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Fixed Assets Consistency Checks: FIN_AA_CORR_RECON & FIN_AA_CORR_DISPLAY

Data consistency is a major success factor for an efficient and trouble-free system conversion to S/4HANA.  Fortunately, SAP has recently rolled out new tools that can be implemented in your ERP system to discover and potentially correct these inconsistencies before a conversion project starts.   In my recent blogs S/4HANA_System Conversion_ Finance Data Consistency checks and  Finance Consistency Checks: FIN_CORR_MONITOR I described the new tools available to identify inconsistencies in General Ledger data.   In November 2020 SAP has now also released new tools to identify data inconsistency problems for Fixed Assets.   These new tools enable new transaction codes in your ERP system that can used to execute reports that identify Asset related data inconsistencies.

A key difference between the new General Ledger tools and the Fixed Asset tools is that the Fixed Asset tools do not yet include any capabilities to correct discovered inconsistencies.  The lack of an automated self-correction feature is likely due to the complexity of Fixed Asset logic,  and there is no current commitment from SAP to deliver such tools for Fixed Assets anytime soon.  Therefore after detection of Fixed Asset inconsistencies,  project teams will have to identify correction notes or solicit SAP Support’s help for resolution assistance.

How to install and execute the new Fixed Asset Consistency Checks

The new Fixed Asset Consistency Checks consist of two new transaction codes:  FIN_AA_CORR_RECON & FIN_AA_CORR_DISPLAY.   Both transactions are executed in the source ERP system prior to conversion.

FIN_AA_CORR_RECON checks and analyzes fixed asset data and verifies the preconditions for conversion.

To execute the report run transaction code FIN_AA_CORR_ RECON:

And to display the results run transaction FIN_AA_CORR_DISPLAY


To activate these reports in the ECC system follow SAP note  2896400  – “Reconciliation of Asset Accounting Inconsistencies in ECC prior to S/4HANA Conversion”

In conclusion,  Fixed Assets data needs to be identified, analyzed and corrected in ECC system to fulfill the pre-conditions for a System Conversion to S/4HANA.  In this blog post you learn about new transaction codes that will help with those activities and guide you during the process.

Hopefully this blog was helpful!

Please add in the comment section any other topics you think are valuable to have included in this blog post.

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      Author's profile photo Joe - Verraki Ujoh
      Joe - Verraki Ujoh

      Thanks for the first detailed blog  for Fixed Assets Consistency Checks in Source System ( ECC) itself.

      As per my observation, to  resolve  the issues detected in ECC, the SAP Note 2714344 may not be sufficient. This note talks about mostly to correct the errors ( R21, R24 etc)  after migration to S/4 HANA.  Please correct me, I am wrong.

      Appreciate any help or guidance to correct these errors in source system itself.

      - Srinivas Nandimalla

      Author's profile photo Monica Reyes
      Monica Reyes
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Srinivas

      Some of the errors are not that easy to be fix by automatic tools (or the note provided in this blog). The use of additional note(s)* or SAP Support may be required for resolution assistance. Hope this helps! Monica

      Author's profile photo implementation consultant01
      implementation consultant01

      Thanks for sharing the very  helpful  blog  , I am confused that are there  any  tool to  validate the results of the ECC conversion to S4/HANA that are successful?   especially    for the Financial data in S4/HANA compare to the Financial data  IN ECC.

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Monica Reyes
      Monica Reyes
      Blog Post Author

      I am not sure that I understand your question. Can you rephrase it? Thx


      Author's profile photo implementation consultant01
      implementation consultant01

      Thank you for your reply.

      My question is that when we complete migration, are there any programs which  run in S4/HANA  to compare the data after the migration with the data before the migration ?

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Monica Reyes
      Monica Reyes
      Blog Post Author

      You can find details of this activity in note  2332030 - Conversion of accounting to SAP S/4HANA. Section 6.3 Document Your Posting Data


      6.3 Document Your Posting Data
      Make sure that all carry forward balances are complete and consistent, that is, that you have executed step 1 in the “Period-End Closing Activities” chapter correctly.
      To be able to verify your posting data after the migration, document your posting data using, for example, the following standard reports provided by SAP as well as any customer specific reports you are using during the period-end closing:●
      The financial statements (program RFBILA00)●
      The totals report for cost centers (transaction S_ALR_87013611)●
      Order: Actual/Plan/Variance (transaction S_ALR_87012993)●
      The G/L account balance list (program RFSSLD00)●
      The general ledger line items list (program RFSOPO00)●
      The compact document journal (program RFBELJ00)●
      The asset history sheet (program RAGITT_ALV01)●
      The depreciation run for planned depreciation (RAHAFA_ALV01)●
      The vendor sales (program RFKUML00)●
      The vendor open item list (program RFKEPL00)●
      The customer sales (program RFDUML00)●
      The customer open item list (program RFDEPL00)●
      The customer recurring entry original documents (program RFDAUB00)
      16 INTERNAL – Authorized for SAP Customers and Partners
      Converting Your Accounting Components to SAP S/4HANA
      Prepare Phase: Getting Your System Ready for the Conversion
       Note
      The list above gives examples of reports you can use. Please check which of the reports available are best suited to reconcile your data, to document the conversion result for auditing, and to define the result and status of the migration 

      Author's profile photo implementation consultant01
      implementation consultant01

      thank you very much, that is very helpful.

      Author's profile photo implementation consultant01
      implementation consultant01

      Thanks for sharing the very  helpful  blog,We deployed Note 2896400, We have run transaction code FIN_AA_CORR_ RECON,But I only got the error details for two types of message numbers(FINS_RECOM 795&769 in step R 21),We actually have a lot of other error details in the data migration, especially in steps  R23,R24 and R25.Do you know why we get so little good information?

      Thank you!


      Author's profile photo Stefan Berndt
      Stefan Berndt

      Dear Nathan,
      the steps R23-25 happen in later phases of the S/4HANA accounting conversion. The results of migration steps in these phases depend on the migration customizing and the results of the previous steps... and so do the errors you get there, means we cannot detect or anticipate many of these errors upfront in SAP ERP. This is true for all Finance areas, but particularly for FI-AA.

      The error constellations we check in asset accounting represent the most common issues we have seen up to now and which depend on inconsistencies in SAP ERP. They also often lead to follow-on errors in later phases. Hence, resolving them proactively will reduce the number of issues later on, however, we  know that this is not perfect.

      To improve over time I suggest you open a support case to inform us if you experience errors in these later phases which are caused by issues that you need to resolve in ERP and which are not yet covered by our tool.

      Thanks and best regards.