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Author's profile photo Murat Alcal

Discuss & Learn About SAP SuccessFactors Milestone Awards

Employees give their time for work that helps the organizations thrive. This commitment deserves to be recognized frequently. One of the most suitable ways to accomplish this is by creating an “Employee Years of Service Awards Program” at organizations. Years of service award programs are also called milestone awards, service awards, service milestones.

Commemorating work anniversaries is one of the most popular types of service awards programs. Through sincere recognition shared on days of significant milestones, employees can feel appreciated and valued at their organization, which can then help them experience a risen sense of engagement and loyalty to their organization.

SuccessFactors Reward and Recognition use a simple but effective way to initiate manager or peer to peer recognition, which differs somewhat from how Milestone Awards manages recognitions. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the features that Milestone Awards offer.
I believe that the Milestone Awards is a great way to start providing a digital solution to create a high-quality service awards program for organizations.


Overview of Milestone Awards

Examples of popular awards programs; (based on WorldatWork Trends in Employee Recognition study in June 2013)

  • Support organizational mission/values
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Encourage loyalty
  • Recognize years of service
  • Motivate high performance
  • Increase morale
  • Increase retention or decrease in turnover


Trends in Employee Recognition Award Programs 2011-2017


Features of SuccessFactors Milestone Awards


What is available right now?


  1. Create a Program
  2. Define Award Levels
  3. Define data field for service calculation (Hire Date as the starting point)
  4. Define eligible employees using Dynamic Groups
  5. Define participating countries
  6. Define one additional criterion per country (Legal Entity, Department, Location, etc.)
  7. Milestone Award Report + Forecast Report (limited duration)
  8. Email for award
  9. View Details in RWR Award History


Create a Program


Create Program – Enter Program Details

  1. Program Name
  2. Type Points or Currency
    1. Only points type is available right now
  3. Date Criteria
    1. Only Hire Date is supported right now
  4. Email Group – Document Generation Template
  5. Eligibility – Via Dynamic Group



Milestone Program Example


Create Program – Country/Region Information


  1. Define countries to include in the program



Adding Country/Region


Create Program – Define Country/Region Defaults


  1. Add Milestones specific to that country
  2. Define the award amounts for each milestone
  3. These are the defaults for all employees in the country



Defining Country/Region Details


Create Program – Define Overrides


  1. If one of the legal entities or departments in the country has a unique program, you can define overrides at that level
    1. Possible to define different levels or different award amounts



Country/Region Override Details Example


Milestone Reports


  1. Scheduled job needs to be set up in Provisioning
  2. Forecast Report can be run after that job has been set up



Manage Milestone Reporting



Milestone Forecast Report


What’s Coming Later – Milestone Awards Roadmap


  • Enhanced Admin User Experience
  • Customizable date field for service calculation
  • Forecasting and Budgeting Report (extended duration)
  • Using Business Rules for Eligibility
  • Publishing to Employee Central
  • Support for non-EC customers
  • Multiple additional criteria per country
  • Reporting in People Analytics
  • GDPR




The future of service awards is making workplace anniversaries more meaningful, memorable, and fun. Modern service award programs incorporate more elements of social recognition and create an experience that connects people to the organizations.

Shortly, I hope to see a milestone awards solution that will be able to adapt to current and future trends that are effective by all means.

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      Author's profile photo Fuad Garayev
      Fuad Garayev

      Eline saglig Murat. Paylasdigin icin tesekkurler.

      Author's profile photo Naureen Mehkri
      Naureen Mehkri


      This is a great article. Are milestone awards available to be setup in SuccessFactors now? I am not able to find any information or documents on this. could you please let me know if there are any more documentation on this and also if this is enabled in Successfactors?

      Author's profile photo Murat Alcal
      Murat Alcal
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Naureen,


      SAP release the necessary information inside the below documentation;


      Kind Regards,

      Author's profile photo Alina-Elena Dobre
      Alina-Elena Dobre

      Hi Murat,


      Is not quite clear to me if the Milestone program is only a points program or it can also be used to generate a bonus amount. In some screens points are mentioned, in some others we can see award amount.

      Author's profile photo Murat Alcal
      Murat Alcal
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Alina,


      Right now, sadly it is only point-based awards. You will need to use Reward and Recognition if you want to create a one-time payment.

      Quote from SAP official documentation;

      "For milestone awards, only the points-based option is available." (as a type of reward)


      Hopefully, this will be a feature.


      Kind Regards,

      Author's profile photo Martin Pösinger
      Martin Pösinger

      Hi Murat, do you please know if this is still true?

      Date Criteria

      1. Only Hire Date is supported right now

      I can see other criteria can also be added but I do not know if they work.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo swagatika panda
      swagatika panda

      Hi Murat,

      Thanks for the informative article.

      I need your help for an issue I m facing. I want to create a Story report for Milestone Award, but not finding the domain/schema for Milestone Award in the Story Report framework (Spot Award domain is available though).

      Is there any issue with my RBP or its not available yet?


      Thanks in advance for help.