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Get Certified: C_CPI_13

SAP Certified Development Consultant – SAP Cloud Platform Integration

In this blog, you will find some personal suggestions about how to get certified as SSAP Certified Development Consultant – SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

This exam is available as of June 2020.

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As recently announced, SAP has stopped using the SAP Cloud Platform portfolio brand to avoid confusion with SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) as (new) brand. Note that in some cases SAP Cloud Platform is replaced with SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP Help Portal) while elsewhere it is replaced with SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite (SAP Community).

Platforms and suites are just boxes with labels. What’s inside the box – the actual products and services – changes over time, just as the size and shape. To understand the concepts, think outside the box.

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About the Exam 

Associate Level

Information about the exam is published on the SAP Training website. This is also where you can book the exam (or get a certification hub subscription)

The C_ stands for consultant/associate level type exam. The other flavours are P_ for professional and E_ for expert (associate add-on) but for the SAP Integration Suite only a single certification is available.

Related Exams

The previous edition of this exam was labeled SAP Certified Application Associate (not Development Consultant).

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To take the exam visit SAP Training and select Access the Certification Hub.

Once you passed the exam, you will receive a digital badge from Acclaim.

See the FAQ for more information about SAP Global Certification Digital badges.


Topic Areas

Information about the topic areas covered is listed on the exam information page.

Note the small print:

SAP reserves the right to update the exam content (topics, items, weighting) at any time.

Make sure to check the exam page when starting your preparation.

All topic areas map to the CLD900 – SAP Integration Suite course from SAP Training. Three topics also reference course CP100 – SAP Integration Suite and SAP Extension Suite, Introduction.

As both reference CP100, there is some (minor) overlap between the topic areas of the C_CPE_12 exam.

You can download the course index from the training page(s). This provides a more detailed list of the topics covered on the exam.


How to Prepare

SAP Training

When you have the time and budget, take the SAP Training courses. Nothing beats a 3+3 day focus with hands-on exercises and training environment.

SAP Learning Hub

Alternatively, consider a subscription for the SAP Learning Hub and/or Certification Hub.

For those new to the Learning Hub, you can try before you buy.

Sample Questions

On the exam page, there is a link to a sample exam similar to the real one (although referencing the previous edition for the application associate exam.

Coming up: a blog post where we will cover the sample questions in more detail.

Learning Journey

The learning journey shows a visualisation of the courses to take combining free openSAP courses with the official training curriculum. You can logon and mark your progress.

The tiles for each of the courses show the available formats: classroom and e-books.

Note that although recommended, the CP100 and CLD900 courses are not required.

Besides a Certification Path journey, there is also a Learning Journey for the SAP Integration Suite itself, which references additional training options, like the free openSAP courses and the equally free developer tutorials (see below).


Included with the learning journey and great place to start is the openSAP course on the topic by Harshavardhan Jegadeesan, Udo Paltzer, Divya Mary , et al.

The course is divided into 3 sections (weeks) of 7 videos of about 15-20 minutes each. In particular section three is of interest for the exam, where we see the integration suite in action.

For upcoming, running, and past courses about the SAP Cloud Platform see the openSAP course catalog

Although beyond the scope of the exam, you might find the currently running ISA-M course of interest



SAP Partner Enablement | SAP HANA Academy

As the main focus of the exam is on the Cloud Integration, the video tutorials from SAP Digital Partner Enablement and the SAP HANA Academy by Tahir Hussain Babar and Jamie Wiseman on the topic are highly recommended.

In twelve short videos, you will learn how to set up a trial environment and how to create an integration flow, work with adapters, routing, and many other topics covered on the exam.

Highly recommended!

For the blog post, visit

In the first video, Tahir Hussain Babar provides an introduction to the Integration Suite.

SAP Development Center

The hands-on tutorials from the SAP Development Center also provide a great learning opportunity.

DEV165 – SAP TechEd in 2020

You also may find the DEV165 workshop from the online SAP TechEd in 2020 event of interest to practice your skills with Cloud Integration and Integration Flows.




Although there is no SAP PRESS Certification Success Guide on for the SAP Integration Suite (yet), an excellent book to prepare for the exam is the Comprehensive Guide on the topic by J. Bilay, Peter Gutsche, Mandy Krimmel, and Volker Stiehl.

As the subtitle indicates, it is quite comprehensive and the guide both covers a broader scope and goes into more detail but it will help you to get very familiar with the all the adapters and pieces of  integration flows, the most important topic area of the exam.

Highly recommended!

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Additional Resources

Documentation – SAP Help Portal

As integration developer you are expected to be familiar with the documentation but most of the material will be beyond the scope of the exam and in a format less suitable for study.

SAP Discovery Center – Service Catalog

The service entry for the SAP Integration Suite on the SAP Discovery Center might provide an easier entry point for service discovery, with pointers to the relevant section of the documentation (Onboarding to Integration Suite, Initial Setup, etc.), tutorials, and more.

SAP Community Topic Area

Bookmark and visit the SAP Community topic area for the latest blogs, participate in the Q&A, and get a comprehensive overview of the latest and most relevant resources


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