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Author's profile photo Sakti Prasada Mishra

Mass Asset Processing in SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Introduction :

This Blog provides information on our lastest innovations released in SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2011 and 2102 release. Thease are just few highlights :

  • Mass Asset Creation
  • Mass Asset Change
  • Mass Asset Transfer

These features are simplified by providing upload functionality where user can upload mass asset data.

Key Processes : 

The following table explains the key features :

Key Feature Use
Mass Creation of Assets User can process the data for mass creation of Assets with a template spreadsheet. User can create assets with the following attributes:

  • Main Assets
  • Sub Assets
  • Base Unit of Measures
  • Post Capitalization
Mass Change of Assets User can process the data for mass change with a template spreadsheet. User can update assets with the following attributes:

  • Depreciation key and useful life
  • Cost objects
  • Asset Inventory Information
  • Asset Description
Mass Transfer of Assets User can process the data for mass intra-company transfer with a template spreadsheet. User can transfer assets with the following attributes:

  • New Assets
  • Existing Assets
  • Quantity and base unit of measures


Business Role to access these apps: SAP_BR_AA_ACCOUNTANT_IOG

There are 2 apps to perform mass processing of Assets.

  1. Upload Asset Details
  2. Schedule job for Asset Mass Processing



  1. Upload Asset Details:

Sample templates are provided to fill the asset data, user can download the template by launching app ‘Upload Asset Details’ and fill the data and upload again in the same app, it will provide the file ID when we upload the each template.

These are the templates available for mass asset processing as below mentioned screen shot

  • Mass Asset Creation
  • Mass Asset Change
  • Mass Asset Transfer

 ‘Mass Asset Creation’ scenario is explained here. Mass change and transfer processes are similar. User must download the appropriate template and upload with data and follow the similar process as explained below.


Select ‘Mass Creation’ from the dropdown and click on ‘Download’ button. User can download the template and fill it in with the Asset data and then upload the file as mentioned in below screen shot.


Uploaded data will be available with a unique file ID. After uploading the file, status of the file will be ‘Initial’. Now user can create mass assets by clicking on the tab ‘Schedule Job’ or by launching the app ‘Schedule job for mass asset processing’.


  2. Schedule job for Mass Asset Processing:

Step 1.


Click on ‘Create’ button.

Step 2.

Please select the job template ‘Schedule Job for Asset Mass Creation’ and job name as ‘MPA Asset Mass Creation’ and click on ‘Step 2’.

Note: User selects Asset mass creation as in the previous step, file was uploaded for create scenario. User can select change or transfer scenario as per the need.

Step 3.

Please select start ‘Immediately’ and Recurrence pattern ‘Single Run’ and click on ‘Step 3’.

Step 4.

In basic selection, please select the file ID, which was created while uploading the asset data.

Step 5.

Step 6.

It takes some time to process the file

Step 7.

Please click on ‘Go’. Please double click on ‘Log’ once the status changes from ‘In Process’ to ‘Finished’



To see the Asset details, double click on ‘Results’.

Test run provision is also provided so that user can check and fix if any error exists. If file is correct and no error appears in the test run, please uncheck the test run and execute the process.

Please follow from step 1 to Step 7 again to create mass assets.

Note: Please uncheck ‘Test Run’ in step 4 as mentioned below.

After successful run, the output will come as mentioned in the screen shots below.

These 2 lines are for summary and detailed view. By double clicking on the icon in column ‘Type’, summary and details data can be displayed.

Summary view :

Detailed View:


Conclusion : We have not created/changed lot of assets while writing this blog. Please verify all the result in test run mode before executing the process in update mode.

I hope this blog help you, kindly share Thoughts or Queries in a comment.

Help Portal link :


Thanks & Regards,




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      Author's profile photo Ryan Muller
      Ryan Muller

      Hi Sakti,

      Good information, but you should make the caveat up front in your first paragraph that this functionality and associated scope items aren't available for standard S/4HANA Cloud but only those using Oil and Gas.



      Author's profile photo Sakti Prasada Mishra
      Sakti Prasada Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for providing this feedback. This is not available in standard S/4HANA Cloud.


      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Zoey Pinto
      Zoey Pinto

      SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a SaaS version of SAP S/4HANA ERP, a suite of integrated business applications.

      This is great stuff!! need to share lots of articles for the reader who like your blog and thanks for sharing your ideas and tips

      Author's profile photo Sakti Prasada Mishra
      Sakti Prasada Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Zoey Pinto for reading my blog and providing the feedback.

      Author's profile photo Partha Sarathi Samantaray
      Partha Sarathi Samantaray

      Hi Sakti,


      Can we do a mass reversal of Asset documents in SAP S4 HANA Cloud?



      Partha Sarathi Samantaray

      Author's profile photo Gary Ding
      Gary Ding

      Hi Sakti,

      Thanks for the sharing. Do you know is there any plan to develop relevant features in standard S/4Hana Cloud? A lot of customer asked for them.





      Author's profile photo Patrick Linnenbrink
      Patrick Linnenbrink

      Hello Sakti,

      we also have a client where we need bulk upload of assets. Will this be available as a standard in the cloud in the future?

      Also, the simultaneous creation of equipment when creating an asset does not seem to be available in the cloud yet either. Do you have any information on this as well, if applicable?

      Many thanks in advance!

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Vincent Lee
      Vincent Lee

      A customer also enquired about these apps today. But we have to let them know it's not available on-premise for another while. All the documentation points to Cloud or Draft only.'F4772')/S30'F4771')/S30

      Author's profile photo sebastian chiramel
      sebastian chiramel

      Hi Vincent Lee

      Is the option now available for on premise? We would like to buy this as an add-on for S4HANA, on premise version.

      Mass asset processing

      Thanks & regards,


      Author's profile photo Sakti Prasada Mishra
      Sakti Prasada Mishra
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Patrick,

      This is part of S/4HANA public cloud edition but not part standard. This is a separately priced scope item. Again, it is not available in on premise release as well.

      Thank you.

      Best Regards,




      Author's profile photo Miloud AOURAR
      Miloud AOURAR


      thank you so much for this post,

      little question: I see that the assets created are codified without a subsidiary number, why?