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New Fiori apps for In-Store online order fulfillment on S/4HANA Retail 2020

Update: With S/4HANA Retail 2020 FPS 01 we delivered some enhancements. You will find more info at the end of the page. 

In light of our continues commitment to improve in-store shopping experience and improve the employee productivity, we support now in-store online order fulfillment. With the recent SAP S/4HANA Retail 2020, we released some exciting apps for in-store online orders fulfillment.

With S/4HANA Retail 2020, we offer 3 new Fiori apps that are generally available today such as:

  • The first app is called Process picking request. This app helps store associates to pick products for online orders efficiently and make the order ready for the consumer to pick up.
  • The second app is called Hand over orders: This app help store associates to identify the consumer at pickup desk and hand over the products quickly.
  • The third app is call Maintain picking sequence. This app helps store managers to define a shorter picking walk path by rearranging the sequence of the merchandise category hierarchies.

Please watch the recordings below for more info and see the apps in action.


Part 1: Overview presentation “New Fiori apps for In-Store Online fulfillment on S/4HANA 2020″

Part 2: Demo of the app for “Process Picking Requests”

Part 3: Demo of the app for “Hand Over Orders”

Part 4: Demo of the app for “Maintain Picking Sequence”



1) Fiori app for “Process picking requests”: This app helps store associates to pick products for online orders efficiently and make the order ready for the consumer to pick up. The assumption for this business process is that a consumer place an order on your website and selects a store for pickup. Once the order is placed, a picking list will be generated automatically and will be made available for the store associate via the Fiori app. The system might generate one single picking request for an order or multiple picking requests for the same order and that would be based on the product dimensions as are defined in your system for the product master data.

2) Fiori app for “Hand over orders”: The assumption for this part of the business process is that the consumer has received a pickup confirmation email with a barcode and comes into the store to the service desk to pick up the products. The customer service associate on the service desk, opens the Fiori app for hand over orders, identifies the customer by the name, phone number, or by scanning the barcode on the smartphone, verifies the order and the status, and hand over the products to consumer. Also, the associate would process any possible exceptions, such as cancel order, or process payment on the POS if required.

3) Fiori app for “Maintain picking sequence”. This app helps store managers to define a shorter picking walk path by rearranging the sequence of the merchandise hierarchies. The picking walk path that a picking associate takes is based on the sequence of the merchandise categories that are shown on the app for process picking requests. As shown on this screen, the picking associate would pick first the chicken, then the grapes, and then the milk. A store manager can use the app for “Maintain picking sequence” to define a shorter picking walk path by rearranging the existing sequence of the merchandise categories. In other words, the manager can use this app to change the walk path by downloading the merchandise categories in Excel, editing and uploading it. Then the walk path for the picking associate would change.



The business benefits of the apps include:

  • Fulfill online orders efficiently
  • Improve shopping experience
  • Increase store traffic


New functions and features for In-Store online order fulfillment with S/4HANA Retail 2020 FPS 01

App for Process Picking Request

  • Support weight products: Store associate can weigh a product, prints a label, puts the label on the packaging of the product, scans the label to update the picked weight in the app.
  • Support product substitute: Store associate can select the button for “Out of stock”, select ”Substitute”, scan a substitute product to replace the original product with the substitute. Partial substitution. Closure of un-picked quantities.
  • Unassign / reassign picking request: Store associate can assign a picking request to himself, unassign it, or assign it to another employee who would then finish the picking.

App for Hand Over Orders

  • Process exceptions: Store associate can view exceptions in the order such as the substituted products due to out of stock, can discuss it with the consumer, and can remove the substituted products if the consumer declines the substitutes.
  • Simple hand over process: Hand over bin assignment is now optional. It results in easy hand over of products to consumer.

S/4HANA Backend 

  • BADI: Control logic of generation of store picking requests
  • BADI: custom implementation for scanning of weight-based bar code
  • BADI: Change product substitution preference, meaning mark order that accept substitute
  • BADI : Validate the substitute product


App extensibility

With more extensibility options for the app Process Picking Requests, you can enhance the app for your business needs.


Please see this slide deck (link) for one-pagers. Demo recording is in production. The new apps will be available in the new demo landscape soon. There will be more enhancements and new apps with the FPS01 in February 2021.

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      Author's profile photo Ivo Skolek
      Ivo Skolek

      Hi Alireza,

      thank you for the nice summary blog. A quick question - these apps are using Barcode scanning - do they require to run in Fiori Client or is the barcode scanning implemented in a way that it works even if running in browser only?

      I am asking because Fiori Client is going away as per note and SAP recommends implementation of barcode scanning "in browser" - so interested what the solution is within the standard apps.

      Thank you,


      Author's profile photo Nicolas Mücke
      Nicolas Mücke

      Hi Alireza,

      I am currently implementing these apps but it is not working for me correctly. Every hand over order has the status "Not Paid". I just thought that there is a payment condition missing in the pricing procedure. Do you know which pricing procedure you used in your example case?

      Thanks alot!

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Alireza Ghasemi
      Alireza Ghasemi
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Nicolas,

      Can you please create a support ticket under the component LO-RFM-STO-FIO?

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Eugene van Zyl
      Eugene van Zyl

      Hello Alireza


      Do you perhaps have a document/ link available which covers the future roadmap of these app's.


      Thank you,