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SAP GUI for Windows 7.70: New Features & Lifecycle Information

Hello Community,

as mentioned in SAP Note 147519, the shipment date for SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 is the 29th of January 2021. So, we are only 2 days away from the delivery!

With this Blog I would like to provide some general information on the lifecycle of this release as well as information on the new features coming with 7.70. Since the new features contained in 7.70 are quite complex compared to previous releases, I also mention additional prerequisites and potential consequences of each feature.

Our focus areas were:

  • New Fiori 3 theme family (“Quartz”) – for a harmonized look with other SAP UI frameworks, but you will see that Quartz is not just some new colors.
  • Edge (based on Chromium) as alternative browser control for use in the SAP GUI HTML Control – for becoming independent of the Internet Explorer Control
  • 64bit versions of NWRFC controls – for being able to use those controls also from 64bit processes like Microsoft Excel 64bit
  • Multi-Monitor-Scaling support – for correct display of SAP GUI in environments with multiple monitors using different scaling settings

All of these areas have been eagerly expected by several customers and required huge effort on SAP GUI side. However, in addition to these topics we could also work on a couple of other smaller topics that are explained below.

SAP GUI Lifecycle

SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 was created with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 which is in mainstream support by Microsoft until 9th of April 2024 (see also

Therefore, SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 is supported until 9th of April 2024.

The chart below shows the current dates (on 27th of January 2019) for the lifecycle of SAP GUI for Windows releases 7.50 (already out of support) up to 7.70. For the latest information always refer to SAP Note 147519.


SAP GUI Lifecycle

As you can see in the image above, there is an overlap of support durations for releases 7.60 and 7.70 of about 14 months. During this timeframe patches for both releases will be supplied normally.

New Features in Release 7.70

  • New visual theme family “Quartz”
  • The successor to the Belize theme is the Quartz (Fiori 3.0) theme. For the first time we also offer a dark version of the theme that can be used by users who prefer a dark background.Quartz%20Family
    There are four Quartz Themes (see also image above):

    • Quartz (“Light”)
    • Quartz High Contrast White
    • Quartz High Contrast Black
    • Quartz Dark

    When you install SAP GUI for Windows 7.70, Quartz is the default theme and SAP GUI will choose either the light or the dark version depending on your Windows settings. Of course, we do not override a previous setting – you can continue using SAP GUI with the theme of your choice. We also did not remove any old themes in release 7.70.

    Some of the highlights of the Quartz Themes:

    • Fiori features (for SAP S/4HANA systems) are supported just like in Belize
    • All features of Belize themes including theme specific coloring are supported
    • New states like a hover on selected state for several UI elements are introduced
    • Improved contrast for many aspects of the UI (including also for selected items)
    • A new monospaced font (“72 monospace”) is used which suits the proportional font (“72”) much better (also for Belize themes)
    • The main menu is back by default (also for Belize themes)
    • The new ABAP Editor can also use theme specific colors (if a new option is activated)

    The feedback we have received so far on the Quartz Themes (also from the Beta program that we ran) is much better than the feedback related to Belize. However, one should keep in mind these SAP Notes when using Quartz Dark:

    • SAP Note 2930005: Some ABAP applications use the SAP GUI background colors, but not the SAP GUI font colors for content in HTML controls. In such cases, the application will display dark text on dark background. To solve this, corrections in the respective application are needed.
    • SAP Note 2981918: SAP GUI for Windows is re-using several UI elements provided by Windows. Some of these elements do not allow changing their background color – they simply expect that the background is bright (except when High Contrast themes are used in Windows). It proved very difficult to overwrite all these elements and until today some very minor issues are remaining which are listed in this SAP Note.
  • Edge (WebView2 Control) as alternative browser control
  • So far the SAP GUI HTML Control always uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer Control for hosting HTML content inside SAP GUI, but nowadays Internet Explorer has several disadvantages:

    • Modern web content may not work
    • Performance issues
    • Many users have moved to other browsers and want to use them also when working with SAP GUI
    • Some web-based SAP UI frameworks intend to stop support for Internet Explorer
    • There is a lot of confusion regarding the support lifecycle of Internet Explorer (even though Microsoft has not announced the end of life, yet)

    For all these reasons as of release 7.70 we have integrated the Microsoft WebView2 control (Edge based on Chromium) as an alternative to the Internet Explorer Control (see SAP Note 2913405 for more information). In order to allow a smooth patching and update process we have decided not to deploy the component ourselves – therefore, WebView2 is not contained in the SAP GUI installation. To use the new version of the HTML Control, you need to install the Microsoft WebView2 control ( separately. Updates to the component are then received via the regular Microsoft channels.

