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5 Best Automotive Apps for Smartphone to Use in 2021

Smartphones are indeed a blessing to all of us. Living in a tech-driven environment has helped all of us tough to survive under these conditions. Smartphones have kept us all connected to work and family both, along with providing crucial information and some much-needed entertainment. 

What makes our smartphones more eligible are the applications that have made our lives much more flexible and more convenient. With apps in your phone, you can easily find out about the weather before you step out, you can shop for your favorite outfit and order food all just by a few taps over these apps. There are also some automotive apps that have made the life of travelers easy. 

The below mentioned automotive apps will help you stay on top of your car maintenance as it is a pivotal factor. They will help you become a better driver, stay safe on the road, maintain your car more efficiently, reach your destination with ease, and reduce your auto insurance costs. They provide a lot of eclectic services, so you can download them and benefit from having all of them on your smartphone simultaneously. 

Let’s discuss the five best car maintenance applications that are helping the drivers to stay on the road with more safety and fewer distractions.

  1. Camcorder

Owning a car comes with the concern of security and that is why dashcams have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. As people are now realizing the use of dashcams keeping the aspect of security in view, the application Carcorder app for your iPhone can be one of the best apps to use in the coming year. Since they also provide important information in case of any unfortunate incident such as an accident or theft, this app will help people in tracking the location of your vehicle. It also provides alerts if the car exceeds a certain speed. A cheap but equally effective alternative to an actual dashcam, you should definitely get the Carcorder app for your iPhone. 

  1. AutoMate

Driving requires attention to the core as any carelessness can lead to unfortunate incidents. With  AutoMate on your phone, you can have a command in other essential functions with a lot more convenience. It enables you to create a command center on your smartphone that lets you use Google Maps, send messages on your phone, listen to different music apps through your voice commands. 

The app is available for android users with all the essential features. The app is also equipped with some premium features, such as hands-free gesture control, that you can unlock with some payment.

  1. Waze

If you are looking for a navigation solution, you can download Waze. The application is available for both iOS and Android users and it provides community-driven functionalities. The application is equipped to crowd-source information regarding certain factors such as accidents, speed traps, and even traffic jams. The app offers voice navigation and it can also help you to send the estimated arrival times to your friends and loved ones. So if you are planning to take a lot of road trips in the year to come, this app can be your best mate for the journey as it also provides information on local sights and businesses you might want to visit.

  1. Beat the Traffic

Beat the traffic because nobody likes to get stuck in one. With the world adapting to the new normal and getting back on track, people have started commuting to work. And with people coming out, traffic is a usual sight. This app, if downloaded in your smartphone, will help you to find the best routes to your destination by avoiding traffic jams. The application provides real-time traffic updates that are crowd-sourced by other people using the app. Beat The Traffic App is completely free to use.

  1. iOnRoad

We know that you have a lot of travel plans once the pandemic gets over. But at the same time, there is equal concern about the best trip being safer in every aspect. Traveling in your own vehicle seems like the best suitable option but while it may secure you from getting exposed to the virus, what about the other aspects of the trip. Having the road alerts you when a vehicle is in front of you and gives you tips on their speed and distance. This also helps in maintaining a safe distance and react on time if there is a car nearby. IonRoad app is also useful in winters as the seasonal fog often takes over the early hours of the day and causes a lot of accidents. The app requires a one time cost, but if you drive a lot, it is helpful to you.


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