processing using consolidation.

      I have one query we have added few custom entities in BP at MDGIMG level. We need to process mass processing for custom entities as well. Do you have any input how we can achieve?



      Ranjeet Kumar

      Author's profile photo Anirban Roy
      Anirban Roy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ranjit,

      Thanks for you comment.

      May i know if your entities are in Re-use or Flex mode?

      Also, are the custom fields in MDG are mapped to standard fields in Business partner in S/4 Hana?




      Author's profile photo Ranjeet Kumar
      Ranjeet Kumar

      Hi Anirban,

      Thanks for your quick response. Our custom entities are in reuse mode only.

      For custom fields in MDG usually we are doing SMT mapping for mapping to standard fields.

      But for custom entities, we are not allowed to do SMT mapping that's why we did coding in handler class of BP for mapping. For custom entities we created custom tables where we are saving data after CR activation in MDG.

      Ranjeet Kumar

      Author's profile photo Anirban Roy
      Anirban Roy
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ranjeet

      Mass processing using MDC can be used for the standard fields which are present in S4 Hana for Business partner

      When you create your Business partner in BP transaction does the custom fields which are mapped via SMT in MDG data model gets automatically populated ? If yes , then when you use MDC it will reflect into MDG also . Otherwise you can use file import export to load the data to MDG

      Coming to the custom entities which are replicated to Z tables, MDC will not support mass processing unless the BO types are enhanced

      i would suggest you to reach out to SAP also .

      SAP Advisor  Would appreciate your inputs as well



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Anirban,


      Thanks for informative Blog.


      We have implemented Mass Processing for Material , we are activating the data Via CR.


      But the CR is getting create with Workflow id SAP_WFRT. Do you know any config via which we can make this CR via actual Requester.