    Since the HTML Control based on WebView2 is very new and presently has some functional restrictions (see below), we decided to keep the Internet Explorer Control as the default browser control in SAP GUI for Windows for now. However, once installed, you can select “Edge (based on Chromium)” via a setting in SAP GUI options dialog:


    SAP GUI Options Dialog Setting for WebView2

    Once the setting is activated, the HTML Control will use the WebView2 Control and therefore offer a modern browsing experience with all the advantages of a current browser:


    SAP GUI HTML Control using WebView2

    The HTML Control based on Edge behaves like the HTML Control based on Internet Explorer with some technical differences:

    • Web content which is not compatible with Microsoft Edge / Google Chrome is obviously not compatible with the new HTML Control. If you are using this kind of content, you should migrate this to new HTML standards. See also SAP Note 2901278.
    • The WebView2 control does not take the default font settings for web pages which do not set a font from the Microsoft Edge browser (as opposed to the Internet Explorer control). Therefore, by default, the SAP GUI HTML Control based on WebView2 uses the proportional font set in the SAP GUI options dialog in this case. See SAP Note 2942740 for more information.
    • Furthermore, there are some differences between Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer which are intended by Microsoft. For example, when SAP GUI detaches a URL from an HTML Control inside SAP GUI, an external browser window opens. In case of Internet Explorer, this window offers a full navigation bar, but Edge does not offer a navigation bar.
    • To allow a “mixed-mode” while applications still using old HTML content migrate to something new, we have introduced the feature explained in SAP Note 2957665: The administrator can define a fallback to Internet Explorer for certain systems / transactions when WebView2 is configured to be the default browser control.

  • 64bit versions of NWRFC controls
    The SAP GUI shipment includes four controls which can be used for getting data from an SAP System without using SAP GUI:

    • Logon Control
    • Function Control
    • BAPI Control
    • Table Factory Control
  • Up to release 7.60 these controls are only available as 32bit versions. Especially with the stronger usage of Microsoft Office 64bit editions this has become a challenge, because 32bit controls cannot be easily invoked from a 64bit process.

    As of release 7.70 we offer 64bit versions (both non-Unicode as well as Unicode) of these controls which can be installed in parallel to the 32bit versions. With this, scripts using these controls can also be run from 64bit processes like Microsoft Office 64bit. To benefit from this, select the appropriate installation component to be part of your installation package. See also SAP Note 2724656.

    SAP GUI Installation showing the component for getting the 64bit RFC controls

  • Multi-Monitor-Scaling support
  • Up to release 7.60 SAP GUI supports scaling using the scaling settings of the primary monitor only. For other monitors we let the operating system scale the SAP GUI window. This has some drawbacks for example when SAP GUI is embedded in an application which is multi-monitor scaling aware. In case of SAP Business Client this just leads to a blurry display of SAP GUI, but when embedded in Microsoft Internet Explorer the dimensions of SAP GUI inside Internet Explorer are determined incorrectly. See SAP Note 2541592 for more information.

    As of release 7.70 multi-monitor scaling can be activated in the SAP GUI options dialog so that the issues with multiple monitor setups using different scaling settings are solved. The feature can be activated for Belize and Quartz themes if a sufficiently new Windows version is used via this setting:

    SAP GUI Setting for activating Multi Monitor Scaling

    Multi Monitor Scaling is an extremely complex topic that required a multitude of changes in SAP GUI and that will certainly require further changes – the topic may also require adjustments in external ActiveX components that you embed in SAP GUI. SAP Note 2985351 contains further information on this topic.

    Another frequent issue in the context of using SAP GUI on devices with high resolutions is an incorrect size of cells in splitter containers. This typically leads to buttons not being completely displayed (cut off). The root cause of these issues is explained in SAP Note 2767962 – the affected ABAP applications are typically defining the height (or width) of the cells in the splitter container without taking the scaling into account.

  • Overflow for buttons in the footer of dialog boxes (popups)
  • The maximum width of a dialog box (popup) is limited by the vertical resolution of the display. When an application inserts many buttons or wide buttons in the application toolbar (footer) of a dialog box or the resolution is low or the used font size is big, this sometimes exceeds the maximum width. In SAP GUI releases up to release 7.60, such buttons could not be displayed.

    Therefore, as of SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 and starting with Belize themes, SAP GUI puts all buttons which do not fit into the dialog box into an overflow button. If needed, the footer of the dialog box displays a button “…” that offers a context menu containing all buttons for which not enough space was available. This ensures that all applications, even those with many wide buttons, can be properly used.


    Overflow for buttons in dialog boxes

  • Customizable focus position in ALV Grid control
  • The ALV Grid control may consist out of a toolbar area, title area, column header and table area. If you move the focus to the ALV Grid control via keyboard, in SAP GUI for Windows the focus by default is set to the table area. This is since in many cases the user first wants to do something in the table area (like selecting a column) before using the buttons in the toolbar area (like for sorting the selected column). However, in case a different behavior is desired, this can now be achieved by setting a newly introduced registry value. You can decide whether the focus shall first move to the table area (default), to the toolbar area (value = 1) or column header (value = 2).
    See SAP Note 2973107 for more information.

  • Different background colors for hierarchical levels in tree control
  • In SAP Signature Theme the tree control shows different background colors for the first four hierarchical levels. In newer themes this functionality was removed by design, because it reduces contrast of text to background and the idea of the newer SAP GUI themes was having a display with fewer visual hierarchies. However, the different colors for tree levels are considered helpful by some users, because one can more easily understand on which level an item / node in the tree is located.

    Therefore, as of SAP GUI for Windows 7.70, we have introduced different background colors to differentiate tree control hierarchical levels also in newer SAP GUI themes starting with Blue Crystal theme (which excludes the Corbu theme). This functionality is inactive by default and can be activated as explained in SAP Note 2943146. For SAP Signature Theme the functionality remains active by default and cannot be deactivated. Please note that in High Contrast themes this functionality is not supported, because the contrast wouldn’t be enough to meet the minimum contrast requirements.


