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How SAP HANA Cloud Gives You Control Over Your SAP ASE and SAP IQ Costs

For years, customers of SAP’s Sybase portfolio—which includes SAP ASE, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server—have relied on these products for their data needs. In 2021, SAP HANA Cloud will bring the next evolution of these products to the cloud.

SAP ASE will be available in SAP HANA Cloud as a new Adaptive Server Enterprise service. The built-in SAP HANA Cloud data lake service will be extended to support SAP IQ applications. And finally, SAP HANA Cloud will also include an ASE Replication service, based on SAP Replication Server. By bringing all these together as managed services, SAP HANA Cloud will allow for enhanced scalability and consumption-based pricing with increased flexibility, to give you a better handle on operating costs.

These new services will preserve your existing data landscapes: current on-premise installations can be easily moved to SAP HANA Cloud. Here’s how SAP HANA Cloud will give you more control over your total cost of ownership (TCO).

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SAP ASE and SAP IQ in the Cloud

SAP ASE is known to our customers as their go-to high-performance transactional database. Its Extreme Online Transactional Processing (XOLTP) engine allows for fast and reliable processing of mission-critical data. The new ASE service uses a containerized architecture natively integrated with SAP HANA Cloud, where you can store your transactional data in real time. You’ll be able to move your on-premise SAP ASE databases to SAP HANA Cloud, as well as quickly create new SAP ASE instances within the platform.

For storing massive amounts of data, SAP HANA Cloud includes a new built-in data lake service built on SAP IQ. Made for extreme-scale data storage, the data lake will also allow you to move on-premise SAP IQ databases to the cloud.

On-premise systems, while necessary and secure in the past, also present a challenge to customers. As data volumes grow, it’s difficult to scale on-premise landscapes and operations to keep up with demand. To meet these challenges, SAP HANA Cloud offers enhanced scalability options for its new managed services.

The new ASE and data lake services within SAP HANA Cloud offer on-demand scalability of individual instances, and the ability to provision additional instances when needed. This eliminates the need to acquire and install new infrastructure, as SAP HANA Cloud can be scaled up with just a click.

SAP HANA Cloud also lets you adjust your storage and compute power separately. If you need to increase computing power during high-demand analysis periods, for example, you can do so, and then decrease power during downtimes. The ability to separate compute and storage means you’re only paying for the resources you need.


Control Your Costs with SAP HANA Cloud

Scaling on-premise databases requires increased effort, more hardware, and more maintenance. By moving your existing investments to the cloud, scaling becomes easier than ever, as does managing your compute and storage power. With SAP HANA Cloud, you’ll have a clear overview and tighter control of your TCO.

Due to the clear consumption-based usage model, cost can be easily planned and optimized. The cost of adding new instances can be planned and fully understood. In addition, as all the services within HANA Cloud use the same model, customers can react to changing business demands by utilizing the right service for their needs.


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