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Adding emojis to chatbot responses

I thought I’d do something silly — but useful — to celebrate the New Year.

😄 😄 😄 😄 😄

I read in a SAP Conversational AI blog to try to make your chatbot “more human, more engaging” in part by adding emojis. But it did not explain how to add emojis to the conversation — and I am not talking about emoticons, which are different (look it up).

The chatbot text message UI does not have a dropdown of emojis (like you would have on your phone). I could create an emoji, let’s say in Word, and copy and paste, but that seems clunky. So far, I find the best way is this:

  1. Look for the your emoji in this website:
  2. In SAP Conversational AI, add a Text message, make it Markdown, and add the Unicode for the emoji you want .

Here, I added the not-listening monkey emoji to this message:

Which results in this:

I tried the way you add unicode in Windows by typing the code and then Alt-X but that did not work for me (it did work in Word locally). Let me know if you have a better way.

Happy New Year!! 😄

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