    Tree Level Colors in Quartz, Quartz Dark, Belize and Blue Crystal Themes

  • Improved version of SAP GUI Scripting “Record and Playback” dialog
  • SAP GUI scripting offers a dialog for recording and replaying scripts. This dialog had several functional and usability issues. Therefore, it has been reworked in release 7.70 and the following changes were applied:

    • The dialog is substantially larger, because it has been restructured with sections specific to recording and replaying. The “More / Less” button available in previous releases is no longer available.
    • The dialog is no longer topmost by default. If desired, the dialog can be made topmost again by setting a registry value
    • The dialog remembers the previous position at which it was closed. Therefore, you can move the dialog to a convenient position (or even a secondary monitor) while recording.
    • The dialog offers a new button for editing the recorded script in a text editor associated with the respective file extension.
    • When replaying a script, the dialog no longer asks for a file to be replayed, but uses the file specified in the respective input field. The name of the file recorded last is automatically taken over into the input field after completing the recording.
    • The usability has been improved (tabchain, focus, scaling,…)
    • The dialog can be launched or brought to the front if it was already started before by clicking the scripting indicator in the system information area in the SAP GUI main window or the SAP Business Client main window. This function can only be used if scripting is installed and permitted in the system you are connected to.
  • SAP Business Client Integration: User timeout
  • SAP GUI for Windows and SAP Business Client now exchange information on whether a user is still active to avoid timeouts when the user is still active in another window / tab.

  • Placeholder characters in password fields
  • A new option “Show placeholder characters” is introduced. If this option is deselected, SAP GUI does not fill password fields with placeholder characters. Instead the placeholder characters (dots or asterisk) appear as you type. This reflects the behavior of several other applications, but has the disadvantage that it is more obvious how many characters have been typed. The default setting remains unchanged, which means by default, SAP GUI keeps displaying the placeholder characters for empty password fields.

Removed features in SAP GUI for Windows 7.70

This time we haven’t removed any visual theme, but have just cleaned-up the theme selection and removed a rarely used legacy component that has a functional alternative:

  • The Belize theme offered a so-called “Fallback” theme in SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 and 7.60. This “Fallback” was used for SAP systems which do not support the Fiori feature set. As of SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 no “Fallback” theme is offered anymore. The theme set in the SAP GUI options dialog (or via other means like the SAP Business Client) is used for all systems a user connects to.
  • The Assignment Control used in transaction UCWB is no longer available. A technical alternative is available as mentioned in SAP Note 2704440.


We hope that release 7.70 will live up to your and our expectations – especially since it adds very important and long-expected new features. Our experiences from the Beta Program and our SAP internal roll-out are very encouraging, but of course some of the major new features listed above will certainly need our attention during the next couple of patches. We will completely focus on closing remaining gaps and fixing issues you might find for the next months.

Kind regards,
Frank Krause
Product Owner SAP GUI for Windows
on behalf of the SAP GUI for Windows Team

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  • Looks great!


    Regarding themes and not replacing previous settings made by a user.

    Is there any way to force SAP Quartz to all users/installations as default?

    I.e to clean all previous settings and make a "fresh start" with the new GUI for all users. As I understand, this is not possible with "general parameters during installation".

    It looks so much better now and the connection to dark/light in windows is great. But many users have chosen an "old theme" a long time ago.

    What happens if we remove all other themes as selectable? If a user had an old theme selected - will it now be Quartz? I believe there are parameters to set this.

    • Hello Per,

      thank you for the feedback.

      I.e to clean all previous settings and make a "fresh start" with the new GUI for all users. As I understand, this is not possible with "general parameters during installation".

      Right - the installation does not write into the HKCU branch of the WIndows registry (where the user specific settings are stored), because the installation typically does not run in the user context. But you could remove the settings under HKCU by means of a logon script for example.

      What happens if we remove all other themes as selectable?
      If a user had an old theme selected - will it now be Quartz?
      I believe there are parameters to set this.

      Yes, this will work. The SAP GUI Administration Guide explains how to restrict the selectable themes (search for the keyword "SelectableThemes" - see also here:

      If the theme selected by the user is forbidden, SAP GUI will use the default theme. If you set SelectableThemes to "800" (hex) for example, all users will be forced to Quartz Light. And the setting of this registry value can be added to your installation package, because that is a HKLM value.

      Best regards,


      • Thank you Frank!

        Yes, we learned about the user specific win-reg with 7.60.

        Great that SelectableThemes work this way! This seems like a good solution and a "2 in 1" since you also make a decision on "supported themes"! For example, we have some personas-screens/scripts that do not work with the older themes so it's time to move on!

    • Hi Marc,

      probably yes. You would need to get the MSI from the Microsoft page and launch this during the SAP GUI installation in one of the available events.

      Best regards,

  • First thing that i did today was to install the newest Version. Is it known that the new SAP GUI has very CPU consumption during debugging? During this, SAP GUI is jumping between the transaction and the debugger.

    • Hi Marcel,

      no, this is not known. If you can reproduce the issue and when comparing with previous versions you find a notifcable difference, I encourage you to create a support incident so that we can have a look at this.

