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SAP DWC Joining S4HANA CDS View with SQL Server Table (remote sources)

SAP Datawarehouse Cloud is the ultimate end-to-end data warehouse solution from SAP, one single cloud solution that allows you to create your Data Warehouse with transparency, governance and control.

One of the main capabilities of SAP DWC is the virtualization/federation of data. This means you can create your data warehouse / data marts without the need to replicate the data from your systems.

Below you can find, with the “yellow” lines which data sources DWC support virtualization for SAP environments and non-SAP environments:


SAP Data Sources



Non-SAP Data Sources


So, why not Virtually join one S/4HANA CDS View with one table in SQL Server? See on the video below how easy is to create a model and a join like that:

On this example, the data remains on S/4HANA systems and SQL Server, DWC is joining those tables on the fly and users will get real-time data access to those sources using this model created on DWC

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  • Hi Rodrigo,

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing. I have 2 questions.

    1- which apps can connect to DWC for consuming and analyzing the data? (other than SAC)

    2- what about the performance? If the 2 data are virtually connected then the DWC creates 2 queries and after then puts them together with a 3th query. Am I right? So in my opinion this scenario is good for small and less used data.

    • Hi Bulent,

      Thanks for your comment.

      1 - Other front end tools are supported as well, they just need to connect to DWC using HANA ODBC;

      2 - Yes, the underlying HANA Cloud will take care of the data to join both data sets using the HANA working memory. I agree with you, this is feasible for specific real-time scenarios.