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Studying SAP Activate and taking the SAP Certification in SAP Activate (Jan 21st 2021)

Updated certification C_ACTIVATE13 is now published. Ways to attain the knowledge are:

the newest version “collection 13” of ACT100  “SAP Activate Methodology” (this version mentions Fiori activation in the course description)


the newest version, “collection 12” of course ACT200 “Agile Project Delivery” (now of three days duration).

You can see the collection in the URL of the respective course description, as follows: Note the “13” representing the collection towards the end of the string in this URL of the course description –
Where you see the “g” following the “13”, this is where you will see in your case the country you are searching in – for example “DE” for Germany, “GB” for United Kingdom, “US” for United States, “IN” for India etc.

The C_ACTIVATE13 is the certification to go for if you have studied collection 13 of ACT100 and collection 12 of ACT200.

Older certification C_ACTIVATE12 is currently still available, but will be retired by Q2/2021. Ways to attain the knowledge for it were an older version of course ACT100 (collection 12) and an older version of course ACT200 (collection 11).

In the SAP Learning Hub, subscribers will find :

the e-book (handbook) of ACT100, in both collection 13 (under technical name e-book ACT100_EN_Col13)  and collection 12 of ACT100 (under technical name e-book ACT100_EN_Col12)


the e-book (handbook) of ACT200, in both collection 12 (under technical name e-book ACT200_EN_Col12)  and collection 11 of ACT200 (under technical name e-book ACT200_EN_Col11)

Also published in the SAP Learning Hub is the E-Learning of collection 12 of ACT100. The name of the E-Learning is ACT10e and SAP Learning Hub subscribers will find it in the SAP Learning Hub under technical name E-Learning ACT10e_EN_Col12. The E-Learning of collection 13 of ACT100 is in the pipeline.

Hoping that you will achieve great success in your studying of SAP Activate and in taking the certification.

Colin Bailey
Portfolio Manager for SAP Activate I SAP Knowledge Transfer & Education


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  • Thanks for the post.


    If you can highlight what exactly has changed in these versions? as far as the index goes for both the books, that is the same.


    I assume there is very little difference between 12 and 13? If you can at least provide some pointers  ( other than Fiori activation part you mentioned above, which  I couldn't find in a search function of 13 doc), just got done with 12 studies and need pointers to just filll the delta, rather than going through all pages and finding the difference, if you can help, Thanks.

    • We are constantly working on improving course materials and certification based on feedback from our students, trainers and subject matter experts. Overall this is a regular update, which contains revised questions and answers based on revised course materials. Note in particular, in the Agile Project Delivery area of the certification the new topic for Scaled Agile was added, reflecting an update in the ACT200 course material.

    • Basanth,

      The e-Books for ACT100 and ACT200 are to be found in a number of the editions of SAP Learning Hub currently available. Which edition of SAP Learning Hub are you or your organisation considering subscribing to?


      Colin Bailey



      • Hi Colin,

        Thanks for the reply.

        I would like to subscribe to the learning hub that includes ebooks for ACT100 and ACT200 (collection 13 and 12). Could you please suggest?



        • Hello Basanth


          Please consider which edition(s) of Learning Hub would suit your wider learning needs. Take a look at this page -

          You could then come back to me to check if the ACT100 and ACT200 eBooks are in the edition of your choice. They are in a number of them.



          • Also, Basanth, please take a look at the SAP Learning Hub Help Center -


            You can read about the different editions and see the content catalog at the bottom of that page.