      Best regards,

  • Nice information, cant wait to try it out! I wonder what the performance will be like in Citrix especially with the new Quartz theme - we'll see!

    Thanks again

  • Hi Frank,


    I installed SAP GUI 7.70 Successfully.


    But, I have a trouble that input field is missing in SE80

    (Browser Control : Edge // Logon Language : KO)


    the log shows "Failed to read registry key for type/subtype ~"


    Could you check this problem?



    Missing input field



    Failed log


    Thank you.

    • /
    • Hello Seokwon,

      I think this is a case for a customer incident on component BC-FES-CTL.

      The input field and combobox in SE80 are by default displayed in an HTML Control (there is a user setting in SE80 "GUI Control-based input fields" with which you can switch this to another display, but I assume you are not using this option). If you have WebView2 installed (is this really the case - is this listed in your Control Panel?), then of course the HTML Control should be displayed properly.

      Checkpoints for you:
      1) Are you using the HTML Control or the GUI based controls (see above)?
      2) If you are using the HTML Control, does the issue also occur with Internet Explorer set as browser control?
      3) If the issue does not occur with IE, is the HTML Control based on Edge working in other applications using an HTML control? Like transaction DWDM -> the reports for checking HTML Controls.
      4) If the issue also occurs for other transactions: Is WebView2 really installed?
      5) Is the issue language dependent? You mentioned Korean as logon language.

      Update: And I just saw that below another user reported an issue with another double byte language. This makes it quite likely the issue is related to this. However, I tried SAP internally with Korean and also Chinese in Unicode and non-Unicode systems and for me it is working.

      But again: This is better analyzed in an incident.

      Best regards,

      • 1) Are you using the HTML Control or the GUI based controls (see above)?

        → I can't find which based control.


        2) If you are using the HTML Control, does the issue also occur with Internet Explorer set as browser control?

        → Not occur with Internet Explorer. Only with Edge

        3) If the issue does not occur with IE, is the HTML Control based on Edge working in other applications using an HTML control? Like transaction DWDM -> the reports for checking HTML Controls.

        → HTML Controls not working in DWDM. When I tried, the SAP GUI freezed

        4) If the issue also occurs for other transactions: Is WebView2 really installed?

        → Maybe it's related with HTML Controls and I installed WebView2.

        5) Is the issue language dependent? You mentioned Korean as logon language.

        → Only in Korean. In English, it works.


        plus, I reinstalled SAP GUI 7.70. but the SE80 input field is still missing and SAP GUI freezed when execute some reports that related with HTML Controls.

        If I changed Browser control edge to IE or change logon language KO to EN, it works well.


        thanks for your reply.

        • Hello Seokwon,

          this is certainly a SAP GUI bug. I asked a colleague to investigate the issue, but it would regardless of this be good if you could raise an incident on component BC-FES-CTL.

          Thank you,

  • Hello,

    the 7.70 is very good indeed but I'm experiencing a strange behavior. From time to time my windows start to jump from one to another. I have a GUI window, then jumps to a Word one, then to my Email, like loop all over windows I have open.


    Did someone experienced the same?



    • Hi,

      I have a similar issue. I didn't bother reporting it yet since it is very difficult to describe, would have to screen record it.

      I only have this behavior in the embedded SAP GUI inside of ADT / Eclipse. It's reproducable when opening a value / search help with a predefined pattern. I. e. when you have SE11 open and enter a pattern for a data element like ZSOMETHING* and press F4. The value help opens and flickers and presses ALT+TAB all over the place causing you to basically lose control over whats happening. You can then ALT+TAB yourself and try to minimize and maximize windows until it stops. Only then you can start using the value help you tried to open.

      I thought this was isolated to ADT, maybe caused by the value help trying to get the dynpro value and using some system call to focus the GUI window for it looping over all open windows but since it is embedded it cannot do so by the window title maybe and fails to find the window causing the loop to never stop?

      I also have this since forever (750 or even 740).

      Frank Krause have you heard of anything similar being reported yet?

    • Hello Pedro,

      during our Beta program the same issue has been reported to us.
      We have been able to reproduce the issue to a certain degree (with help from one customer participating in the program) and found that the issue also affects other programs (below also Word and Excel are mentioned). Then we found a relation to the Windows explorer (issue occurs when drives are mapped). Therefore, we reported this to Microsoft and Microsoft is presently analyzing it.

      Best regards,

      • Hello Frank Krause ,

        thank you for your reply.


        I also noticed something strange. When you try to create a new job on SM36, after you define the program, variant and go to the option to release it immediately , sometimes if goes back to the screen where we choose the program and the variant again but with the fields empty. More weird is that sometimes it actually launches the job and sometimes doesn't



        • Hello Pedro,

          this does not sound like a SAP GUI issue to me, because the navigation is handled by application logic. But again this is something that support could have a look at.

          Best regards,

  • Dear Frank,

    Happy new year, 2021.


    We've installed SAP Business Client 7.70 Successfully.


    But, we have a trouble that input field is missing in SE80.

    (Browser Control : Chromium // Logon Language : ZH)



    Hope you may follow this issue, later.



    Miller Lam.

  • Hello,

    I wanted to give it a try but seems there are some issues to be solved, ALV grid is very slow and hangs while scrolling and buttons are flashing while doing in SAP Signature theme and somehow my ABAP editor font settings are overwritten.



