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Onboarding 2.0 Furnish Equipment integration to External Application- Solution 1 in Detail


This document provides the equipment requisition process integration for Onboarding 2.0 with any procurement or ticketing system. Onboarding offers the task of creating a request for equipment. Once the request is created, an intelligent service event is triggered. This event could be used for creating a request in the ticketing/procurement application.

Tracking of the status of the request is not part of the onboarding system, It can be tracked in the

procurement system. This document describes the possible solutions for this process.

Business Requirements

As part of the onboarding program, one of the activity is to make sure that new hire has all the equipment that is needed on the first day of work.

Examples of equipment are phones, Laptops, monitors, etc.

Typically, the hiring manager or a specific group of people are responsible for ordering the equipment. The task for requesting equipment should be integrated into ticketing or a procurement system for further processing.

Possible Solutions

Onboarding 2.0 provides “Change of Equipment Request Status” as an intelligent event. This event is

triggered when the status of the equipment task changes.

The solution of integrating Onboarding 2.0 with a procurement system can be done via Procurement/Ticketing system subscribes to the intelligent service event

Procurement/Ticketing system subscribes to the intelligent service event – High Level Scenario


Solution Details


  • Intelligent Services is enabled.
  • Below permissions are set for the solution 1
    • To set up role-based permissions for the Event Notification Subscription tool, check the Access to Event Notification Subscription
    • To set up role-based permissions for the Event Notification Audit Log, check the Access to Event Notification Audit Log.


Step 1: Adding a Subscriber

1.Go to Admin Center > Event Notification Subscription >Subscriber tab.

2.Select the Edit Subscriber button.

3.Select the Add Subscriber button to configure your third-party application as a subscriber.

4.Enter the Subscriber ID field and Complete any remaining fields as needed.

5.Select Save to finish



Step 2: Setting up Subscriptions (Events) to Publish

Go to Admin Center >Event Notification Subscription >SEB External Event.

Choose Add Topic and select the event change of Equipment Request Status.  Choose Add Subscription to begin configuring a subscription to the event.

Configure the event notification subscription by completing all of the required fields.

  • In the Subscriber field, select from the subscribers you have configured on the Subscribers tab.
  • After you have chosen a subscriber, enter the Endpoint URL and Protocol settings.
  • Configure the Authentication settings.

Step 3: Relevant API

  • If the 3rd party system needs more data than what is provided in the payload of the event, then

other APIs can be used to retrieve more data.

  • ONB2EquipmentActivity allows Query and update, that allows the 3rd party application to read

more information than that of the data coming out of the event payload.

  • Update operation can be used to update “equipmentComment”, “equipmentStatus” and “notNeededComment” fields only to update equipment activity. Possible values of the “equipmentStatus” field (this is an enumerated field and not a picklist and cannot be extended) are “NOT_NEEDED“, “NOT_STARTED“, “REQUESTED“, “APPROVED“, “DELIVERED“ and “REJECTED”
  • Please note that the only user interface for this object is when the responsible person requests for equipment.


So, now hopefully all will know how to integrate Onboarding 2.0 with any ticketing or procurement systems. In addition to this process configuration shown above, there is one more method to this via Integration Center. We will discuss further on this in my upcoming blog. So, stay tuned and stay safe………

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