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Resource Network : system-aided resource selection Functionality for parallel resources


This blog is intended to give more details about the resource selection functionality using the resource network concept.

Business requirement is below:

Several resources are available and can be used for similar purposes and the business wants that the user decides which resource to use just before production begins. For this purpose, you can define a planning resource that is only used for planning and represents several resources that can be used in the same way.

In this blog we will demonstrate the case of 4 equivalent resources (press machines) and the business don’t want to create a production version for each resource and instead the user will select dynamically the actual resource at the process order level (before release), the diagram below explains the process.


Resource Selection Process

Process Steps:

The steps below are needed to implement the desired process:

  1. Create planning resource with Key for task list usage Indicator as: usage only until release in order (please refer to customizing step below),
  2. Create Resource Network and assign the actual resources to it,
  3. Create master recipe with reference to resource network and assign planning resource to the operation.
  4. Create Process order and select the actual resource before release.


Create Key for task list : Transaction OP45

Customizing Path : IMG Activity> Production Planning for Process Industries > Master Data > General Data > Define Task List Usage.


OP45 – Define Task List Usage for Planning Resource

Master Data:

Create Actual Resources and Planning Resource: Transaction CRC1

The resources below were created for the purpose of this blog:

Creation of resource Network :Transaction CR24:


Resource Network Creation


Resource Assignment to Resource Network

Creation of Master Recipe: Transaction C201

Master recipe is created using the planning resource, the resource network is assigned to the header of the master recipe.


Master Recipe Creation – Header Data


Master Recipe Creation – Operations

Production Execution:

Creation of Process Order: Transaction COR1

The process order will be created with the master recipe and before the release the resource should be changed using the Resource Selection feature.

If the user don’t select the actual resource and try to release the order, the message error BS013 – System status WCRE is active (ACT #3) will be generated, because the he task list usage assigned to the planning resource will prevent the release of the process order.

Resource Selection:

The resource selection can be executed by selecting Operations, use the menu path Operation -> Functions for phase/operation -> resource selection and choose one of the other resources.


Execution of Resource Selection

After selection of the right resource, the release of the process order will be possible and the process order execution will be done using the actual resource.



The blog demonstrates one of the ways to use the selection of resources functionality using resource network, the alternative of the usage of resource network to select the resources is to use the Resource selection using the classification system

The major advantage of using the classification system for resource selection is that the definition of alternative resources is done at resource/operation level, so for each planning resource we will assign several alternative resources instead of grouping the alternative resources at master recipe header level.

More details are provided in the two links below regarding resource selection using classification system.



For more details about the resource network concept, please refer to the standard SAP Help documentation :


Note: The screenshots are done in S/4HANA 1909 system.


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      Author's profile photo Raouf Amrouni
      Raouf Amrouni

      Thank you so mush Farid, very well explained.

      Author's profile photo Farid Azzi
      Farid Azzi
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Raouf !

      Author's profile photo ASSALI FARID

      Thanks Mr Farid. Very useful doc

      Author's profile photo Farid Azzi
      Farid Azzi
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Farid !

      Author's profile photo Mohamady MOHAMED
      Mohamady MOHAMED

      very useful topic, thank you

      Author's profile photo Farid Azzi
      Farid Azzi
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Mohamady !

      Author's profile photo Tamer Adam
      Tamer Adam

      Well done Farid! Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Farid Azzi
      Farid Azzi
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      Thank you Tamer !

      Author's profile photo Mohamed Amine HAMZA
      Mohamed Amine HAMZA

      Great blog, very useful !

      Many thanks Farid

      Author's profile photo Farid Azzi
      Farid Azzi
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Amine, I'll do my best to write other blogs in near future.

      Author's profile photo Ninad NN
      Ninad NN

      Wonderful blog Farid. Very useful.

      Author's profile photo Farid Azzi
      Farid Azzi
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Ninad NN for your feedback.

      Author's profile photo Kenneth William
      Kenneth William

      Thank Farid Azzi.

      wonderful sharing..  very clear and Useful.

      need your advice, how about the costing run calculate the standard cost, if the press planning machine (PRES_PLG) without costing view ?

      Author's profile photo Farid Azzi
      Farid Azzi
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kenneth William,


      The selection of a dedicated production version for costing with actual resources might be needed in this case.