    Sercan Kucukdemirci

    • Hello.

      ALV performance was degraded by updates in version v7.60 (maybe even in patches of v7.50) around when field history was introduced. Also reading was changed to ad-hoc read additional data when paging.

      It became really slow, reading data when scrolling/paging became "pain". Message that not all data will be copied is there all the time.

      So performance was reduced due to additional features. Maybe the request was to reduce server load.

      It would be great, if we could use some setting, to don't use features we don't need and rather have better performance (turn off field history, ad-hoc read, ...) I guess. To be able to get what we prefer.


      Best regards,

      Tomas Chrastina


  • Hi Frank,

    I'm enjoying the dark mode Quartz theme and DPI scaling improvements, found a few quirks which I will report if no patches arrive 🙂


    Can you tell me about the SAPscript Legacy Text Editor?

    With 7.50 and 7.60 this was a separate installation as per note 2221815

    Will the separate installation be provided for 7.70 also?


    many thanks





    • Hello Rob,

      I assume there will be such a package, but since this component is not in my area of responsibility I cannot confirm this. However, I have forwarded your question to the responsible colleagues.

      Best regards,

    • Hello Ming,

      We are using SAP GUI for Windows 7.70 on 5000+ clients SAP internally since multiple months and nobody complained about F8 not working (and believe me, they would complain about this, because F8 is used everywhere).

      If F8 is not working this likely means that some 3rd party tool is stealing the key (I have seen this quite some times before for other keys).

      But like for all functional issues: Please report an incident if you can reproduce the issue and there is no external tool which steals keyboard shortcuts from SAP GUI. You can also check other applications (like for example Outlook in which F8 is doing a selection). I

      Best regards,

  • Hi Frank,


    When I open SE10 to check the Transport request, there is a issue that the Plus Icon missed and it can't be clicked to expand the subtree to display the tasks.

    • We also experienced this (but only for one user) when upgrading to 7.60. So maybe the following will help here as well: Change to one of the modern themes. If you want you can then switch back to Signature, the icons should still be there.

    • Hello Yann,

      these symbols come from a symbol font which is installed together with SAP GUI. Typically this happens if during the font installation (which is under Windows more magic than anything else) something goes wrong. In most cases a reboot solves these issues (and i all cases I have seen the installation asked for a reboot after it was done...).

      Best regards,

  • Does anyone know where the style of these popups can be configured?

    I don't like the font but the major issue here is the dark on dark.


    Edit: To reproduce, this popup appears when entering a nonexisting package name in the input field in SE80 repo browser

    • I have the same issue on popup messages in t-codes SNOTE and STMS after updating to 7.70 PL0 with Quartz dark theme.

      I tried implementing notes 2894053 / 2691767 / 2306329 /2417561 /2948774 /2938245 but the issue persists.




        • I was hoping that would fix it, but I'm on ECC6 EHP7 (so SAP_BASIS 740) and the note only applies to SAP_BASIS 750 - 755


          On a different NW750 system I recreated the same issue, applied note 2965688 (which also brought down note 2691767) and this solved the issue!


          I raised it with my maintenance partner to review so they can decide where the solution is and pass to SAP to request a downport of this note to NW 740 basis releases

        • Hello Marc,

          yes, that is the right SAP Note to fix the issue.

          The problem here is explained in SAP Note 2930005 - "Quartz Dark: Text in HTML Control is displayed with black font on dark gray background". Applications have been getting the background, but not the foreground color from SAP GUI in order to create the colors used in their HTML documents. So far this did not cause an issue, because all themes in SAP GUI had a bright background, but with Quartz Dark this is different. In High Contrast themes this is something else too, because the applications already reacted on this before.

          Best regards,

          P.S.: There are more applications facing these issues (see also linked notes in 2930005). Especially important is also the correction for the Dynamic Documents.

  • Hi,

    The installing of 7.7 went without any problem.

    The Quartz Dark theme is Astounding, BTW, but as others have expressed it has some glitches that need to be addressed in the next patches.

    It is Ok to report these problems here or is there any other, proper, way to inform the problems I've found?

    Overall is an Amazing release!


    • Hello Jesus,

      thank you for your feedback.

      Regarding your question: This blog is actually not meant for reporting issues.
      I can try what I can to answer questions and react on feedback, but analyzing issues is often not possible via this channel. A good example is the issue with languages Korean and Chinese in the HTML Control mentioned by other users. I cannot even reproduce the issue.

      Therefore, if you are facing a bug, my recommendation is to report this to us in an incident.

      Thank you,


  • Hello.

    First of all, thank your for detailed information and all the work you guys/gals have done!


    I updated from latest version v7.60 Patch Level 9 w/o any problem. (backed up everything, ... we all know the drill)

    But from experience, to suggest update, we'll wait for at least Patch Level 1. Or better check it more thorough with group of advanced users with different scopes.

    Focus Areas

    New Fiori 3 theme family ("Quartz") - After last experience from v7.60 I was a bit worried. Still, I forced myself after looking at the screenshots to check this new theme out.

    But I have to say I was disappointed once again. Theme itself is not bad, still I would expect it to be more compact (a lot of free unused space). But main problem are still icons. IMHO they're strangely designed. It looks kind of blurry, strange, not tightened well.

