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Transitioning from the Portal Service to the Launchpad Service – How to Guide


I’m Dana, a Product Owner of the SAP Cloud Platform Portal service (Portal) and the SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service (Launchpad) on the SAP Cloud Platform multi-cloud / Cloud Foundry environment.

In this series of blog posts I would like to share some insights and recommendations to guide you  step by step regarding how to move from your existing SAP Cloud Platform Portal service to your SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service with minimal efforts and optimal reuse of your portal investments such as content, user role collection assignments, destinations, Cloud Connector, HTML5 apps, plugins, custom themes, content providers and more.

Whether you are considering using the Launchpad service in the same subaccount as the Portal or in different subaccounts, this blog post will assist you in understanding what’s the effort required by each alterative. The idea is to maximize the reuse of existing configuration and content, to avoid the need to configure everything from scratch as a result of this transition from the Portal service to the Launchpad service.

! Please note that as the Launchpad service does not support Freestyle sites, your Freestyle sites and content won’t be available in the Launchpad service.

My 3 blog posts cover the end to end process which composed of the following steps:

  1. Prerequisites
    1. A fully configured and running SAP Cloud Platform Portal service enabled
    2. SAP Cloud Platform Launchpad service enabled and configured (please follow initial setup)
      • If you developed on the Portal subaccount custom launchpad modules and consumed them as a content provider, you should deploy your custom developed solution in the Launchpad subaccount and subscribe to/enable the solution.
      • You should avoid manual content creation before import.
  2. Define your environment:
    1. How to move Portal service to Launchpad service in the same subaccount TIP! This option is recommended as all destinations, cloud connector, custom themes, HTML5 apps and user collection assignments are configured in subaccount level, hence, you could re-use them in Launchpad
    2. How to move Portal service to Launchpad service in the different subaccounts
  3. Start with the Portal service
    1. Export Site/s + Content; Export Selected Content
    2. Export Destinations (Only for different subaccounts)
    3. Export Custom themes (Only for different subaccounts)
  4. Move to the Launchpad Service
    1. Import Destinations (Only for different subaccounts)
    2. Import Cloud Connector (Only for different subaccounts)
    3. Deploy HTML5 apps (Only for different subaccounts)
    4. Subscribe to all SAP/Custom Launchpad modules solution (Only for different subaccounts)
    5. Add Content Providers
    6. Import Sites/Content
    7. Assign users to Role collections (Only for different subaccounts)
    8. Import Custom Theme (Only for different subaccounts)
    9. Content import validation
    10. Run your site/s
      • Validation
      • Custom themes
  5. Move back to the Portal service off-boarding
    • Unsubscribe



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