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SAP S/4HANA Cloud : How to add additional account assignment fields while posting a Journal?

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition comes with a predefined, ready to use list of General Ledger Accounts with predefined account assignment fields. However if you want to add or remove some additional assignments while posting a journal, how do you do it?

This informative blog post will answer your question and show you how any additional account assignment field can be made available for entry with 3 easy steps.

While Posting General Journal Entries, you can enter additional account assignments by expanding the arrow on the line item.


If some fields are missing in the additional Account Assignment eg. WBS element field is missing while posting to G/L account 10010000, then we can add it with 3 easy steps as detailed below.

Step 1 – SSCUI 150001: Manage G/L Account Master

Identify the Field status group for the GL for which you want to make the change.

Select the View – Company code View

Enter the company code, Chart of account.

Select the settings and add the column for Field status group.

Thus, in above example we know that YB01 is the field status group for our G/L account 10010000.

Step 2 – SSCUI 102393 – Define field status variant

Next step, you go to see the additional account assignment for our field status group to know the status if it is suppressed, optional or required entry?

SSUI available (SSCUI ID 102393) – Define field status variant where users can access in Display/Change mode.

We see list of Field status Groups here which are already assigned to the pre delivered list of GLs given under the Chart of account. However, making any changes like making a field as required or optional or suppressing is not allowed for the existing standard pre-delivered groups. If a change is needed, users should create custom group by copying the existing group to new one and make the necessary changes with the fields (like changing from Suppress to Required or to Optional entry) in this new group and save the changes.


Step 3 – SSCUI 150001: Manage G/L Account Master

Next, the new custom Field status group, added in Step 2, should be replaced with the existing one in the GL master and this can be done using the SSCUI 150001. For the roles needed to Manage G/L Account Master refer General Ledger Accounting.

Select the View – Company code View

Enter the company code, Chart of account

Now select the G/L Account and click on the arrow on the right for the row.

Next, we Click on Edit to make changes and go to the Company Code Data tab and click on the arrow on the right for the company code we want to make the changes.

Next, we go to the Field status group and we can see our custom created Field Status group (from step 2), so we select it from the drop down and save the changes.


Thus, we made the changes in 3 easy steps.

Now we go to the Post General Journal Entry app, we see the additional account assignment field visible for the G/L account.

Hope you find the steps easy and useful. Do write to us if you have any questions on this topic or any other topic.

Simplify your Implementation Journey with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition.


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      Author's profile photo Santosh Jha
      Santosh Jha

      Hello Swati, may I ask what if the field is not available in the list shown in the step two, that is the field that I want to add does not appear under the group 'additional account assignments'. How do make it available, given that it is a standard field available in ACDOCA?