    So I've rolled back to Corbu after 10 minutes trial. It's just really hard to distinguish anything. And it "hurts" my eyes.

    For me personally last working theme for whole day use is still Corbu. It's not perfect, but it's much easier to distinguish things and use it for longer time period. Also I know a lot of tech users that would "feel" the same.

    Maybe it would help (at least a bit, not to make it more compact) to add the same option like SAP Signature theme has -> Use Corbu style icons.

    Edge (Chroumium based) - "Good to hear". But I guess it will take a while to deal with all the glitches. But finally cut off IE would be great.

    64bit versions of NWRFC controls - There's no practical use-case to use/test it right now. But glad to know there's this new option.

    Multi-Monitor-Scaling support - It will really help many users these days. But as it is not supported in Corbu, not everybody. I guess it would be nice to mention supported themes. It would be: Belize and Quartz.

    User Settings

    A lot of user settings are mentioned in notes, and accessible only in registry settings. This is really not the best and easiest way to go for standard users.

    • First of all, to even know that some setting exists, you need to find it the hard way on the web.
    • Settings are separated in multiple notes.
    • Not every user has access to notes.
    • Using setting in registry is for advanced technical users only.
    • Not every user has user rights to even change registry settings. Not even talking about backup of these.

    So I don't understand this approach. For standard user this is really complicated. I would suggest to provide all possible settings in SAP GUI Options. To make it:

    • available in one place,
    • easy to change for everybody,
    • backups (restore defaults), ...

    Maybe think about having some of them as Group Policy, to allow administrators to change them?

    But please, consider to make it easier. This is really too complicated.


    Tested it only for few days, but so long it looks fine.

    Just found two glitches while started with ABAP Editor.

    1) Code completion preview is a bit smaller after upgrade.

    I use custom font setting:

    Font: Consolas

    Size: 9

    My guess is, that in v7.70, the size of preview is related (ratio) to used font?

    So maybe have some setting as minimal size here?

    It is similar to problem, when in some patch of v7.60 you've changed scaling of icons on ABAP Editor bars, and they've become too small.

    2) Source code w/o colors, strange refresh with duplicating code while scrolling.

    This happened only once when navigation through code. I will monitor it, and try to determine exact conditions, if it happens again. It was first run of ABAP Editor after upgrade, so maybe it just needed a little push.

    Best regards,
    Tomas Chrastina


    • Hello Tomas,

      first of all: Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate that.

      I would like to comment on some of your comments:

      "But I have to say I was disappointed once again. Theme itself is not bad, still I would expect it to be more compact (a lot of free unused space)."

      There are multiple aspects here:

      Vertical space:  This does not have much to do with the theme. The screen layout is not made by SAP GUI, but by the application server (the application code and SAP Kernel). The fact that the applications do not use the full available space is because they have not been designed for this.
      If you are running an SAP S/4HANA system, you can activate the so-called SAP Fiori Features. One of these features is the "automatic wide rendering" of subscreens - se also
      With this feature turned on, the applications use as much of the vertical space available as possible, because SAP Kernel automatically widens subscreens as far as possible.

      Spacing as a whole: It is a conscious design decision to use the font size and line height that is used in Belize and Quartz (they are the same by the way in both themes). Yes, compared to older themes, this wastes space, but it leads to a visual effect that is desired. You will notice that if you turn off the "SAP Fiori Features", the line height is reduced in Quartz and Belize themes and is much closer to for example SAP Signature Theme. Here, we tried to stay compatible to the old times while transporting the visual effect of how the themes are designed. This is not easy, but I personally think this works pretty well.

      "But main problem are still icons. IMHO they're strangely designed. It looks kind of blurry, strange, not tightened well."

      I know how these have been designed and implemented and there is nothing "strange" about this. As opposed to former themes these icons are coming from an icon font and not bitmaps. If you use for example Corbu theme and display this with a big resolution, you will see that the Corbu icons look ugly, because they do not scale while the Belize and Quartz icons stll look the same as on lower resolutions. If you have issues with concrete icons (there is always something to improve about them), please feel free to report this to us. Whenever we see something unusual or get feedback on the icons we are incorporating this in the next version (if possible), but we need concrete feedback.

      "Multi-Monitor-Scaling support - It will really help many users these days. But as it is not supported in Corbu, not everybody. I guess it would be nice to mention supported themes. It would be: Belize and Quartz."

      Quote from this blog: "The feature can be activated for Belize and Quartz themes if a sufficiently new Windows version is used via this setting".
      Quote from the documentation: "This option is available as of the Belize theme."

      "A lot of user settings are mentioned in notes, and accessible only in registry settings. This is really not the best and easiest way to go for standard users."

      All settings that we consider relevant for individual users and that we believe are frequently used are shown in the SAP GUI options dialog.

      Let's take the new features. The users can:
      - Select the theme including the font and whether the menu can be displayed
      - Select the browser control
      - Activate multi monitor scaling
      - Activate the different display of the placeholder characters in password fields
      - Select whether the SAP GUI theme shall be used in ABAP Editor (via the options dialog of ABAP editor)

      They cannot:
      - Set the browser control fallback file (because this is for the admin who typically rolls out the settings via the installation package)
      - Activate the changed focus handling in ALV
      - Activate the hierarchical colors in tree control

      But believe me: You do not want all available SAP GUI options to be displayed in the options dialog. It makes sense that we filter out those options which are used rarely, because otherwise the dialog would probably show twice as many options.

