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How Big Data Works in the Gaming Industry 

Big data is no new thing and the gaming industry has been collecting vast quantities. Nevertheless, the ways in which big data has been understood and applied are only now reaching maturity. Applying big data is crucial to this billion-dollar industry and it has begun to transform every aspect of the gaming industry.

The impact of big data begins at the very foundations of game design. Big data is applied by the top game developers like Microgaming that design games for Royal Vegas and Rockstar games that produced the highly-successful Grand Theft Auto series. Big data is used in conjunction with information gathered from monitoring the behavior of users in real time to get a better idea of what players like and dislike. Now developers are capable of adjusting their games along the way, transforming the game into the most popular version of itself in order to best suit the expectations of their players. The result is a more positive experience and greater enjoyment. Read all the gaming news you need here.

Recently some of the most popular games come from the Freemium sector like Fortnite Battle Royale. These games are immediately attractive because they are free to download, install and play. Better still, there are premium extras packed inside a freemium game.  Here is one more place where big data plays an important role in the profitability of Freemium games as developers are provided with insights into what the gamers truly want. For example, in Fortnite, players are able to purchase new skins as well as a plethora of many other items which have become very popular. Furthermore, they make the gaming developers a whole lot of money.

This has changed the way the modern game developer has gone about making money.  Instead of being focused on making as much money as they can from game sales, developers have placed greater focus on short term strategies and taken a long-term goal to gathering profits. Big data is crucial and developers collect, analyze and implement their insights to improve the quality of their productions. They now understand that a game of better quality will attract profits later down the line because they can be adjusted from the top.

Gamers will be happy to know that big data can also have a hand in the difficulty of the games they are enjoying. Because these games are being monitored in real time, developers can gather insights on whether the games have levels, opponents or requirements that are too challenging or simplistic to the point of boredom for the average player. This can allow them to make critical adjustments that make a game more enticing and all is done through the use of up-to-date information.

As we can see, big data has already had an impressive impact on the world of digital gaming but we are truly in the formative days of this impressive power. The capacity of big data to improve the experience of gameplay for gamers is the most important advantage it provides because developers can make adjustments on the fly. It also ensures that gamers will be able to focus on the quality and intelligent structure of a game rather than focusing on profits from the start. In the end this will only result in better games with improved experience.


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