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Advance compliance reporting with SAP S/4 HANA (ACR) – 1909 onPremise

This blog post is summary of first hand experience rolling out Advance compliance reporting (ACR) using FIORI application -F1515 Run Advanced Compliance Reports and detailed activities involved in setup . SAP replaced existing Tcode based legal reports in SAP S/4 HANA 1709 onward with reference to SAP note 2480067/2835863.Hence its now we should look for long term strategy to roll out ACR Reports.


Advance compliance reporting (ACR) is centrally managed statutory reporting.

ACR with SAP S/4 HANA on premise 1909 version has pre- delivered legal reports for around 40 countries . We can monitor compliance report submissions globally withogfull audit traceability.

ACR supports legal compliance in reporting around the world like VAT, GST or any other country specific legal requirements .

ACR FIORI applications come with embedded analytics. Countries like UK/India allow direct integration and API interface with government portal.It has optional Flexible workflow approval and manual or automatic update of submission status. ACR Fiori application generates legal reports in diverse output format such as XML, PDF, TXT or XBLR to meet specific government regulations.

ACR activation comes with two types Basic and fully licensed. Basic feature activation will have certain limitations.

Pre Delivered ACR reports

  • List of pre delivered advance compliance reports available at below link

  • Chose your SAP S/4 HANA version

  • Select country /region from list – Example United Kingdom

  • Home page for country specific report gives features available into ACR reports for selected country . And individual section provide how to configure report parameters . Link


ACR compliance reporting framework  and configuration steps and pre requisite


Area   Activity Details
All Keep system in sync for new compliance patches and notes

 SAP Launchpad access to legal announcement feature tile . Setting up email notifications on new announcement of legal change

2382863 – How to use the Announcement of Legal Changes application – SAP ONE Support Launchpad

2381572 – Stay tuned! Do not miss a legal change announcement [VIDEO]


Activate FIORI application – F2131-Define Advanced Compliance Reports


*Refer FIORI Library for activations and service details

Define advance compliance report application

–          Reporting Definition

  • Parameter – Filter parameters
  • Queries – Provide data source information flow
  • Document – Define document format and mapping of header and item data flow between queries and document variables to generate output.
  • License version of ACR allow define custom classical report integration .

–          Reporting activity define steps or activities for given report definition . This can be give different steps require for specific ACR report submission .

–          Report Category

Report definition in particular gives insight of underlying CDS views,  class (in newer version) , queries , BRF functions / Class for given report. This information can be used further debugging and getting data source and underlying schema and logic.


FIORI Activate FIOR application – F1515-Run Advanced Compliance Reports Run Compliance report

  • Support for multiple compliance report format based on report definition specified in Define compliance report
  •  Allows to monitor submission due date at global level . Details below on SPRO config section .
  • Perform analysis of tax item into report scope using embedded analytics report to get insight of tax items
  •  Schemas used are directly from government which allows static verification of content before actual submission in error section
  • Reporting activities like consolidation and verification . Exception analysis and post tax submission activities like post tax payable manual adjustments .
  • Electronic or manual submission and setting up status as complete . Allow attachments of receipt from government for further reference .
  • Optional workflow before actual submission .
  •  Edit report before submission and Audit trace of changes done to generated report. Download / View analytics option
  • To delete old report and clean up old frequency setup use report SRF_RPG_ENTITY_CLEANER



Activate FIOR application – F1597 Post tax payable

And F0717- Manage Journal Entries

You use this app to pay tax amounts by posting the balances of input and output tax accounts to a tax payable account

Make manual adjustments to tax accounts directly.

FIORI F3172-Manage Tax Items for Legal Reporting

The Manage Tax Items reporting activity allows a G/L accountant to move a tax item between reporting periods by changing the tax reporting date. It allows the G/L accountant to include or exclude one or more documents from a specific tax reporting period by changing the tax reporting date . The system retrieves the documents based on the parameters from the reporting task of advanced compliance reporting, or based on the filter values provided in the Manage Tax Items activity screen.

The selection of the tax items is based on the tax reporting date field. Refer to SAP note 1038448. However, if the tax reporting date is not available, the system considers the posting date or the document date. However, the actual tax item selection depends on the country and the functionality.

To use full functionality of this application Inclusion and Exclusion Activate tax reporting date for specific entity into OBY6

SPRO – Backend functional config.

