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The New Application Interface Register for SAP Integration

All partners who complement SAP Application’s features by extending them, are applicable for SAP PE Build Partnership. This is for SAP PE Build Partners that uses API’s to get and post data to/from SAP applications. A very important announcement targeted towards SAP PE Build Partners was made in November 2020. The announcement made in the SAP Partner Portal was to notify that from February 15th, 2021, a Unique Integration Key provided by SAP must be used by all PE Build Partner’s Solution that integrates or connects to SAP Applications through APIs. This is also called the Application Interface key. This unique key must be used in the API Header.

How to do Application Interface Register for SAP Integration

To call every SAP LoB API as part of the Application Interface Register, it is required that the SAP PE Build Partner locate and use the Application Interface Key. The Application Interface Key will be an 8-character alphanumeric key which will be provided to all Registered Partner Application. Qualified and compliant applications can be deployed by partners by providing the Application Interface Key when calling for SAP APIs.

How to access the Application Interface Key

To access the Application Interface Key, SAP PE Build Partners need to go through the following:

  • Manage My Partnership Portal
  • Manage My Apps Portal
  • Manage My Apps Mobile Interface.

A Step-by-Step Guide of How to Locate the Application Interface Key:

Step 1 – Open and Login to the SAP Partner Portal –

Step 2 – Open the Partnership Dashboard –


Step 3 – Open SAP PartnerEdge Launchpad

Step 4 – Click on Manage My Apps

All existing Registered and Qualified Apps will be shown in Manage My Apps.

Step 5- Click on the App to get details, the API Key will be available here which can be used in SAP LOB Application’s API Header.

Step 6 – If there are no App Listed, then you can start Register New App from the Manage My Apps Home Page

Step 7 – Important Fields and Options under Register New App section is as follows:

Important Notice:

Even if the Application Interface key is not listed in the LoB Solution Page, the key still must be sent through with every API call. The Key header must be sent from wherever the API call to SAP System is made, this can be either an UI or Backend process.

The Key Header should be included every time a user is using Microservice Architecture with multiple services calling SAP APIs

Contact your SAP Partner Experience Manager for more details, if you are having any questions.

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      Author's profile photo Himanshu Sharma
      Himanshu Sharma

      Hi There,

      Please go through the following Adoption Guide to get all details on how to get the key, how to use it, FAQ's, etc


      Author's profile photo David Nguyen
      David Nguyen

      Thank you for the information!

      Author's profile photo Murali Yeddula
      Murali Yeddula


      We would like to know how AIR applicable to mobile apps.

      on a high level, our mobile app architecture is as follows

      Mobile App ( on mobile device ) <-http/Odata> SCPMS  <-http/OData> SAP ECC/ S4/HANA 

      In particular, we are looking for some advise implementing the following step (From AIR Adoption guide ) 

      Add the following custom header while making a direct API call to any SAP system. This includes any HTTP-based API or OData service exposed by SAP LoB Applications.

      Application-Interface-Key:<Application_interface_key >



      Murali Yeddula

      Author's profile photo Himanshu Sharma
      Himanshu Sharma

      Hi Murali,

      If you are using Mobile Service as a proxy to talk to any SAP system, you can include the new header while calling Mobile Service and it will propagate the header to the downstream system- ECC or S/4 in your case.

      If you are using any Rest client to call Mobile Service, it should be straightforward. With SDK, it should also be possible but if you run into an issue, let me know.



      Author's profile photo Melwyn Monis
      Melwyn Monis



      Will it be possible to add this as a property to the application's HTTP destination in SAP BTP so that its forwarded to the environment ?