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No more Teched – Coffee Corner Meet up this Friday!

So Teched is over.   Bummer.   Replays are available and people are asking questions.  So it’s not a the way over yet.  However, let’s switch gears to a Coffee Corner Meet Up.  Missed that contact with people?  This way you can meet some of us informally.

So what is the Topic:

“OLD” tricks – no HANA – no CDS – just old tricks that you have lying around.  I know not everyone has made the switch.   I also know you still hunt for those tricks in blogs, questions, and Google.   So lets get together and talk about them.

I encourage everyone to bring their own.  This isn’t a session.  It is a informal meet up.  We bring all of our tricks with us and share.   It will be fun!

So what kinds of tricks to bring?

Any kind of Tricks!

  • For example if everyone doesn’t know how to create an ALV I would share.
  • Stopping to debug a program after a popup screen.
  • Enhancement points uses and how to find.
  • For all entries – what can I use besides for all entries?
  • Some performance tricks.

And I’m hoping more people will bring more tips.  I will too, and we could discuss some of them.

How do I sign up / sign in:

There is a direct link for sign up here.

However, if you want to see everything that is going on and there is a lot of cool events.   Here’s the link you want.  There are some great community calls coming up.

Why join?

Why not?  It’s free.  It’s on-line so it is very easy to get to.  And we will have fun.

If you haven’t moved to HANA yet, or you have but still have some tricks that work everywhere Feel free to join.

This is an open meeting.

Feel free to comment on this blog.  Is there something you’d like someone to bring?   I’m guessing there might just might be someone who knows how to do it.

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