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SAP Commissions – Various Data Transfer Flow & Results

Dear Readers,

Let’s understand how inbound data integration flows from the various way in a nutshell






CDL Architecture

SDI Architecture

CDL Templates


I recommend you choose one data integration mechanism for transferring the data to inbound.

For more information around SAP Commissions please take a look here: Link

Thanks, for reading it till the end. 🙏

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  • Hello


    I am trying to invoke Odata API by SDI Flowgraph to run SAP Commission Validation and Transfer, when I run my flowgraph, SAP commissions start to execute validation and transfer but in the end, it does not transfer or validate any row.



    Parameters to execute Validate and Transfer



    Any suggestion?


    Thanks in advance



    • Hi Americo Flores

      Kindly include the following which is missing in your 1st screenshot

      "Revalidate":           "onlyError"

      "BatchName":        "BATCHAME"

      "UserId" :                "AMERICO"


      If you have ProcessingUnit , then please include that..