Basic SPRO configurations


Make the required settings in Customizing for Financial Accounting under Advanced Compliance Reporting  Setting Up Your Compliance Reporting. Refer SAP documentation link and setup steps for individual report ID configuration and reporting activity.

 Default parameter values can be set into SPRO . These parameters can be changed and regenerate new report   in ACR run compliance report .

Submission of report and set ADhoc or Fixed Frequency – Monthly / Daily / Yearly etc. Ensure you add Fiscal year variant while setting up fixed frequency .

Entity specific parameters can be added manually

Submission due date can be set as fixed values example 25 day of next month or it can be derived from Tax calendar

SPRO – Backend functional config. Other Supporting configuration and tax box structure

Based on SAP document setup tax box structure if applicable

SPRO -> Financial Accounting (New) -> Advanced Compliance Reporting  Sales/Purchase Tax Returns -> Define Tax Box Structure, you define the Tax Box Structure

Basis Activate require pre requisite business functions

Consult your basis consultant for below configurations

Business function activation

Transaction -> SWF5 -> FIN_LOC_SRF

Activate license analytics refer to SAP Note : 2879813

Basis BgRFC / Inbound destination

Background RFC

SBGRFCCONF ->Define in bound dest. -> SRF_REPROT_RUN

Basis PDF generation Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and view the PDFs. Check FP_TEST_00 test PFD output generated successfully .
Basis Contentserver service activation

 Ensure content server service is active and technical user setup is complete to process documents request


SICF -> service name = contentserver set with technical user


DMS – Default SAP / Attachment services


DMS configuration and manage documentation setup based on SAP note 2868459

OAC0 -> DMS_C1 (Based on DMS config) -> Details ensure HTTPS on frontend is set to HTTPS require for frontend and backend.

Enable PC server configuration

Cross application component -> Document management -> General data-> Define data carrier -> Define Data carrier type “server ,frontend” -> Type = PC .-> Identify frontend computer set PC as default


 Refer to SAP STD catalogues given in FIORI library Link

** = Country code




In case we further want to divide create custom tile config with reference above and add or remove  REpCatID from tile configurations . Ensure F
_SRF_RNTM activities assigned to user to create change delete ,process , submit  report


In Summary rolling out Advance compliance report require sync between business and finance  functional consultant . Advance compliance report in FIORI is easy to use with dashboards and due to date reminder. 

Blog post provide details of ACR functionality for all SAP Finance / Basis consultants who support applications of the legal reports for the customer’s business to remain compliant.

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  • Hi Shweta,


    Thanks for the detailed information.  I could configure accordingly.  But when I execute the report, it's showing error "No items to be reported found. Query ACCT_SRF_REP_ITM doesn't return data."


    However, manage tax line items App is showing lines to be reported and I didn't exclude any.


    We are in 1909 (SAPK-10402INS4CORE).


    Can you help to provide a direction to resolve this.  It would be helpful.



    • Hi Rao,

      All items which are relevant for tax reports will be visible in  manage tax flori app.

      Manage tax item is common application to view tax items. Items that shows in manage tax items does not signify  that it will be considered into specific tax reporting id.

      You need to complete require prerequisite setup of tax box structure. And filter parameters setup correctly. Please specify  report name/reporting id configured. 



    • Hi Vinay,

      For S4hana 1809 version onwards on premises it can be activated as out of box function with above limited functions. As multiple single GUI local reports went out of support ACR reports need to be activated.

      ACR cloud version is licensed products. If any confirmation require raise OSS for component FI-LOC-SRF-RUN to understand licensing pre-requisite




  • Hi Shweta

    thanks for info - do you functional blue print which can be shared? I am more interested from tax side and it’s document compliance.

    regards Sanjay

    • Hi Sanjay,

      Every country tax box structure and related best practices defined example sap note 2728767 UK vat report. It all depends on local reporting requirements



      • Thanks Shweta - I do have this note - but i wanted to have process flow document from ACR prospective - how the transactions flows whether be AP or AR side...

  • HI Sweta,

    Kindly share any experience on the configuration to be done for content repository and content category. I am working on ACR for US, file generation is failing on account of content category BUS2032 not known, In OACT it is not there and not provided by SAP too. Kndly advise on how to set up the missing content category in KM.


