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Inventory upload using MBBM – (LSMW method step by step)

Hello All,

Inventory upload is must for task for lots of project during cut-over tasks. There are many method to upload initial stock. In this blog, I’m covering inventory upload option using MBBM transaction with LSMW with all details.

Note: MBBM can be used directly (without LSMW or BDC), if you can manage excel format for each fields available in structure BMSEG with exact same length. But generating that excel becomes another task. With LSMW method, you don’t have to worry about that.







Use structure BMESG as a reference to create source fields in LSMW.





Here you can use auto-field mapping, as LSMW source fields are defined same as BMSEG.


Sometimes you can’t see technical fields, for example – session.

Change this setting to display technical fields.


Default setting of loading program creates all lines from your file in one session. Default session name is ‘Stock’.

For individual material document posting change default session field MAPPE to value from your mapping file for “Session”. This way every line from the file creates one material document.


Shown below are default values



Conversion rule. (I did not have any conversion rules)



Important notes, as I spent good amount of time to understand this step.

  • For LSMW using method for program RM07MMBL, it only allows you to place file on application server. PC (frontend) option can’t be use.
  • Converted Data path can’t be same as Legacy Data path. It must be different.


File – logical file path

For Logical path & Logical File – you must open client & that should prompt you to create new file path directly from LSMW.


Reference documentation –


On creation it will give warning message as shown below


Once client is open to allow changes, it should create logical path automatically as shown below.

Crucial part is done.


Now verify data in LSMW Step 7-11.

Create Batch Input session.



Hence following the above outlined steps of the blog post you can upload inventory using MBBM LSMW method, with very minimal help from ABAP team!

Thank you for reading, hope it helped!

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      Author's profile photo Nathan Genez
      Nathan Genez

      This is the 100th blog post on how to upload data with LSMW.  There are probably another 100 on other sites outside of SCN.

      Why blog on this?  I see nothing in here that is different from any of the previous blogs... define the source structure, define the fields, map the fields... etc.




      Author's profile photo N RS
      N RS
      Blog Post Author

      I am in partial agreement with you. This is in fact 100th blog on LSMW, and may be 5th or 10th one for inventory upload MBBM LSMW.

      But when I was working on this, I hit the wall for Step-7 and I was unable find answer for issue faced on any other blog post or q&a. That’s why I covered that in detail & left all other parts at high level.

      Even if it helps one person, I consider it worth writing! I’ll keep looking for something that is not available on blog posts & helps more persons 🙂


      Author's profile photo Nathan Genez
      Nathan Genez

      Then why not just post a blog that is on that step or issue?  It would save you time and keystrokes, and would be a more valuable and referenceable blog.  It would stand out more rather than the usual define source structure, map the fields, etc.

      Read my comment on this blog below. It’s the same situation… this topic has been more than adequately covered! If I wanted to spread some knowledge… or just get some SAP attention… then I’d find one small item in LSMW and blog on that. “Key Feature in LSMW that No One Knows About!” or something like that.