      However: If users want one or both options mentioned above in options dialog, we can add them in a future version.

      >Maybe think about having some of them as Group Policy, to allow administrators to change them?

      Maybe we can look into this. Thank you for the proposal.

      >Code completion preview is a bit smaller after upgrade.

      Yes, that is absolutely possible.
      In 7.70 the team responsible for the ABAP editor has invested a lot into getting this control properly scalable. There were many issues with this and a lot had to be changed. I personally remember that there were also issues with the size of the code completion.

      I will forward your feedback to the responsible team. If you want to make sure this is resolved, you can also open an incident (on BC-FES-CTL).

      "Source code w/o colors, strange refresh with duplicating code while scrolling."

      I haven't seen this before and I could also not reproduce this. If you find a way to reproduce this, please tell us.

      Thank you and best regards,


    • Hi Tomas Chrastina,

      Thanks for bringing ABAP Editor related observations. I would like to explain why "Code completion preview is a bit smaller in SAP GUI 7.70 while using smaller font size 9. In SAP GUI 7.70, ABAP Editor UI elements will be scaled based on the custom font chosen. Font can be adjusted using ABAP Editor settings dialog. In SAP GUI 7.60, UI elements are not scaled properly as per the font size and hence you can see that code hint window size will not be changed as per the font size. But in SAP GUI 7.70, code hint window will be scaled as per the font size. In SAP GUI 7.70, scaling related improvements are done and hence you can see the difference. You can increase font size so that code hint window size will also be increased proportionally. If you need any further clarification you can create an incident to bc-fes-ctl component so that we can check and get back to you accordingly.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Badari Nath

  • Since installing SAP GUI 7.70 I get logged out of every SAP session about every twenty minutes with a "SAP GUI has stopped working".

    Sometimes a box appears saying something about a "destructor" and that also logs me out.

    When writing comments in ABAP code some very strange things happen sometimes. I think if you have comments on multiple lines like

    "Comment One

    "Comment Two

    "Comment Three

    and change one line then the GUI tries to change the other two lines to keep the indentation the same between them. Whatever it is trying to do it does not work, you end up with the next letter you type repeating twenty times, or twenty quotation marks in a row suddenly appearing.

    I like testing theses things despite knowing it will be full of bugs (new releases of SAP GUI always are) but i would not recommend any programmers installing this until the bugs are all fixed.

    Cheersy Cheers


    • I recall many years ago now when SAP released a new version of the SAP GUI and it had more bugs than stars in the sky.

      In a blog like this loads of people reported all those bugs in the comments and at the start it was all very light hearted. That is because all the people reporting the bugs expected some sort of "hot fix" to be applied every so often, at least for the critical issues. That is, after all, what we do at our own companies when a fatal flaw is discovered in our software.

      Then, when it became apparent that all the problems would be fixed, but not until the first scheduled update - in three months time - people started getting really angry and offensive, at which point the blog was locked against further comments.

      The question is - can SAP learn from history? This time there are loads of bugs as well, not anywhere near as bad as before, but nonetheless quite serious ones like the one that logs me out at random every so often.

      This time - is there going to be a "hot fix" of some sort released in a week or so to address the critical issues, or will it be like before - stick to the planned schedule no matter what happens in reality?

      If it is the latter I imagine people are going to get really angry once more, but at least this time they have learned to back up their old GUI files so they can easily revert to the last stable version.

      Cheersy Cheers


      • My plan is to pilot this to a small group of users once PL 01 is released, any IT users brave enough to use PL0 are welcome to, but as you say we should be mindful this can be disruptive.

        Following that pilot we will start to roll it out to our wider business user community in stages, first stage on PL01 (and any appropriate hot fixes, if released and relevant)

        SAP has so much baggage to deal with, so the unit testing and customer involved user acceptance testing will never capture the various scenarios and the way people use things in the real world

        Totally welcome the expedient release of hotfixes, these should absolutely come promptly as issues are addressed, especially on the PL0 initial public release

  • Hello,


    Every time I open the GUI i get the following popup.

    When i click "install anyway" the gui just opens and i work as normal.


    For now i've disabled this whole setting in windows but i doubt this is as expected.

    Regards Lukas

    • Hello Lukas,

      this is something you really need to ask Microsoft about.
      Similar questions are discussed elsewhere, for example here:

      SAP GUI is obviously not an app from the Microsoft store and it will never be, because we need to perform license checks and other checks when the software is downloaded.

      Best regards;



  • /
    • Hello Gurpreet,

      this has already been discussed above. Some ABAP programs only take the background color, but not the font color from SAP GUI when creating HTML documents to be displayed in HTML Controls (like in your case shown above).
      See SAP Note 2930005 for an explanation and related notes for fixes in ABAP components.

      What you are seeing in your screenshot is likely a POPUP_TO_*.
      The solution for those function modules is mentioned in SAP Note 2965688.

      Best regards,

  • Quick quiz: Which of the following three SICF nodes is activated? Hint: It's only one. Maybe you could increase the contrast here?



    The answer is apc btw. abap and adt are not active. It's hard to see if you have just three nodes, it's impossible to distinguish them when it's 20.

