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SAP HANA Cloud Graph

With this blog post series we provide an update with the latest information on getting started with SAP HANA Cloud on the SAP Cloud Platform.

  1. About SAP HANA Cloud
  2. SAP HANA Cloud Getting Started
  3. Connecting SAP Analytics Cloud using the HANA Analytics Adapter
  4. Cloud Foundry Advanced (space travel, multiple instances, defining schema names)
  5. Data masking and data anonymization
  6. Predictive Analysis Library (PAL) and Automated Predictive Library (APL)
  7. Remote data sources and virtual tables
  8. SAP Web IDE for HANA Development, SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry environment
  9. SAP HANA Cloud and Smart Data Integration
  10. OData with SAP HANA Cloud
  11. HDI with SAP HANA Cloud
  12. SAP HANA Cloud, JWT Provider, and Certificate Collection with Purpose JWT
  13. Role Attributes
  14. SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Business Application Studio
  15. SAP HANA Cloud Graph

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SAP HANA Cloud Graph

Philip MUGGLESTONE recently added four new video tutorials about SAP HANA Graph to the SAP HANA Cloud YouTube playlist of the SAP HANA Academy. In this post, you will find the videos embedded with some additional information and resources.

What You Learn

You can watch the video tutorial in a little under 40 minutes. What you learn is

  • How to create a Graph Workspace
  • How to work with the SAP HANA database explorer Graph Workspace viewer
  • How to create GraphScript procedures
  • How to use GraphScript for neighborhood search
  • How to traverse graphs and perform graph analysis
  • How to query data using openCypher
  • How to work with Graph and HDI containers and MTA


For the documentation, visit the SAP Help Portal for SAP HANA Cloud. The Reference includes a GraphScript Cheat Sheet.

Code Samples on GitHub

As we know your time is precious, you can find the code snippets on our GitHub repository.

Additional Resources

Follow the tag for the latest blogs on the topic.


Video Tutorials

Graph – Create Graph Workspace

In the first tutorial we learn how to use the graph capabilities native to SAP HANA Cloud. Philip provides and introduction to graph in SAP HANA before setting up some example data and showing how to create a graph workspace.

0:00 – Introduction, vertices, edges, and attributes

2:35 – SAP HANA Graph Reference

3:10 – Code snippets from GitHub

3:30 – Access the SQL Console of the SAP HANA database explorer for SAP HANA Cloud

4:15 – Execute sample code and review

5:25 – Create Graph Workspace

6:30 – System views

7:40 – View Graph 

9:15 – Recap


Graph – GraphScript

In the second tutorial we learn how to use GraphScript to perform graph analysis.

0:00 – Introduction and sample scenario

1:20 – GraphScript language and cheat sheet

2:30 – Create GraphScript stored procedure IS_REACHABLE


6:30 – SHORTEST_PATH Weighted


10:00 – Traversing graphs

10:45 – Recap


Graph – openCypher

In the third tutorial we continue our exploration and use openCypher to perform graph analysis against a graph workspace.

0:00 – Introduction and support for openCypher

2:00 – Code sample using OPENCYPHER_TABLE

4:55 – Code sample using fuzzy search

5:20 – Code sample using multiple matching

6:45 – Recap


Graph – Multitarget Application

In video tutorial number four, Philip shows the end-to-end process for how to use graph in a multi-target application based on an HDI container for database persistence rather than a classical schema. Setting up example data and creating the graph workspace are explained along with how to adapt the GraphScript and openCypher examples already covered in the previous graph tutorials.

0:00 – Introduction 

1:00 – Using SAP Business Application Studio and GitHub code sample myappgraph 

1:45 – Code walkthrough

8:00 – Build and deploy

8:30 – SAP Cloud Platform cockpit

8:35 – My App Graph 

10:50 – Recap


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