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SAP Analytics Cloud – The Fundamental Components

Consistently changing consumer trends and business evolution has made data analysis crucial to every modern enterprise’s survival.


Whether your need is subject to commercial collections, customer satisfaction, or gaining market share, SAP Analytics Cloud holds the answer.


This platform is an independent cloud-based solution. It enables business owners to discover, plan, analyze, forecast, and collaborate in a convenient environment. The program is designed to meet all your planning and visualization needs by combining augmented analytics, business intelligence, predictive estimates, and financial planning.


In essence, it allows you to access data and insert analytics straight into business processes, turning instant insight into immediate action. 


What Are the Fundamental Components of SAP Analytics Cloud?

The three fundamental components that the platform centers around are:

  • Data
  • Models
  • Stories

Having a thorough understanding of these elements will help you navigate the program, allowing you to use it to its full potential. 

The Data Component

Built on the SAP HANA platform, the Analytics Cloud empowers both business intelligence and planning. It enables users to connect, arrange, and leverage information from a wide variety of sources. This allowance includes importing data from the cloud and on-premise databases and spreadsheets. 

The Models Component

As soon as your data is connected, you can start modeling it. You can use these models for planning and analytic purposes.


Analytic Models 

These models enable you to prepare your data for story creation. The platform detects and cleans all errors within your info during the modeling stage by using AI learning. The program can also deduce whether a group of numeric values is a dimension or measure. Other important modeling features include:

  • Combining and splitting columns
  • Organizing and defining dimensions and measures
  • Adding ranked relationships
  • Creating formulas and calculations
  • Attaching geo enriching data 


Planning Models

Planning grants you access to extra modeling features, giving you increased control over your data. Some of the most noteworthy features include:


Advanced-Data Entry Capabilities

The platform provides you with a straightforward data entry table enabling you to:


  • Flawlessly model your data
  • Enter absolute or relative values into individual cells
  • Copy cell values within the data entry table
  • Plan at any level of the ranking system, allowing data to roll down info to the bottom level automatically
  • Adjusting percentages amongst members 
  • Reallocating marketing spending 


Version Management

The version management panel grants you an understanding of how various financial plans relate to one another. It enables you to copy and create varying versions of your information. 


Data Actions

This feature enables you to make strategic alterations to model data, including copying information from one mock-up to another. It can be used to replicate sequences of: 

  • Allocation steps
  • Copy-paste operations 
  • Scripted calculations 

The Stories Component

The platform also enables you to enrich your data models with story creation further. This component allows you to visualize and explore your information through geo maps, tables, charts, and other visual aids.


Analytic Stories

By using AI technology, the program provides you with various augmented analytics, including:


Search to Insight

This feature grants you immediate access to the information you need by allowing you to ask Analytics Cloud questions associated with your data. 


Smart Insights

Using AI technology, this panel provides you with invaluable insights, helping you understand your data. It enables drilling through perceptions, finding those that are of value to your business. 


Smart Discovery

By using AI technology, this feature enables exploring your information further and exposes valuable insights. You can:


  • Simulate or explore hidden structures and relationships
  • Identify the primary influences of selected dimensions or measures 



With SAP Analytics Cloud, you’re enabled to augment your stories through no-limit visualizations. These enhancements use statistical capabilities and AI technology to amplify your data analysis. 


Planning Stories

Stories based on planning models come with various features that’ll help you execute your organizational initiatives properly. These elements include:


Currency Conversion Tables

With the program’s currency conversion features, you can:


  • View data in various currencies
  • Apply an alternative set of exchange rates
  • Analyze a variety of conversion scenarios side-by-side 


Value Driver Trees

This attribute allows the visualization of the association between drivers and superior metrics by joining various nodes in a directed paragraph. This feature helps to:


  • Put a value to inputs and drivers
  • Foresee the flow of revenue through the various accounts
  • Forecast the total impact on KPIs in the long-term 


Predictive Forecasts

Using time-series algorithms, Analytics Cloud can predict how values will trend in the future, based on historical data. This element grants you an unbiased understanding of your primary business connections and deeper insights into your information. 

To Wrap Up

SAP’s Analytics Cloud encompasses data, modeling, and story attributes, tailored to meet all your planning and business intelligence needs. This platform enables you to make informed data-driven business decisions confidently through AI technology and flexible information connections.

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      Author's profile photo Jessica Parker
      Jessica Parker

      As mentioned above as well, I am a great fan of SAP's HANA platform. We use it in one of the financial companies I had word recently, to detect fraud and run advanced analytics on multimodel data. Nothing better than this.