    • Hello Marc,

      the problem here is that the items need to have a minimum contrast of 3:1 to the background.
      And a color which is darker (and more easily to distinguish from the regular text color) does not meet this criteria anymore. The real cause is that the text color in Quartz is not white or black (like in Signature for example), but some gray which does not allow a good contrast between different colors anymore.

      I agree with you that this is not really good and will discuss this with our design team.

      Best regards,

  • Hello @Frank Krauze,

    When can we expect the first patch to arrive? The new 770 is quite buggy. I experience crashes - this is the worst but also the following:

    • Performance browser - documentation for fields etc is often not displayed correctly - no content is shown or part of it. Definitely some rendering problem. It looks liek somethoing was drawn, but only oart of it and the rest is not refreshed in Windows. Need a GUI restart to make it work again (until it appears again)
    • debugger window with code - code is also sometimes rendered only partially. Sometimes it's stuck and nothing is redrawn/refreshed in the window so I cant see what I'm debugging

    These are the top 3 bugs you guys should address at high priority.


    Now a few more comments:

    • the new multi monitor support is very limited. usually only some elements in SAP GUI window are displayed correctly and they are smaller and sharp, but the rest is not an d is still blurry. The user experience is bad in this case. It looks messy. To me this is a very experimental feature thst lacks consistency at the current stage. Hope you guys fix it properly in the next patches
    • the pakcage and object selector dropdown box rendered using IE control (now Edge apparently) sometimes disappears and one is not able to pick anything.

    And one general opinion - since SAP GUI 750 when these monochromatic icons were introduced - I think this was a mistake. Not only colors help to find the right button, but the new icons are not enough precise anymore. You probably render it with fonts or other vector elements, but it just lacks precision. If you compareit to Google Material Icons - you'll see a huge difference. These are much more precise and elegant. They are renderd much better even on big screen lile PC monitors. You probably won't change it in 770 but please consider working on this element. In my opinion SAP GUI is worst and worst with every subsequent release. The last one I liked was 740. Quite elegant and robust. I know I can still pick its look and feel in options, but it's a shame that SAP joined this sad trends to go monochromatic. Nowadays when I work on a PC I feel like it was Windows 3.11 - ugly and monorchromatic. SAP GUI adds to this feeling.

    • Hello Grzegorz,

      as usual, dates for patches are listed in SAP Note 1053737. Patchlevel 1 is expected for end of March.

      Regarding the issues you mentioned above: Please report an incident for each of this. The issues won't be solved by mentioning them here and you can probably imagine that if everybody was facing this in general, we would have lots of incidents on this - but fact is: We don't.

      Multi monitor scaling: Complete SAP GUI except for external content and stuff displayed on popups s rendered by SAP GUI itself.

      the pakcage and object selector dropdown box rendered using IE control
      (now Edge apparently) sometimes disappears and one is not able to pick anything.

      The HTML Control is only using Edge if you configured it like that. But this issue is indeed something that another customer already mentioned and we are trying to reproduce it, but so far failed.

      Regarding your opinion on the icons: I have forwarded this to our Global Design team. My personal view regarding the colors is quite similar to yours, but on the other hand we also got feedback saying that too many colors overwhelm the users.

      Best regards,


      • Thank you for the very prompt reply, Frank. I'll report these issues as soon as they reoccur to capture some screenshots. Most of them happen every day to me. I never experienced any of them in 760 or 750.

        Does SAP GUI have any logs that can be forwarded for analysis? Logs are IT standard nowadays and having in mind the fact that software is more and more complicated and has more and more layers an componets - logs are quite often the most helpful thing when analysing issues. Especially crashes. When e.g. SAP GUI crashes - can I find some logs to forward to SAP somewhere?


        And regarding icons - yes, please send this feedback. The lack of colors could be somehow compensated if icons were drawn better and their shape was better as well. Google did a really great job and their icons scale flawlessly on PC monitors and mobile devices as well. SAP GUI monochromatic icons are not that nice and taking the fact they are all same color now - it really is harder to me to find the right button on screen. It takes more time. If you consider how many times a person searches for a button every day - it adds up to a significant amout of time during the week or month. This is just counterproductive and brakes overall UX.


        Thanks and kind regards


        • Hello Grzegorz,

          >When e.g. SAP GUI crashes - can I find some logs to forward to SAP somewhere?

          Of course we do have logs. In case of exceptions, we are writing an exception trace (unless some other module embedded in SAP GUI crashes or something really bad happens). You find those trace in the SAP GUI trace folder (see also options dialog).

          In addition to this we offer many other logs, but it does not make sense turning tham on pro-actively. We need to have the right trace at the right time. In a support situation, the support colleagues will ask you for the traces we need.

          Best regards.



  • Hello.

    Every time I update SAP GUI I am hoping to find a new theme that I like, but I have to say that they go from bad to worse. It is less and less visual. I have tried the Quarz theme and it seems that I am running Windows 3.1. The lack of border on the tabs and other elements, the lack of colors in the icons among other things, make it terrible to use. I use a 32" screen and every time I have to record or cancel, I have to move the mouse cursor to the other side of the screen which is very annoying. For now I will continue to use the SAP Signature theme until it is no longer available.

    Greetings, Fernando.