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Author's profile photo Michael Mulder

Sustainability in 2021

In her podcast series, Ask Big Questions with co-host Bill Gates, Rashida Jones said:

“We have these emissions, there’s transportation, which I feel like a lot of people know because there’s a lot of discussion around electric vehicles and all that, but then we have buildings, we have manufacturing, agriculture and electricity generation, which are all significant parts of the puzzle.”

SAP is all-in on sustainability and SAP CEO Christian Klein wrote:

“Eighty-five percent of the largest carbon emission-intensive companies use SAP to manage their processes, representing a huge opportunity. Digital technologies can help save huge amounts of carbon emissions in major industries like utilities, agriculture, and transport alone. These savings could potentially equal 500 billion trees. Just imagine the impact if all industries joined the effort.”

Whether it’s reducing microplastics, a plastic-free ocean, or a circular economy, SAP is working with companies to move this forward. But you can make a difference too! Got suggestions (such as changing to a low flow shower head), post them in the comments.

How are you going to drive change in 2021? Post below!


From Ask Big Questions Episode 4: Is it too late to stop climate change? Aired December 7, 2020.


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      Author's profile photo Bärbel Winkler
      Bärbel Winkler

      Thanks for your blog post, Michael!

      To be frank, I'm not a big fan of propagating small personal changes as they won't make much of a dent in the overall CO2-emissions - but they obviously do not hurt either.

      Here is the link to an article I really find helpful when it comes to personal actions:

      16 Sustainability Leaders Weigh In: How YOU Can Help To Reverse Global Warming

      The article includes suggestions from Gina McCarthy, Michael E. Mann, Stefan Rahmstorf, Katharine Hayhoe to name just a few.

      One perhaps surprising suggestion several of them make is this one:

      Speak up – break that climate silence!

      Talk to the people you know about climate change and why it’s important to you. If we’re not talking about it, people don’t care. If people don’t care, we’ll never take action.

      Here is a page from the book "Cranky Uncle vs Climate Change" written by John Cook who also is quoted in the above article explaining why this is important:


      BreakingClimateSilence - John Cook/

      Hope this helps!



      P.S.: I'm friends with John and posting this page from his book is not a problem - it has been shared publicly on Twitter and elsewhere already.

      Author's profile photo Michael Mulder
      Michael Mulder
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Bärbel for your comment, and I think the idea of engaging people in discussions on climate change is both easy and practical.

      Best wishes,