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Author's profile photo Siwen Hu

Extensibility for Manage Prices – Sales

In Manage Prices – Sales App, you can extend the App by creating new custom fields for condition records to fulfil your customize business requirement. Please following below steps for how to extend the App.

Create Custom Field

Before to create custom field, please make sure business role: SAP_BR_ANALYTICS_SPECIALIST is added in your current user.

Create In Head Level

Open Custom Fields and Logic App, click create button, create new custom field for pricing communication head level.


Click Create and Edit button, click UIs and Reports tab, enable all usage.


Click OData APIs tab, enable the usage for OData service.


Note: If you want to use this custom field in Sales document, Billing document and Service transaction, please enable usage on Business Scenarios tab. If you want to use this custom field in Pricing Condition Record Data Replicate Framework, please enable usage on SOAP APIs tab.

Save the changes and click Publish button. Will take some time to publish the created custom field. Once finished, you will see the publish status on the head of the field page.


Note: You also can create custom field with other supported data type, such as List, Date, Number and so on.

Create In Item Level

Create custom field for item level almost same as head level. On creation step, set Business Context as “Sales: Pricing Communication Item”.

Change Field Catalog

Before to update configuration, please make sure the business role “SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT” is assigned in current user. Open Manage Your Solution App, click Configure Your Solution button, searching with “Pricing”. Click Sales Price Management line, all the configuration steps will list in the right page.

SSCUI list.png

On Change Field Catalog configuration step, click New Entries button, on the new line click Search icon.


sscui search.png

On the prompt up page, you will find the new created custom field, double click the filed line.


Then click Save button, the custom field will be added to field catalog successfully.

new added field.png

Create Custom Table

On Create Condition Table configuration step, set Table number, such as 932. Click Create button, the new table will be created successfully, find the needed fields, double click on right side to move it to left side.


Click Generate button to generate the table, you will got below message after generation.


Create Access Sequence

On Set Access Sequences configuration step, click New Entries button to create new access sequence.


Select the new created access sequence, click the Accesses node on the left tree. Click New Entries button to add created table.


Select the table line, double click the Fields node on the left tree. Then you need select the table line again on Access page, press Enter on Keyboard. Check all the fields for above table will be showed. Save all the changes for this new access sequence.


Create Condition Type

On Set Condition Types for Pricing configuration step, click New Entries button to create new condition type, such as ZPR1. Set the new created access sequence to this condition type and save the change.


Now, you can use this condition type to create condition record in Manage Prices – Sales App.

Use Custom Field on App

Open Manage Prices – Sales App, set Condition Type as ZPR1 and select Key Combination with above condition table. The new created field showed as filter and data column on App.


You can create, update, delete and filter condition records for this condition type with new created custom field. For more details, please see blog:

Use Custom Field on Excel Importing

The new created custom field is also supported in excel upload and download function on Manage Prices – Sales App. Below is the exported excel template for condition type ZPR0.

On Field List sheet, the field is listed.


On Condition Data sheet, the Additional Price Property column is listed as standard column.


You can use download condition record as excel or import condition record with excel file. For more details, please see blog:

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      Author's profile photo Timothy Santy
      Timothy Santy

      Hi, very useful, thank you! Do you have any idea on how to assign a value to the new custom field? In the on prem world we would use USEREXIT_PRICING_PERPARE_TKOMP in MV45AFZZ but I cannot seem to find an alternative cloud BAdI for this?

      Author's profile photo Archer Zhang
      Archer Zhang

      Hi Santy,

      In Cloud, Even not need a cloud BAdI for this. So here under tab 'Business Scenario', you only need to enable the Business Scenario, which will take the value from document to pricing communication structure without additional coding.



      Author's profile photo Timothy Santy
      Timothy Santy


      you mean the tab business scenario in the custom field? It's empty, there are 0 business scenario's that you can enable if you create a custom field under “Sales: Pricing Communication Item”. I need to fill the field with a value from VBAP.

