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Trick: Add dynamic tile on the SAP Cloud platform launchpad


In cloud foundry it’s possible add a configuration of tile directly in the manifest.json of the SAPUI5 application.

But, Is it possible to do this tile dynamic?


It’s only necessary add “indicatorDataSource” that contains the configuration of KPIs and… the most important… In the path add “/dynamic_dest/<<Your destination>>/path_to_your_service

Just add the following configuration in your manifest (included in section “”):

"crossNavigation": {
            "inbounds": {
                "intent1": {
                    "signature": {
                        "parameters": {},
                        "additionalParameters": "allowed"
                    "semanticObject": "Object",
                    "action": "display",
                    "title": "{{appTitle}}",
                    "info": "{{appTitle}}",
                    "subTitle": "{{appSubTitle}}",
                    "icon": "sap-icon://account",
                    "indicatorDataSource": {
                        "dataSource": "APIPORTAL-Northwind",
                        "path": "/dynamic_dest/APIPORTAL-Northwind/V2/Northwind/Northwind.svc/Products/$count",
                        "refresh": 0

This is an example of the configuration:

In this example I used the destination to Northwind service:

Finally, this is the result:



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  • Short and concise – a nice tick, Enric!

    I’m sure you already know this but I want to leave this video tutorial here in case someone comes along this post who doesn’t know how to create a SAPUI5 app that can leverage dynamic tiles.