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Trick: Add dynamic tile on the SAP Cloud platform launchpad


In cloud foundry it’s possible add a configuration of tile directly in the manifest.json of the SAPUI5 application.

But, Is it possible to do this tile dynamic?


It’s only necessary add “indicatorDataSource” that contains the configuration of KPIs and… the most important… In the path add “/dynamic_dest/<<Your destination>>/path_to_your_service

Just add the following configuration in your manifest (included in section “”):

"crossNavigation": {
            "inbounds": {
                "intent1": {
                    "signature": {
                        "parameters": {},
                        "additionalParameters": "allowed"
                    "semanticObject": "Object",
                    "action": "display",
                    "title": "{{appTitle}}",
                    "info": "{{appTitle}}",
                    "subTitle": "{{appSubTitle}}",
                    "icon": "sap-icon://account",
                    "indicatorDataSource": {
                        "dataSource": "APIPORTAL-Northwind",
                        "path": "/dynamic_dest/APIPORTAL-Northwind/V2/Northwind/Northwind.svc/Products/$count",
                        "refresh": 0

This is an example of the configuration:

In this example I used the destination to Northwind service:

Finally, this is the result:



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  • Short and concise - a nice tick, Enric!

    I'm sure you already know this but I want to leave this video tutorial here in case someone comes along this post who doesn't know how to create a SAPUI5 app that can leverage dynamic tiles.

  • Thank you for the contribution!
    Unfortunately this seem not to work for me.
    First of all i tried to add the service url to the dynamic Tile in the CloudFoundry Portal with following settings, which threw an 500 internal server error.

    System : destination to approuter


    Then i found this blog post and tried to add a new tile with northwind service as you did.

    the count as you described to the launchpad i deployed with my app. Sadly this resulted in another error 404 Not Found

    I also tried to remove the filter but this did not change anything.

    The application logs also only show that it returned 404.

    2021-01-28T07:11:00.201+0000 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] OUT {"component_type":"application","component_id":"54ac4a13-3d0d-43a5-9d75-5ab05d5406cf","component_name":"InvoiceApproval","component_instance":0,"layer":"[NODEJS]","organization_name":"MJM_DEV_CF","organization_id":"2eac1c07-28b9-4d2c-b719-d753d3302e85","space_name":"Applications","space_id":"0b7d1079-0cc7-4e19-912c-21880b3e5908","container_id":"","logger":"nodejs-logger","source_instance":0,"written_at":"2021-01-28T07:10:59.142Z","written_ts":1611817859142000000,"request_id":"","request_size_b":"","type":"request","request":"/dynamic_dest/MJM_INVOICEAPPROVAL_APPROUTER/odata/SAP/ZFI_APPROVAL_OF_INVOICE_SRV/InvoiceSet/$count?$filter=Status%20eq%20%27O%27&sap-language=de-DE","method":"GET","remote_user":"","direction":"IN","x_forwarded_for":"","response_time_ms":1059,"referer":"","correlation_id":"","tenant_id":"","tenant_subdomain":"-","level":"info","remote_host":"redacted","remote_port":"redacted","protocol":"HTTP/1.1","remote_ip":"redacted","request_received_at":"2021-01-28T07:10:59.142Z","response_status":404,"response_size_b":"","response_content_type":"","response_sent_at":"2021-01-28T07:11:00.201Z"}
    2021-01-28T07:11:00.201+0000 [RTR/58] OUT - [2021-01-28T07:10:59.142042071Z] "GET /dynamic_dest/MJM_INVOICEAPPROVAL_APPROUTER/odata/SAP/ZFI_APPROVAL_OF_INVOICE_SRV/InvoiceSet/$count?$filter=Status%20eq%20%27O%27&sap-language=de-DE HTTP/1.1" 404 0 0 "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/87.0.4280.141 Safari/537.36" "-" "" x_forwarded_for:"-" x_forwarded_proto:"https" vcap_request_id:"ccc1c71f-29e2-4eae-50a2-0021320c790d" response_time:1.059415 gorouter_time:0.000138 app_id:"54ac4a13-3d0d-43a5-9d75-5ab05d5406cf" app_index:"0" x_cf_routererror:"-" x_correlationid:"-" tenantid:"-" sap_passport:"-" x_scp_request_id:"409adb73-9b18-466d-90b2-3581896af4ae-60126382-FFAF97" x_cf_app_instance:"-" x_b3_traceid:"be99c9af62e665e2" x_b3_spanid:"be99c9af62e665e2" x_b3_parentspanid:"-" b3:"be99c9af62e665e2-be99c9af62e665e2"


    BUT when i try the request with the approuter URL it works fine, which also does in the App itself!

    Marius Obert
    Maybe you have an idea?

    Thanks i advance for every hint!

  • Thank you @Enric Castella Gonzalez for the great example!


    Is it possible to link a service/path which comes directly from a CAP Service?

    Or do you always need a seperate destination on the SCP?


    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Lukas,

      in my fork of the central-launchpad-cap application from Mio Yasutake I've added the dynamic tile in this commit:

      works just fine: