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Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas

Journey to #SAPTechEd

So this year, it started with a submission to a community talk.  Last year I spoke about community reputation; this year I spoke about free things to move to S/4HANA.   If you missed it I wrote a summary of what I spoke about here.  Special thanks to Mynyna Chau  for accepting my session.

Rehearsals for the session started the Saturday before.  At first I thought this must be a typo.  Meeting on Saturday? But it was real.

Was the lighting good?  How about the camera?  Did I stay in the center of the shot? I was fortunate to have Michelle Crapo  interview me.

On Monday we have another check in.  Same thing – lighting, camera, etc.


On Monday (not related to SAP TechEd) I received the SAP Community Video Contest Award.  Special thanks to Jim Spath  Katarina Nonhebel  and Jerry Janda  for sending this.

I received an email on Saturday from Thomas Grassl  makes me think I need to rehearse more…do I?  I ask Michelle on Monday if she wants to rehearse again with me on Tuesday, and she kindly agrees.


A nice tip from Matt Harding  appears on Tuesday – the SAP TechEd materials are on github, so I go to check that out.


Fun Run –  usually at SAP TechEd Las Vegas I miss this, as usually at 8:00 am that day I am in a hands on session that I don’t want to miss.  This year thanks to SAP TechEd being virtual, I participate.  So I take pictures every day of my early morning walks and as a result I get to participate in the Unofficial TechEd Fun Run.  Below I see Santa on one of my “fun run” walks.

I was lucky to be selected by Svea Becker  for a USA “Check-in”.  Lena Stodal  made it really easy.  I didn’t worry about it and didn’t know the check in was to last only 7 minutes until right before Lena called on me.  We discuss the food I miss in Las Vegas, but how the virtual opportunity gives me the chance to attend several workshop sessions.


I attend a SAP Data Warehouse Cloud workshop with the great Ingo Hilgefort .  Someone asks him to play music, and I requested AC/DC.  I think everyone liked it.  We were half-way through our exercises, and the AC/DC music reminded me of an NFL game, where you’re on the 50 yard line and still have half-way to go to a “touch down”.


Then at 3:30 pm on Wednesday my session started.  I am grateful to Michelle for the interview, Thomas Grassl for the nice lead in.


On Thursday I take a picture from another walk.  My Santa picture appears in Svea’s recap on Thursday!


Some regrets:

On the SAP Coffee Corner podcast, Matt Harding said he took the week off for SAP TechEd.  Michelle tells me that she too took some time off.  I didn’t consider doing this at all; plus I am in a Fiori boot camp in addition to regular work.  So I don’t spend as much time as I’d like on SAP TechEd, but there are always the replays.

A big thank you to Michelle, Mynyna, Svea, Lena, Thomas and everyone else for a great SAP TechEd.

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      Author's profile photo Bernhard Luecke
      Bernhard Luecke

      Thanks for sharing your personal journey! Encourages for signing up for contribution next year!

      Author's profile photo Lena Stodal
      Lena Stodal

      Tammy, it was my pleasure having you as one of my interview partners of the remote check-in's! Unfortunately, it was pretty short, so I hope the two of us will have a chance soon again to chat about our fav desserts 😉

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo

      I was so very lucky to have you to interview!  It was a lot of fun.

      Author's profile photo Mynyna Chau
      Mynyna Chau

      Thank you, Tammy! So kind! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jerry Janda
      Jerry Janda

      Thanks for this, Tammy -- and for participating!

      Two things to add:


      Author's profile photo Thomas Grassl
      Thomas Grassl

      I did not want to scare you with my email. Since we had only some formal technology check in the rehearsal, I wanted to make sure there are no questions 😉

      Thanks again for joining us and sharing your insights