    Rahul Suri

    • Hi Rahul,

      1. Please provide exact error from Fiori screen.Please refer to DMS attachment services section in blog.

      2.S/4 we can use DMS_C1-ST sap default content repository.

      Goto OAC0 select DMS_C1

      Give %https in box where you type transaction code

      Please ensure https on front end and https on backend it set explicitly https on this repository on DMS_C1


      3. Refer to  sap note 2868459

      4. Refer to sap note define data carrier type 2557617 for network default error


      5. Spro - cross application components- document management  -control  data

      Document type SRF

      Object  SRF_REPRUN

      DYNPRO 201 IS SET




      • Hi Sweta,

        Thanks for your response, which was in line with what sap also replied on the incidents.

        we are now facing issues as below:

        1. the functionality of corrrespondence form generation for the BP is not showing any output post the file generation, the error is as below:

        refer the image

        Also we are seeing the transactional data in WITH_ITEM is not reconciling with ACR data.

        any suggestions on that.


  • Hi there.

    My client will use the ACR in the future and we are doing some tests in the application, but so far there is differencies in both systems that we are using.

    I am working on S4/HANA 1909 on Fiori Launchpad.

    In the DEV system i get the following display, where when i try to open the PDF it opens a new page with diverse information and when i click in the graphic icon (right side of the image) i go to a new page with tables and information (i think) about the client.

    Now in the Quality and Production System the display is different and so far i couldn't find out why.

    The display is the following:

    When i open the PDF, the browser opens a new page with a form (it's not what happens in the DEV) and there is no action (the graphic icon).

    The name of the action missing is "Analyze Data - Design Studio".

    What am i missing here?


    Thank you very much,


    • Hi Rodrigo,

      Kindly share which reporting id which you are trying to configure and network tab + console tab snapshot with developer tools .When there is no data return via query PDF is generated with unmapped values . Refer to Define compliance report to check mappings and query details for specific reporting category and ID.

      Analyze Data options is not appearing into your report possibly due to below .

      1. Check your report definition and require configurations are moved and it is in sync with development and other environment .
      2. Your analytic application running independently into quality system without error . Simple test scenario is take link from system where it is working and replace quality system host and port details. In most of definitions query paramter XQUERY = 2CC*** is already mention . Check same parameter and query data into backend system with RSRT.
      3. Refer blog in case you face issue with design studio application




      • Thank you for your reply.​

        After some digging I found out what the problem was and i will leave the answer here just in case someone ever runs in the same problem.

        The Business Function was not activated in the Quality system thus the problem of the missing actions and the different display of the PDF.


        Once again thank you,


        • Good to hear switch transport helped you .Please be careful when you transport as it will brings out all switches  from your system automatically to next environment.

  • Hi Sweta,


    thanks for the article. It really helps a lot.


    If i understand correctly, the country specific reports are include in standard SAP S/4 Hana package & does not  require any extra cost. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. additionally i have the questions below -

    1.If i need to have additional country specific report which are not in the list does it comes under extension?

    2. Does the standard reporting are completely compliant to the legal reporting requirement?


    Thanks in advance.




    • Country specific reports are included from 1709 onwards .

      You can refer link below to identify complaince reports which are out of box for your version.

      1. ACR Cloud version has more out of box functionality rolled out. Extensions are only allowed based on SAP license agreements. Please raise OSS to understand restrictions if your system is on premise. Note extendeding applications in ACR reports require good Knowledge of framework.

      2. If complaince report is already included into for your SAP S4Hana version then it is in complaint with legal reporting based on countries government complaince requirements.Sap support queries in case you see GAP with countries requirements and sap ACR report




  • Hi Shweta,

    What are the logical timeline and resource requirement to implement this tool. I need to use this tool for UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Portugal on 1809 (FPS02).



    • Hi Mukesh,

      For simple first country roll out will take 6-8 weeks.  Assuming your system is already on latest patch level, no workflow and direct connection to tax authorities involved.

      You need functional expertise with tax reporting requirements understanding  and fiori/abap expertise in team.

      After first basic setup next country rolling should not take more than 3-4 weeks deployment . Enabling takes 1 week however more efforts require on testing of reports.




      • Thanks Shweta.

        Can you please share if any documentation you may have, training / configuration / testing / UAT documentation on shuklamukesh @ yahoo . co . in