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SAP Business Client 7.70

We are happy to announce SAP Business Client 7.70, launched together with SAP GUI for Windows 7.70.

With the SAP Fiori UX Integration, the new Fiori 3 theme Quartz is available with Business Client.

Quartz Light will be the standard theme, but the dark theme – Quartz Dark – has already gained a lot of admirers too.

With the implementation of Microsoft Edge WebView2, Microsoft’s new browser control based on the fast Chromium rendering, we offer a future-proof browser control automatically updated at OS level.

Once again, many of the new features were developed thanks to being requested by customers. These features include:

Fiori 3 Themes:

Quartz Light & Dark, High Contrast Black and High Contrast White.

Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge WebView2, Microsoft’s new browser control based on Chromium, was added as new browser control inside SAP Business Client

64-bit Version:

SAP Business Client provides better support for large and memory-consuming web-based applications now. On a clean installation the installer automatically chooses the version of the operating system.

Dynamic Browser Selection:

Running different browser controls in different tabs at the same time is now possible (IE+Edge). So choose the ideal browser control for each target application (e.g. using ActiveX).

“Cloud Integration” – SAP Launchpad Service Integration (former SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad):

With 7.70 you can connect to your launchpad in the cloud (SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry runtime environment) and whenever there is a navigation to a transaction running in an on-premise system, the transaction will be rendered with SAP GUI for Windows, otherwise SAP GUI for HTML.

Compact Header:

New header design, increasing the space for your applications (Menu=>Show tabs in a separate row)

SAP Fiori Launchpad Session Management:

Session timeout handling between SAP Fiori Launchpad and SAP GUI


Take a look at the following video for further details:

SAP Business Client 7.70: What’s New

7.70 is fully downward compatible with its predecessor. To use the new Quartz theme, you need the UI5-Version 1.71 and S/4HANA 1909.

At least 8 Patches are planned for 2021.

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Maintenance Strategy and deadlines for SAP Business Client / NWBC

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Support Timeline*


* Refer to SAP Note 2302074 (SAP Business Client) and SAP Note 147519 (SAP GUI for Windows) for details


Software Downloads – SAP ONE Support Launchpad

Any Questions?

Stay safe and have a successful year!

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  • Sandra, the links are to the internal sites! Granted, the note numbers are visible so it's not a showstopper, still you might want to edit them.

    Thanks for the news, I'm gonna check it out now.

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  • Hi, Sandra,

    Tanks for the announcement.

    NWBC is working very well and its nicely integrated with SAP-Gui. The new SAP Quartz Dark theme is astounding as you said but unfortunately (there is always something isn't it?), is not well supported in some areas (ABAP development, BW). Belize is perfect BTW.

    Do you know where I can report some of the glitches, I've found?
    It would be awesome for them to addressed in the next patch.

    Overall, is an amazing release.


  • Dear Sandra,


    Happy new year, 2021.

    We've installed SAP Business Client 7.70 Successfully.


    But, we have a trouble that input field is missing in SE80.

    (Browser Control : Chromium // Logon Language : ZH)



    Hope you may follow this issue, later.

    Overall, is an amazing release.





    Miller Lam.

  • Hi Sandra,

    had anyone such a problem (both BC 7.7 and SAP-Gui 7.7) before, as follows?

    the using of "Webview2 Browser Control" in connection to "OCI Punchout Websites", nothing returns. If I use instead "Internet Explorer" then it works, but the Site ist not designed for I have to use Chromium.


    Thanks in advance

    Michael Morgenstern

      • Hi Sandra,

        the website is working with edge and chrome. How can I test with Edge? If I call the URL from the punchout shopping Website and Post back the results from a shopping cart to the hook_URL e.g., then the google answer is Status 401 not allowed. That is probably correct from google. It seems that google receive the Post from the OCI-Website.

        Do you have a development team for asking about the OCI problem? Or should I open a Ticket for this issue?




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          • Ok thanks ... I'll open a ticket.

            Just again for the sake of completeness:
            You only have these "Primary Browser Control" option in the Business Client ... and it seems like it has no effect on the behavior with OCI when the post is returned from the shopping cart to the client.

            In SAP Gui 7.7, the relevant setting would be "HTML Control"> "Edge (based on Chromium)" and "Internet Explorer". This setting seems to apply to both clients. It works on both clients when I change it to Internet Explorer.



          • Hi Michael,

            an internal investigation is running right now. Unfortunately I could not find your ticket.....

            Did you open one? Please send me the incident number.




          • Hello Sandra,

            the Ticket is now open ... Ticketnumber is 0020751294 | 0000413349 | 2021

            Status: Sent to SAP
            Components: SAP GUI for Windows Controls (BC-FES-CTL)
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