      Author's profile photo Archer Zhang
      Archer Zhang

      please see my below comment.

      Author's profile photo Archer Zhang
      Archer Zhang

      Yes, should be there in that tab. If it`s not there. please raise an incident to SAP.

      Author's profile photo Timothy Santy
      Timothy Santy

      Hmm very interesting!

      Actually I'm doing this on a S/4HANA 2020 on prem system, initial stack. Nonetheless it should work since SAP is enforcing in-app extensibility to it's full extent. I'll log an incident for it and keep you posted! Tnx again.

      Screen from the on prem version:

      Author's profile photo Timothy Santy
      Timothy Santy


      I finally received an answer from SAP:

      Dear customer,

      Thank you for opening this incident and providing your valuable requirements on this matter. Unfortunately your requirements are not implemented as of now on promise. Nevertheless we will check the feasibility of delivering these features in one of the next release. In order to stay informed you can check the roadmap of S4/Hana Service here:

      So for now it's business as usual: fill the custom fields in KOMP/KOMK via the known user-exits in MV45AFZZ/RVF60ZZ.

      Author's profile photo Yusuf Avci
      Yusuf Avci

      Hi Siwen,

      Have you ever tried to upload with condition release status? I tried all way but I can't it. All condition records were created with status released.

      I also defined processing status same as release status.



      Release and Processing Status;


      Author's profile photo Siwen Hu
      Siwen Hu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi, Yusuf

      The condition release status could not be controlled manually, the default Release Status is Released after created condition record. And in excel upload, the input value will be ignored by system for Condition Release column.




      Author's profile photo Yusuf Avci
      Yusuf Avci

      Hi Siwen,

      I got it. Thank you so much for your answer. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Wai Loon Koo
      Wai Loon Koo

      Hi Siwen,

      For existing custom fields added in the SPRO in the past for example KOMG-ZZ_ABC, is there a proper way to achieve in Custom Field app similar to your guide provided?

      I do not see an option to add fields that already existing and the prefix in Custom Field is fixed with "ZZ1".

      Thanks 🙂

      Author's profile photo Siwen Hu
      Siwen Hu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi, Wai

      Thanks very much for your question. But this Custom Field app could not support the field which your mentioned. In this case, could you please create a case to us, then we will provide the solution to you. Thanks.



      Author's profile photo Wai Loon Koo
      Wai Loon Koo

      Hi Siwen,

      Thanks for the prompt response. Actually we raised an incident "611985/2022" last month and the progress seems a little slow. We also struggling to find a feasible solution.

      Not sure if you can view the incident, if not please drop me a message. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Siwen Hu
      Siwen Hu
      Blog Post Author

      Hi, Wai

      We can see the raised incident and already info the processor to speed up. Please check the updates in incident later.




      Author's profile photo Álvaro Alvarez de las Horas
      Álvaro Alvarez de las Horas

      Exact same scenario here. I have some former custom fields added to the pricing management tables, but not able to add them to 'Manage Price - Sales' app.

      Could yo be so kind to share your solution, if found? Thanks!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      HI Siwen


      FIXED - I was going to delete this but leaving in case it helps others.  We installed note 3190912 - Cannot edit custom fields in the "Manage Prices - Sales" app and this fixed the f4 drop down fied in VH Test so it is now working as expected.


      Q - Can all types of fields be used in Custom Fields and Logic?  We tried code list.  The full f4 list shows in the backend in VK11/12 but not in Manage Prices Sales - in Fiori it is greyed out/not visible.  We are on S/4 core 106 FP02 with embedded fiori.

      Field not visible




      Drop down code list in backend - ok



      Author's profile photo SAP S4 HANA project team
      SAP S4 HANA project team

      Hi Siwen

      Thanks for blog, i have doubt i have existing condition record for PR00 which is already created and we have changed the validity to date to 10.01.2023, now when we try to upload the new price with different validity from and to 11.01.2023 to 31.12.2023, system is not allowing us to do export and import for this. please help