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Replenishment Using Run Schedule Quantities: Integrating REM & Event Driven Kanban with SAP EWM

For a long time, this topic was into my mind how repetitive manufacturing with run schedule quantities with ‘Event Driven Kanban‘ can be integrated to SAP EWM/. My current blog is an attempt to manifest the approach to integrate REM, Kanban with EWM in an asynchronous good movement mode.

With the launch of S/4 HANA Embedded 1909 & 2020, things have been more easier and there can be direct synchronous goods movement from manufacturing to EWM,  however this blog is written on 1709 S/4 HANA, hence only asynchronous goods movement can be explained.

The concept of ‘‘Run Schedule Quantity” has been into manufacturing arena for quite long time and its primarily used into Repetitive Manufacturing which represent -Partial quantity of a run schedule header( Header FG) with product cost collector.

Technically speaking, run schedule quantities are created as planned orders. The system creates
this type of planned order if you have set the repetitive manufacturing indicator in the material
master record and created a production version for the material. Mixing with  Event Driven Kanban can make this process more lethal and game changer for period based production industries( Discrete Manufacturing).

Event Driven Kanban:

As the name suggest Event Driven, the trigger of of event-driven Kanban is from MRP and not on a stipulated number of kanbans or a stipulated kanban quantity. The material is not continually made available and replenished at a production supply area, but is procured only when this is explicitly requested. In the process, the advantages of the Kanban module are utilized to simplify material replenishment.


Process flow:


A control cycle has to have created for Sub-Assembly with without any predefined number of container and quantity. MRP will drive the kanban quantity. Use replenishment strategy 0005 Kanban with MRP and with production version. You need to have REM profile at both the levels BOM if you using Higher Assemblies and Sub-Assemblies. Since, planning is top to down process, PIR will be inserted at top level( Planning Strategy 40)


PK13N shows no predefined number of containers for product EWM-51 as MRP is driving factor here.


Run MRP live with header product.


System created a planned order with Run schedule quantity( RS with firming indicator 🙂 PP consultants can catch why firming indicator is appearing)


Generate the Event driven Kanban qty from MF60( Legendary transaction used from Ages).

System generated Event driven replenishment with quantity 1383 EA as from MRP.


Check PK13N now, an empty container with ID 86 is generated with all the required detail and with Planned order 4708 Which is the reference for GI& GR of Sub assembly.


With the lead time of Planned order comes to end, manufacturing person has to post the GR / GI of kanban conatiner.

This is done by PK41. Since this is REM( 1709 HANA), synchronous GI cannot be posted from EWM managed storage location, only Assembly Backflush will be carried out.


On posting this system, system creates an Inbound delivery and kanban signal changes to green.


With this Inbound delivery, GR is posted immediately posted in EWM due to PPF Scheduling conditions and Actions if below configuration and condition record is maintained.


Latter product can be putawayed into Warehouse. Please note S/4 HANA 1909 and 2020 has made this process more simpler and if business works with HUs.


Hence the blog ends, appreciate your feedback to make this blog more productive.



Shailesh Mishra

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      Author's profile photo Sophia Li
      Sophia Li

      Hi shailesh,

      Good documents! but i have a question, In MF60 , the kanban 's replenishment proporsal still STKRES, so that i can not generate the Event-driven kanban. Would you please help..