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Basics of Task Management in SAP Cloud ALM

This blog post will help you understand basics of Task Management

  • What is a Task
  • What are the different sources of Tasks in SAP Cloud ALM
  • What are the attributes of tasks

What is a Task

Anything that needs to be done is a Task.  A task contains set of instructions and procedures to perform various activities in a Project. A task denotes progress in a Project. The idea is simple, to complete a Project, you need to complete all the tasks in a Project. To understand what is a Project in SAP Cloud ALM you can visit this link.

What are the different sources for Task in SAP Cloud ALM

Tasks can come from multiple sources, as an example tasks can come from Activate methodology giving you a jumpstart or they can be created manually to help you plan your work. Please read the sections below to understand different task sources.

SAP Cloud ALM Setup Tasks

When you login for the first time and setup the Project the system comes pre loaded with initial setup tasks that help you get started

You can consider them as foundation or bootstrap tasks. As an example the first task to setup a Project advises you to select a Project Template provided by SAP Activate methodology.

Template Tasks provided by SAP Activate methodology

As part of your Project setup , you select a Project Template

Selection of a Project Template triggers a generation of multiple tasks in your Project. You can access these tasks by navigating to the Task List.

Tasks created from Requirements

As you proceed in your Fit-to-standard workshops , you collect various requirements which can be found in your requirements tile in Fiori launchpad

After you collect Requirements, you can generate tasks from those Requirements to track them to completion. Currently one Requirement can have only one task generated from it.


Tasks created manually

You can always visit the task list and click on create button to trigger creation of a task


Filtering of Tasks by Source

You can navigate into the task list and use the Source attribute to easily filter tasks for a specific source.

Please note that currently SAP Cloud ALM setup tasks and tasks provided by SAP Activate methodology are combined in Template tasks

Mass Upload of Tasks

You can download the existing manual tasks as a template and upload the edited file to perform a mass upload of tasks


What are the attributes of tasks

A task has following attributes

  • Short text
  • Long text
  • Due Date
  • Status
  • Workstream assignment
  • Deliverable assignment
  • Phase assignment
  • Assigned Person
  • Assigned role
  • Relations to Predecessor or successor tasks
  • Relations to Requirements( if created via Requirement)


Task management helps you in distributing work to various team members and tracking the progress to completion. Task management ensures that guidance provided by SAP and the Project work you have created such as tasks from Requirements is shown in one common place helping you in better planning.

Next steps

You can visit the page below to see other blog posts published for Project and Task Management in SAP Cloud ALM.

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Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question in the SAP Cloud ALM Q&A area.

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      Author's profile photo Wolfgang Mayer
      Wolfgang Mayer

      Dear Jagmohan,

      thanks for that informative blog! A perfect start to get to know task handling in CALM.

      In our projects, we sometimes assign tasks to people who only work once in a while for the project, e.g. for a special task that may occur once during the whole project.

      When assigning a task to such person, it would get a notification in the CALM UI notification area. However, it would be better to receive an e-mail to be informed about the necessity to do something for the project.

      It is possible to activate such e-mail notification for task assignees?

      Thanks & regards