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Positioning of SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood

This blog is an update about the positioning of “SAP Business Process Automation by Redwood” (BPA).

BPA is a solution to help companies manage, monitor, and execute business-critical processes from a central location. It is used by a large number of SAP customers and SAP continues to provide support for BPA.

However, no further innovations or continuous improvements are planned for BPA. You might like to familiarize yourself with our strategic solution “SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation” (IRPA). This is a complete automation suite where software robots mimic humans by replacing manual steps to automate definable and repeatable business processes across LoBs and industries.

If you are looking for an enhanced version of BPA you should contact Redwood directly. If you have enquiries about the current version of BPA please contact your account executive or SAP product management.

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    • Hi Vivek,

      Thanks for the question.
      I mentioned IRPA because it can cover some of the use cases for which BPA is used. However, it is not a 100% replacement for BPA so you need to look at each use case individually.

      Best regards

  • Hi Vivek,

    as Peter mentioned, these two products represent different types of technologies, and some use cases can be addressed by both products. While SAP IRPA is an RPA product, SAP BPA is a workload automation or service automation product, so they normally address different use cases and can be used in a complementary manner. 

    Feel free to check the following market guide for service orchestration and automation from Gartner, which also talks about this topic:

    if you want further information, please let us know

    best regards