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How to export custom fields in the payment advice form

The goal of this post is to describe the step-by -step process of how to export the custom field and logic in the payment advice form, Based on the best practice experience, it will be explained for you with an example:
1. Export ap clerk’s email address of supplier master data into a payment advice form;
2. Export payment reference value of invoice documents into a payment advice form


The content of the document is the following:

  • Prerequisite

    The business process and preliminary steps to configure the payment advice are described in the accounts payable scope item (J60).

        • 2.5.3 BRF + Settings for Payment Advice
        • 4.1.1 Maintain Business Partner
        • 4.2 Invoice Entry without Purchase Order
        • 4.6 Payment Run

    See also Adding Custom Fields to Payment Advice Forms

    Create two new custom fields and two new enhancement implemetations

    You use the two new enhancement spots (Business Add-In BAdI):

        1. Finance: Payment Advice
        2. Finance: payment Advice Item

    to add your own custom fields and enable it into the payment advice form template; furthermore to implement your own logic to fill the data into your own custom fields which defined in previous step, ultimately those custom fields with values will be exported into your payment advice form during the printing or emailing.

    Note: To be able to access this app and follow the described process, your user must be assigned a role that has the authorization as defined in the business catalog Extensibility (SAP_CORE_BC_EXT), or you could use the user Administrator.


    • Create new fields
    1. Open the Custom Fields and Logic app from the extensibility business group on your launchpad.


      1. In the Custom Fields tab
      2. Choose +(Create) to add and create a new header field
      3. Fill out the dialog box as explained in the following table and then choose Create.
    Field Explanation
    Business Context Finance: Payment Advice
    Label Clerk_Email
    Identifier YY1_Clerk_Email
    Tooltip Clerk’s email address
    Type Email Address
    1. Enable the field usage in the Form Templates
    2. Create a new item field by following the above step
    Field Explanation
    Business Context Finance: Payment Advice Item
    Label Payment_Reference
    Identifier YY1_Payment_Reference
    Tooltip Payment Reference
    Type Text
    • Create new Enhancements
    1. Switch to the Custom Logic tab
    2. Choose + (Create) to add and create new enhancement implementation for the Header filed
    3. Fill out the dialog box as explained in the following table and then choose
    Field Explanation
    Business Context Finance: Payment Advice
    BAdI Description Payment Advice Header Output Printing Adaption
    Implementation Description Payment_ADV_H_Extension


    1. To get the accounting clerk’s email from the supplier you must implement the following logic.
    2. Choose Save Draft in the bottom-right corner.
    3. Choose Publish in the bottom-right corner to activate your new logic
    4. Follow the above steps to add and create new enhancement implementation for the Item filed
    Field Explanation
    Business Context Finance: Payment Advice Item
    BAdI Description Payment Advice Item Output Printing Adaption
    Implementation Description PAYMENT_ADV_I_EXTENSION


    1. To get the payment reference from the journal entries you must implement the following logic.



    Search CDS View

    1. To find more views, which can be used in your own logic, use application View Browser.
    2. Search for view by entering keywords or view you already know
    3. Open the view to display details. The definition shows a list of fields in view
    4. Here are CDS views most frequently used in this enhancement


    I_BUSINESSPARTNER Business Partner
    I_SUPPLIERTOBUSINESSPARTNER Supplier to Business Partner Relationship
    I_SUPPPLIER Supplier
    I_SUPPLIERCOMPANY Company code data of supplier
    I_JOURNALENTRY Journal Entry (Header)
    I_JOURNALENTRYITEM Journal Entry Item
    I_OPERATIONALACCTGDOCCUBE Operational journal Entry Item-Cube



    Adopt your own payment advice form

    1. Open the app Maintain Form Templates, switch to the tap ‘Predelivered Templates’ , search the ‘FIN_FO_PAYM_ADVICE’

    1. Download the payment advice form and it will be extracted as the ZIP file
    2. Install the software ‘Adobe LiveCycle Designer’ into your laptop, and open the downloaded form
    3. Find out your custom field from the ‘Data View’ structure
    ToPaymentPreparedData Custom fields in Header
    ToPaymentPaiditem Custom fields in Item


    1. Add the custom field ‘Clerk_Email’(YY1_Clerk_Email_AVH) into the form and binding the data
    2. Add the custom field ‘Payment_Reference’(YY1_Payment_Reference_AVI) into the form and binding the data
    3. Save the changes and open the app Maintain Form Templates to upload your own customized form
    4. Click + to create a form template

    Input explanation

    Form Template Name Define your custom form
    Language Choose the supported language
    Select Form Template File Select the customized form adopted in previous step
    Data Source FDP_FFO_PAYM_ADVICE_SRV(Form Data Provider FI Payment Advice)
    Form Type Content


    1. Assign your customized form for the output type in the SSCUI (102313) ‘Assign Form Templates’


    Application Object Type Output Type Form template ID
    FFO_PAYM_ADV PAYM_ADV Your customized Form ID


    1. Define your customized form ID into the BRF+ (Output Parameter Determination)

    Note: please change the BRF+ setting by referring the test script chapter 2.5.3 (BRF + Settings for Payment Advice) described in the prerequisite section


    1. Input the email address into the Business Partner
    2. Create an Invoice and input the values into the field Payment Reference
    3. Schedule the payment run and view the payment advice form





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      Author's profile photo Efrain Armstrong
      Efrain Armstrong

      Hi, Is it possible to use the data captured in a custom field more widely? I’m thinking about options like:

      • Exporting the data to Stripe so that it shows up in the metadata, or even better in the Description field on the Stripe site
      • Showing the data on the Checkout-Result and Payment Confirmation pages
      • Including the data on the email confirmation sent to purchasers

      All advice very welcome, thanks.



      Kroger Feedback