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Release 2021.1 – SAP Analytics cloud Story Exploration


Get excited! Another highly requested feature is live: you can now open your chart in Explorer mode, make changes, navigate between pages and widgets. And Yes, now you can save your changes or copy them to your story page… Are you curious to know more? This blog post covers all the latest changes related to story Exploration.

Enable Explorer 

As we used to do, before Running an application and initiating explorer for a Chart or Table to select different dimensions and measure, change chart type as well, we first need to enable the explorer for the charts or tables in the Builder tab of the Designer panel as you do for an ordinary story.






Explore View Mode

The good news, this time you can enable Explorer for all charts and Tables in your story, by Clicking Explorer View Mode, you will get this warning pop up message, by checking the box you will enable explorer for all Charts and Tables in your story.

Note: When you check the box, it overrides the widget-level “Enable Explorer” Settings 




Navigating between pages and widgets 

You can easily navigate between pages and widgets, you just need to click on the page you have in your story,  and you will see the name of  all the chart /Table … related to the chosen page

Sort Facets

We use Sort Facets To change the order of the dimensions, In the facet panel, we can select a dimension facet and drag it to a new location, and From the toolbar, select  (Sort Facts). you can Sort Facets either use Sort Options to sort all facets into ascending or descending order or you can manually drag the facets to create a new custom order. Also, you have the option Show Dimensions, if you want to add/ Delete  dimension

Note: Using Sort Facets applies the order to the current exploration session only. 





New Explorer View

You may want to create different Explorer views and come back to them later. You can do that by creating the views.





Copy New Explorer view

After you have done the necessary changes, you have the ability now to copy your new Explorer view: To New responsive Page, To New Canvas Page OR, To one of the current pages of you are currently Story






As the Next Step, imagine you want to create a different Explorer Views but this time you want to Bookmark explorer View, after you made your changes in the chart make sure you save your changes.

Note: You cannot see the Bookmark Icon without saving first, then you click the view mode to be able to see the Bookmark

Bookmark Current State

You can either create personal story bookmarks that are accessible only to you or share your story bookmarks with others by choosing ‘Global’ as the ‘Type’.









If you want to open the story in Explorer Mode by default, you just have to go back to the edit mode of the story, to be able to go to the story Details, choose explorer in View settings, After you refresh the page, the page will be open in Explorer view mode.







Video Demo | Overview

In the below video, we demo all the new features related to Explorer to have clear visibility and see all the capabilities.

Conclusion :

Well done! Now you covered all the latest changes related to Explorer, you can more easily explore your entire story while navigating between pages and widgets. You can also open a story in Explorer by default, as well as bookmark your new view.

Did you try to follow the Video?  if you faced any challenges, Share them with us in the comment section below.


STAY CURIOS! we will keep you updated on our next blog post about the latest features and enhancements in SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom.

References :

Please click the below link for more details about the latest features and enhancements in SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom release 2021.01 :

Release 2021.01 – SAP HANA Journey | SAP HANA Journey

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      Author's profile photo Ajay Gupta
      Ajay Gupta

      Is it possible to change the order in which the Dimensions are displayed from the default Alphabetical display.



      Author's profile photo Ikram EL KHADJI
      Ikram EL KHADJI
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ajay,

      If you are talking about the dimensions in ”Facet Order’, my answer is yes: You just need to drag and drop the dimension position.


      Author's profile photo Ingo Schulz
      Ingo Schulz


      do you have a plan to persist the change of facets order e.g. via bookmark/view?



      Author's profile photo Subrahmanya Karthik
      Subrahmanya Karthik

      Nice Read! and a good video! Great Update!