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String Functions – SAP Commissions

Functions are predefined formulas provided by SAP Commissions that you can use in your compensation rules to calculate and specify values or conditions. In general, functions fall into groups based on their use.

For example, a group of functions, (called in Return type : String) is provided as shown below.


Most functions are accessible from the Expression listing in the Legal Moves pane. Let’s understand each of the functions expression and definition.

Shortcut to list all functions :  type n: (in expression)

Concatenate Two Strings

Convert Date to String

Convert String to Upper Case

Convert Value to String

If Then Else

Query for String

Substring Between

Substring From

Substring Using Pattern

Trim String

Thanks, for reading it till the end. 🙏

  • I recommend best practice calling functions inside the formula but not directly in a rule.
  • Rule should have a formula which is referencing to the functions inside the expression. 
  • If there is a business logic change request, use the existing formula; create new version through referencing.
  • No Hard-coding in expressions legal moves.


For more information around SAP Commissions please take a look here: Link

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      Author's profile photo Ginger Blomberg
      Ginger Blomberg

      I have a problem with the Concatenate String.  If the first or last character of one of the strings to be concatenated is a space, that space is truncated.  For example:
      FirstName = "John"
      LastName = "Smith"
      In order to get "John Smith", I have tried to do Concatenate (Concatenate (FirstName, " "), LastName")

      Also, it would be great if a single Concatenate function could be used for more than just 2 strings.
      So Concatenate (FirstName, " ", LastName)

      Author's profile photo Yogananda Muthaiah
      Yogananda Muthaiah
      Blog Post Author

      Good Idea for proposing the solutionGinger Blomberg !!

      Can you please create your Product feature requests through customer Influence Portal for SAP Commissions.

      Author's profile photo Ankita Gunda
      Ankita Gunda

      This is very confusing.

      As I am new to this, is there any other explanation for this


      Thanks and Regards