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New release of the Cloud Connector (2.13)

A new version of the Cloud Connector with lots of new things is released and ready to download from Many things have been changed- some are visible, and others are behind the scenes. Let me give you an overview of the most interesting and important changes:

Visually you will see some differences as now Fiori 3 is used and already on the logon screen a long time wish of some customers is implemented:


Directly on the logon screen you can add helpful information for users of this instance like here on the screenshot on how to get support and much more.

Another cool addition which also adds more information to the UI is the subaccount monitoring for giving you more insights where which calls happen and how much data is transferred for:

With that information performance optimizations will be easier than before. You have access to a performance overview where calls got collected in different buckets from a timing perspective. But also, in more detailed views like the most recent requests or the top time-consuming requests. This information can be found directly in the UI but there are also APIs available that data in other systems. Read more in our documentation.

Other APIs which are new belong to the configuration. As usual more details can be found in the documentation.

A new feature from a networking perspective is the possibility to not only use single ports for TCP (and TCP ssl) but also port ranges which minimizes the number of necessary mappings especially for FTP:

We all know keeping software up to date is not easy. To make it easier for you keeping the Cloud Connector on the most recent version we’ve added a notification and an alert which will inform you as soon as newer versions are released.

Behind the scenes many other changes happened to ensure better security but also to adjust the used software pieces to a newer state like the change on the used tomcat version from 7 to 8.5.

SAP Cloud Connector is already available on several platforms, but we even added now one more: Linux on ppc64 (little endian). If you need more details about the supported platforms have a look.

As usual the current version can be found on and the complete release notes are also worth a look!

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    • Hi Ariel,

      right now there is no support for ARM-based CPUs as we do not see enough demand to add an additional platform.

      Kind Regards


      • Thanks Marco for the update. I think you will have more demand sooner rather than later, the consumer market is getting flood by powerful arm cpus and I would speculate on an increase in the enterprise sector as well. For example, many SAP employees use apple computers and the new macs have arm based cpus.

        My particular scenario is really a hobby. I’m using Ngrok for now, but it would be great to have a lightweight cloud connector as well. When I tried to make it work (2019), the only obstacle I found was the C library I mentioned, I would guess there are other considerations that I am not aware of.



  • Hi Macro,

    Thank you for sharing details around new features on latest cloud connector release. We are already having 2.12 version installed , additional guidelines on upgrading existing version can help further. Thanks !!

  • Hello Marco,

    Thanks for the detailed blog.

    With this latest version of Cloud Connector, would it be possible to create multiple user accounts? Current version has some limitation on creation of multiple user accounts.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Naresh Dasika

  • Hello Marco,

    Where can I see the list of improvements/enhancements to know what is changed between 2.12.4 and 2.13? I don't find this in documentation. Also anywhere we can see future improvements planned in CC?


    Naresh Dasika