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SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS – 6.0 is now available

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS – 6.0 is now available


The new major version of SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, namely 6.0, is now available.


In this blog, we will cover some of the cool features that come with the new upgrade.

To learn check out the details of the release, please see our new user documentation and our API reference documentation.

You can download the SDK either from the Software Center or the downloads section on


So here’s what’s new in v6.0:


The new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS assistant has

  1. A new end-user license agreement (EULA) consent screen is added to the assistant. Using the assistant now requires consent to the SAP Developer License Agreement.

  1. Added support for predefined sample destinations during app creation on Cloud Foundry.For building sample apps easily, sample OData destinations configured with a sample OData Enterprise Sales and Procurement Model (ESPM) service are available, for both OData V2 and V4.
  2. An improved structure of the app generated by the assistant. The app code is now separated into individual components/frameworks, thereby making to make it easy to plug-in/plug-out individual components.



SAPFiori for iOS now supports

  1. Pinch and zoom actions on your charts.
  2. Longer string values for the `FUIObjectHeaderChartView` KPI.
  3. Developers to choose column layout in compact mode through a new API `useColumnLayoutInCompact`.
  4. Enabling/disabling content-copying capability in components conforming to the `FUIContentCopyable` protocol through a new API isContentCopyable`
  5. Floorplans for quick and easy way to build a full-screen list (FUIListFloorplan) or sectioned page (FUIObjectFloorplan).
  6. Multi-user onboarding through FUIMultiUserPasscodeController


SAPCommon for iOS now supports

  1. Obfuscation of any strings or stream of bytes so that they cannot be used in the current form for its intended use by reverse-engineering the byte code associated with any high-level language.


SAPFoundation for iOS now supports

  1. Crash reporting to collect crash information via the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

You can now inspect crashes and view aggregated crash data in the Mobile Services admin cockpit

[Check out Crash Reporting in the user documentation] also,

[Check out this blog on the Crash Reporting Capabilities of Cloud Platform SDK for iOS]

  1. Creating Apps with Anonymous Access (without authentication) by using the new API Key Only authentication mode.

[Check out Anonymous Access (API Key) in the user documentation]

  1. Creation of app widgets in the Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant. The Assistant generates the necessary code for the app and the app widget, including secure communication between them.

[Check out Widget Extension in the user documentation]

  1. An enhanced security layer in SAPFoundation to enable secure and reliable communication between the app and the app extension processes.

[Check out Application Security for Widget Extension in the user documentation]


SAPOfflineOData for iOS now supports

  1. Stream property for OData Version 4

[Check out OData Version 4 in the user documentation]

  1. Enum type for OData Version 4.

[Check out OData Version 4 in the user documentation]

  1. A new API getDefiningQueriesthat returns all existing defining queries.

[Check out Defining Queries in the user documentation]

  1. Removing defining query after the store is open and loaded

[Check out Remove Defining Queries in the user documentation]

  1. Multiple languages for default messages from Enhanced Progress API

[Check out Progress API in the user documentation]


Next Steps

To get started with developing apps on SAP CP SDK for iOS v6.0, check out the getting started section of the user documentation, or the tutorials on



In case you encounter problems when installing, upgrading or running SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, report an incident using the following components:

  • Assistant: MOB-SDK-IOS-AST
  • Fiori UI Framework: MOB-SDK-IOS-FUI
  • Offline OData Framework: MOB-SDK-IOS-OFL
  • Online OData Framework: MOB-SDK-IOS-ONL
  • Foundation Framework: MOB-SDK-IOS-FND
  • Common Framework: MOB-SDK-IOS-COM



To the spectacular team that worked tirelessly, right from conceptualising the improvements, to defining, designing and eventually building them.

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      Author's profile photo Javier Alonso
      Javier Alonso

      Creation of app widgets is a good one, since many users are used to widgets that consumer apps have.

      Author's profile photo Per Åge Themte
      Per Åge Themte

      Nice to see an update. I can’t find any documentation on the new multiuser onboarding scenario though ? also wondering if there is any plans to continue updating the fiori mentor app..